As Predicted, The “Give Ibrox Fans Celtic Park Tickets” Campaign Is Already Underway.

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In the aftermath of the game at the weekend, I said that there would be a clamour from Ibrox and their media toadies to have Celtic give them tickets for Parkhead. We went there and won, in spite of their having that advantage. I knew there was no way they were going to simply roll over and allow us a similar one. The moaning was certain to start.

Earlier today, a friend on Twitter sent me Stephen McGinn’s ridiculous remarks on this that Celtic needs to “do the right thing” and give Ibrox tickets for that game. Who is Stephen McGinn, and why should anyone at Celtic give a toss what he thinks? John Hartson, on the other hand, should know better. He said that Celtic’s directors should join those from Ibrox “around the table” and sort this out. How many times do we have to point out that Celtic has tried that?

We’ve been pushed to the brink of our tolerance, and then beyond it. We have no option but to refuse tickets for Ibrox whilst the safety of our supporters has been compromised. McGinn says that Ibrox’s hands are tied because they’ve sold season tickets for that end … in this he’s certainly got a point. I said that in the most recent article on this.

Which is why this season, there will be no away fans at these games.

They have made it impossible for ours to attend their stadium.

Celtic is going to ban their fans from ours. There are no longer any compromises to be had.

As long as they endanger our fans safety their own will not set foot in Celtic Park. If the governing bodies want to step in and sort this out it will not be before time, but Celtic should make it clear that their supporters will not be inside Parkhead during this campaign. Any rules which come into place need to do so in the next campaign.

That’s only fair and reasonable. Having no fans inside Ibrox disadvantages us.

That they have very deliberately created that unsafe situation, in part I suspect to engineer this result, makes this a sporting integrity issue. In the interests of balance and fairness their own fans will be banned from Celtic Park. A regulatory solution to this is certain and Celtic will make sure that we force one, but any such solution will affect more than our two clubs and so it’s only right and proper that the other clubs also have time to make new away fan arrangements.

Right from the start of this, part of the problem has been the unwillingness – call it whatever you like; bias, cowardice, ignorance – of people in the media to call out the club responsible for this. Celtic has tried to do “the right thing” right from the start; it has done us no good whatsoever. From the moment this began people have been telling us we need to do more. We’ve attempted mediation and been rebuffed. What more can we do?

What more except, it seems, to play the role of the fool, which is what some people would assign to us. We didn’t start this, but some have acted from the first as if we had.

First we exhausted all our avenues for compromise. Then we exhausted our patience. Our tolerance for Ibrox’s nonsensical behaviour is now zero, and so is my tolerance of our press in this issue.

If people can’t, or won’t, get their facts right they should shut it.

If they want to continue to hold Celtic responsible then they either don’t know what they are talking or just don’t care about the facts. Either way, I couldn’t care less what their views are any longer.

Celtic will now do what it is in Celtic’s best interests to do, and anyone who doesn’t like it can go to Hell.

Because this is what they’ve pushed us to.

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  • Michael Jordan says:

    Sorry but I totally disagree and if my memory serves me right you have changed your mind, James. Giving rangers fans their allocation to celtic Park gives celtic the moral high ground. Rangers cannot guarantee safety at Ibrox, celtic can at Parkhead. It also shows up the hypocrisy of the rangers stance and the real reason for the reduction in the first place

    • James Forrest says:

      The moral high ground? Lol.

      I’ve said right from the start, that unless that does us some good it is simply not worth having.

      We’ve had the moral high ground all along here, we’ve been the “bigger man” all along. The media refuses to write about it, the governing bodies refuse to support us.

      To Hell with the moral high ground. Time to get tough.

  • Tom Rafferty says:

    Would it be possible to let the away fans leave the ground first

  • Frankie says:

    Celtic should do the right thing and give these seats to OUR fans, who wants to go to their shithole and be covered by nets or a cage we are not animals will nets stop the pish coming from above at that sewage plant.tell them to move on.

  • Thomas watt says:

    Everyone knows reasons behind this rubbish just because they can’t handle Celtic fans celebrating at they’re place they spat the dummy our fans weren’t safe at their ground even yesterday they were throwing items at Celtic players because our msm won’t tell the truth or call them out even fighting among themselves yesterday we the Celtic fans back the stance of Celtic HH and god bless

  • Eugene white says:

    Keep it as it is

  • SSMPM says:

    My understanding is that we do have an obligation to offer ticket/s for the away supporters. But it’s not ‘written in stone’ that it has to be 700. I believe it’s down to the board to make what they consider a reasonable offer taking a number of factors into consideration, including obviously the paramountcy fan safety.
    My solution therefore in the interest of safety, is to offer them one ticket hoping that he or she can contain the violent outbursts, not get involved in fighting or smashing up parts of Paradise like for example the toilet or themself.
    Next game could be as much as two, that’s a 100% increase, but probably best to keep them segregated given they also like to attack each other. Thus, and after careful consideration, one ticket does seems reasonable.
    Their fans have a history of violent conduct at home and away games too. A catalogue of evidence can be presented on this behaviour over the years. This weekend with no away Celtic fans at the midden, and 100% rankers fans in attendance, there were assaults and fighting taking place amongst their own supporters. Given the litany of violence by their fans at away games in the SPL, and in European games, include smashing up sections of Paradise. A one fan ticket only policy should enable away attendance and safety compliance. HH

  • Magua says:

    The associated police costs, and disruption to the public, is out of all proportion to how many tickets the Huns are asking for…700. No chance.

    Hail Hail.

  • Gary says:

    I have suggested to Celtic that, we be given back our 7,500 -8000 tickets for the Broomloan Road Stand and those season ticket holders who have been displaced and are aggrieved are given tickets for their full allocation at Celtic Park and vice versa..If some fans don’t take up that offer then make them available for public sale.

  • Al says:

    Im not sure if they are legally entitled to a certai number? But if not Celtic should do the tight thing. And thats to give them fcuk all

  • Al says:

    Im not sure if they are legally entitled to a certain number? But if not Celtic should do the tight thing. And thats to give them fcuk all

  • Effarr says:

    It reminds you of the IRA being blamed for not talking to them to ask their permission to actually breathe.

  • Effarr says:

    There is an excuse though for their damaging of the toilets. A bite out of the toilet seat and a lick from the urinals is like a
    SubWay to them and it saves them from using the food stalls.

  • Thomas black says:

    I agree ? % James too many of our fans have been attacked since they cut the allocation our fans have been everything they can throw be it coins lighters glass bottles and even attacked in the street by their thuggish scum we’ve had staff hit by bottles our keepers area showered with glass players hit while taking a corner or throw in the Union bears are the worst of their fans but they all act as if they should never be beaten by anyone if things are not done their way then they resort to violence not many fan groups in.the world are worse than them

  • Thomas Daly says:

    Never a truer word spoken,it was 2012 who started this,and the press kept mixing the facts,so let the governing body make a rule

  • Stevie says:

    Easy ,Calculate how much damage they do to our stadium plus extra security and policing per season. If we make more than we lose then put it to the board or shareholders.
    No matter what the outcome, I personally wouldnt let them anywhere near our stadium. It was their childishness that started this whole thing

  • Gerard Docherty says:

    At present I don’t want them inside Celtic Park. As our fans have been the victims of all sorts of violence and abuse. Verbal abuse, which in many cases it is breaking the law. Yet the law does nothing. How many bottles, cans, darts and many other things been thrown, injuring Celtic fans, and even some police officers. Yet how many arrests have been made. In the past, Celtic used to stipulate that certain season tickets would not be valid for games against Rangers. To allow their fans into the game. So what is stopping Rangers from doing the same to fans in the Bromland road stand. Tell them they will not get in to see Celtic fixtures…
    Simple fact is. THEY DON’T WANT CELTIC THERE.
    That is why they have done what they did.
    There are two possible solutions.
    1. Upset there own fan’s, and give Celtic that stand.
    ( I can’t see that happening. )
    2. Except the fact that from now on, there will be no away tickets sold for this fixture.

    Rangers caused/ started this problem. It is down to them to fix it.

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