Before, During And After The Game, That Was The Rodgers Celtic Fans Have Waited For.

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Well, following the after-match press conference today there is no doubt whatsoever that The Boss is most definitely back. That was the Brendan Rodgers we have been anticipating, before, during and after the game. It is brilliant to have him back.

Of course, he’s been hanging around Parkhead for a couple of weeks now, this guy, but as I said in my piece last night, there has been a strangely downbeat atmosphere around the club recently, and I think part of it is because we haven’t seen the manager at his best.

Today he was at his best. In his team selection. In his tactics and in-game decisions. And in his after match behaviour, where he helped a young kid not get arrested, defended that in the media by praising the fans as a whole and then slapped back at a hack who tried to get him to have a dig at the board over the transfer policy.

As I said on this the other day, Rodgers has had his say on this.

He didn’t make a big song and dance over it in the pre-match presser on Thursday and clearly wants to move on. When the hack tried to get him to comment on it today, he was swift to hit back and accuse people of trying to create disorder where there is none. I daresay he’s not happy with the policy, but nobody is demanding meetings here or threatening to walk out.

“What we aim to do and what we want to do going forward is improve the quality within the squad. That doesn’t mean I’m not happy with the club so I’m pretty sure that people will look at that and focus on that and try to drive a wedge very, very early on between myself and the board. Whatever stories try to get created around that, they’ll be false,” he said.

The sound of that slap can probably be heard at Camp Desmond over in Ireland.

Little by little, this man has asserted his control over this team. Now he’s showing everyone around Celtic that he’s in control, including the media. It is the first time since he returned that he’s indulged in a bit of verbal ping-pong with them, but he made sure that the point got across; from now until January, they ask him only about the games.

And in the games themselves, his dominance is now coming to the fore.

We’re in for a wild ride now folks, because Brendan is definitely back.

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  • Johnno says:

    In fairness James this was by far the best we seen our celtic team actually use the football well for long periods today.
    Our tempo and intensity within our play was back to the standard that has been missing for large parts of the season to date also.
    Also think Rodgers done well in protecting the newer players than subjecting them into trying to play upon such a shite surface.
    No doubt huge confidence would have gained today, which was very much needed throughout the club.
    We needed more of our renowned players to step up, so the newer players can be integrated into the team far easier with the increased confidence gained.
    Been crying for that performance for a while now, and thankfully finally got it, with still plenty of room for the improvements that will still needed to be found at CL level.
    Today was a massive step in the right direction and where this team should be looking to be.
    So well done bhoys

  • Liam McCabe says:

    Well said James. Thought today reflected the end of the transition. Not perfect by any means but many positive points as you have identified. Bodes well. KUGW

  • Stevie Bhoy says:

    I couldn’t agree more James
    That second half was a Brendan Rodgers master class
    Celtic we’re outstanding
    Under Ange we would have dropped points today and that’s not being overly critical it’s just my opinion.
    Rodgers in game changes are superb
    Ange’s strength was his plan A which was devastating at times plan B however wasn’t the best.
    I felt there was a lethargy about the club after the St Johnstone game but today has totally swung it
    Celtic are back
    The board are not getting off however, they remain the stumbling block for any European progression
    They should hang their heads in shame

  • Pcelt says:

    But for how long?if this lacklustre board with no ambition in pushing the club forward don’t back him in the January transfer window he could walk away again.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    A brilliant slap down to The Scummy Scottish Football Media… Thank You Brendan !!!

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