Celtic Fans Now Have To Endure Two More Ex-Ibrox Players In BBC “Pundit” Gigs.

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If you watched the BBC Sportscene highlights on Saturday night you’ve have seen an entirely one-sided punditry team; Stephen Thompson, Ricky Forster and Cammy Bell all played for the Ibrox club.

Yet there they were, offering Celtic fans a visual treat to stun the senses.

Bell is a new one. According to Thompson at the start he was responding to a “late SOS.”

I guess Kenny Miller couldn’t make it. Maybe he’s burned out from appearing on nearly every media outlet in the country at the moment. Where does he find the time? If only he was worth it. If only he wasn’t stone stupid and incapable of proper analysis.

If you had been wanting to see Aberdeen vs Ross County and tuned in last night, you’d have seen another old face sitting next to Michael Stewart. On this blog we have long joked about the grim and ghastly inevitability of Lee McCulloch ending up with a BBC Sports Scotland gig, and there he was in the “experts” chair. What a joke that organisation is.

It is the long-held view of this site that in order to get a gig at BBC Sports Scotland that you only really need one basic qualification; if you played for one of the Ibrox clubs you are in. Lee McCulloch is one of the dumbest men alive.

There are things living on the bottom of rocks with higher IQ points than him.

And Cammy Bell? A late SOS?

Amazing that they sent up the bat signal and it was answered by an ex-Ibrox man, isn’t it?

I don’t care whether they offered biased or unbiased analysis. I mean, obviously I do care but it’s not really the critical thing. BBC Sports Scotland now openly flaunts it relationship with Ibrox, and that taints everything that it does. These guys could give the most sensible and rational and straight-up viewpoints possible. It still stinks to high heaven.

I don’t want to turn on the TV to watch Celtic highlights and be greeted by a glum faced sofa full of the detritus of the EBT era and its shambolic aftermath. I would prefer to think that the national broadcaster at least made an effort to be neutral; it doesn’t make any such effort as you can see when you turn it on and are presented with that.

It’s not for nothing that some of scorn the very idea of paying a license fee to these people. They might as well go the whole way and broadcast the show from Ibrox, that’s how bad it’s gotten. Since they offered their grovelling apology to that club in July 2022 this has been relentless, and it’s why Celtic fans simply do not trust a thing they say over there.

Sure, there is more intelligence and insight on the BBC than there is on something like Clyde, which as I wrote the other day is just a complete Goons Gallery so bad that Gordon Daziel is often the most intelligent guy in the room – think on that and shudder. But the national broadcaster should be able to afford the quality and the best … instead of that it runs a retirement fund for ex-Ibrox players between coaching gigs. It’s gotten beyond a joke.

It’s McCulloch, more even than Bell, who hoists this affair to a whole new plane of the absurd. He shouldn’t be near a pundit’s chair. That the BBC thinks his fit to do more than work in the canteen tells you how far they have fallen and how completely in thrall to Ibrox’s former playing staff they actually are.

That organisation has sunk to its lowest point ever.

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