Celtic’s Rivals Look Like A Team Begging To Be Put Out Of Its Misery.

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On a day when there’s good football on every channel, I made the decision to find some site that was showing the game from Ibrox whilst I was waiting on the Newcastle game to start. I ended up watching the last half hour, because although the football on display could easily have caused retinal bleeding it was grimly fascinating watching as they clung on for dear life.

With ten minutes left their ground was three quarters empty. By the end of the five minutes injury time almost all the rest of the supporters had cleared out. If there was booing, I don’t know as the volume was down, but their forums are enraged at the way the whole afternoon went. They got the 1-0 win. They remain, as I said last week, in a locked room with no exit. As long as The Mooch is getting results they have to leave him in place … but the pain never stops.

The camera cut several times to The Mooch, standing on the touchline like those images of Captain Edward Smith, standing on the bridge of the Titanic. A man who knows what is happening but has run out of ways to fix it. Now all that remains is to hope for rescue. But where’s that going to come from for him? January? He’ll be lucky to make it until then.

You remember that scene from Titanic where Rose is planning to jump off the ship and Jack says he’d have to jump in and save her, but that what he thinks would happen instead is that they’d both wind up dead? When the ship went down on 15 April 1912 the water temperature was -2. That’s what The Mooch is looking at right now.

That ship is going down. He’s going to be in that deep cold water, and he’ll be done for long before January comes around based on that performance today. There is no lifeboat for him; it doesn’t matter where they are in their European group. Poor domestic form will be lethal. Had they dropped points today he might not have got through the week.

Remember; the longer it goes on the worse the consequences. This is like dry rot; if you don’t get rid of it quick it’s going to spread, and when that comes to a football club the fans will turn on players leaving them no way back, they’ll turn on the board, sowing distrust about the next appointment, they will turn on the signing policy.

It doesn’t stop with the manager if you don’t get him shipped out of the club quick smart. The scars of the Lennon sacking remain in part because no-one amongst those who hired him followed him out of door. Even Lawwell came back like something raised from the dead.

We’ve followed that up with two seasons of success though.

Everything the club across the city does is done in our shadow.

Their next manager will have to live in it just as the current one does.

And if someone out there has already been approached and is giving it some thought he should take a look at the actual football, the quality football, being played elsewhere right now. Because it’s got a story all of its own.

The former Celtic manager is making a right good go of it at Spurs.

The guy we almost got before hiring him has masterminded a hammering today which confirms his standing as one of the best managers in the league.

The guy at Parkhead right now is a top boss who is up there in that bracket.

We may question the transfer policy, but we have hired some exceptional managers over the years, and when this club shows ambition, it goes big.

And that’s what their next manager has to realise.

Even if you believe that our club’s policy is to keep us ahead of the Ibrox club, watch what we’ve done in recent times when that status has appeared to be under threat. We are capable of moving into another gear any time we choose to … and so whoever gets the job next will live in that shadow, with that knowledge.

Standing there on that touchline today The Mooch looked like a beaten man because, in the ways that matter, he is a beaten man.

Outgunned and outclassed by Rodgers, he is facing up to the harsh reality of having to appease an unappeasable fan-base which cannot tolerate the realisation that they could spend years beyond counting in this state they’re in.

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  • John says:

    We will see next week if it was a good result or not, I think Motherwell at home will push us, so we will need to see how we get on at Motherwell.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    They jammed the win once again… But I think they will falter in one of these home games and Aberdeen look in good form to do it !

    C’mon ye Dons…

  • Gerryfr62 says:

    Two months ago they were all saying Ange is running away from him .
    Rockets the lot of them

  • Johnno says:

    Like yourself James, I only watched the last half hour of the scum game.
    In that half hour murderwell outplayed the scum and had fantastic opportunities and should have taken something from the game.
    Now it’s not because murderwell are a great team that can’t be taken lightly next week, it was more of a case about how piss poor the scum remain.
    Now I wouldn’t expect ourselves to be getting an easy game next weekend, but I would be expecting us to be far better than just a counter attacking team, than what the scum were today for the last half hour.
    The moleman looks nothing more than a dead man walking to the gallows, and the off with his horrible head isn’t to far away, with that execution result for him not to far away either.
    Should have been today, after walking the tightrope on Thursday, but luck only lasts so long when you and your scum team are so shite.
    Personally hope that horrible moleman stays in his job for as long as possible, as doing a fantastic job at destroying the scum and inflicting as much pain upon them, which is throughly deserving.
    On the bigger picture, who in there right mind is prepared to take on such a huge pile of shite and attempt to polish it up?
    The Scottish media spent all summer trying to do it, yet have weakly attempted to try and paint a picture of ourselves in crisis, because we lost an away match in the CL?
    There remains huge pressure upon the scum, and we already know how they deal with pressure, but still flat tyres.
    At least the boos weren’t as loud today at the end of the game, which we inflicted upon them, the only reason for that was because the best part of the scum hoards had fucked off.
    Can’t really blame the bears either as how much shite can a bear eat before puking?
    Believe that the sell of puke buckets will continue to grow within the blue half of Glasgow, already filling up quickly enough, and will be a great sight when there all emptied, upon the moleman soon enough.

  • Scud Missile says:

    Watch how a dragged out 1nil win is SUGAR-COATED by the media tomorrow Kenny McKintyre&Co at the BBC as a starter for 10.
    In saying that should Jackass Jackson the BOOZE JOCKEY and Chris Itchy sack Jack continue to pile on the pressure then that’s them following orders from ibrox headquarters.
    Beale is still living on borrowed time and I reckon he won’t be in charge come the next league game.

  • Boab1916 says:

    We need to be the Captain of a good ship,people will be praying we slip up. We need the points and then we can watch the other ship go down.

  • Paul Aurige says:

    Never, ever, underestimate the scoundrels from Ibrox. No matter how poor you might consider they be, they still beat a sound Spanish team last week. They also have the sound backing of the SFA, the Referees’ Association and the press in this country. They are not easy to beat under any circumstances.

    • Michael Collins says:

      Bear in mind what the great Jock Stein once said,” you don’t only need to be better than the opposition to win games, you need to be much better”. It is not just the 11 men you are playing on the park, there is much more to it than that.

  • bertie basset says:

    soon sevco will be issuing orders for the M I B to award penalties against them at ibrox to get beale out the gap , the nod and wink , shake of the hand will see the 2 bob jellied eel salesman gorn , but you have to laugh how he sucked in the peeeples best and it’s gonna cost them a pretty penny to git rid !!

  • Effarr says:

    “The former Celtic manager is making a right good go of it at Spurs.” Time will tell about that but I, personally, couldn`t care less what he does there after hearing his interview with Linekar. As well as the old `immigrant to Australia as a five-year-old` tale, he thanks Eddie Howe for him being the reason he is where he always wanted to be. No thanks to Celtic who apparently offered him the job because a few
    had turned the job down, mainly Howe. Credit goes to the City Group as well. Surely if others had turned down the Celtic job they were entitled to be thanked also. Angeball, to me anyway, is like a steroid, not everlasting. Once the ball boys down there suss him out he may not last too long.

  • John Copeland says:

    What does it tell us when the Rangers’ best player has been their goalkeeper Butland ? He is being praised to the heavens for his performances this season knowing that he will be off sooner than later and want a nice payday because of the acclaim from the SMSM pet poodles . He’s not averse to throwing in the odd howler or three himself tho ‘ .PSV / Goldson anyone ! Not too clever there ….

  • Peter Cassidy says:

    The rangers tribe are only 4 points behind at present there is a long way to go.I watched some of the Europa game betis wasted a couple of chances in the first half but fell away badly in the 2nd half Motherwell played well but could not put the ball in the net goals that count don’t dismiss the blue noses just yet.

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