Celtic’s Japanese Sensation Has Become A Real Skelper. He Must Haunt Their Nightmares.

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The goal last weekend was the latest from our Japanese superstar in front of the Ibrox fans. Last season, he went into the first game without having gotten a goal against them in his first campaign. A lot of us were quietly uneasy about that. We’ve seen players before who couldn’t seem to find the net in derbies although they scored goals everywhere else.

Two come to mind, both on the other side of the city; Boyd and Morelos. I thought they were very limited as footballers, but it was almost incomprehensible that these guys just crumbled on that stage. Incomprehensible and hilarious at the same time.

Other players, and this time on our side, seem to thrive on them. Larsson was a legend in these matches. So too was Moussa Dembele, who seemed to find an extra edge in these games and he was superb almost every time he went up against them.

But Kyogo seems to be a cut above. Only The King of Kings, in my lifetime, inspires this much confidence not only in the derbies but in the big games which truly matter. He’s done it in cup finals, with the pressure at its highest. He is the real deal.

On the E-Tims podcast the other day, which I’ve talked about a few times now, one of the contributors said something fascinating; Kyogo has now scored in both nets at Hampden, Celtic Park and Ibrox against their club.

I assume that’s true; it’s not something I would have been inspired to check out myself, but I actually think it speaks volumes. It reveals just how critical a player he has become in these games. We are lucky to have him.

Ibrox would kill for a player who regularly finds the net against us.

I can’t remember the last one who did. Certainly, nobody has done so for the NewCo.

In the meantime, we’ve had the Dembele’s, Edouard’s, Griffiths’, Rogic’s and others, all capable of doing it in those matches. Which is why I would not come apart at the seams if Kyogo left or got injured, although right now he looks as if he could score for us every time he faces them. That should haunt them with Celtic Park up next.

Kyogo Furuhashi should stalk their nightmares. His record against them is exceptional, and especially so when you look back over the last few managers.

There is Larsson, with 15 goals against them, and then you have to go back, way back, to Moussa and Edouard on 7 goals each. They are joined there, maybe not surprisingly, by Alan Thompson, who loved goals against the first Ibrox club. Kyogo is now just one behind those guys, his current tally bringing him up to par with Tom Rogic.

It’s only then that you run into the likes of Sutton, Hartson, Petrov, Griffiths, Hooper and the rest … Kyogo has already eclipsed them, and I was surprised to find that out. But maybe I shouldn’t be because we keep on saying he’s the best since Larsson, so it’s probably fitting that these are the games where it is most obvious.

There is plenty more to come from him too.

It is not crazy to suggest that even Larsson’s record might wind up within his reach; he’s a long way from it right now, but for sure he is going to get out in front of our last two big name strikers, and Alan Thompson with them.

This summer, Ibrox spent the bulk of their transfer kitty on three strikers, all of whom cost near enough what our Japanese Bhoy did, and one – Danilo – who definitely cost them more.

Between them they might not get the goals against us that he has gotten against them, even if they are at Ibrox for the next five years and that’s based on the current numbers, not even what Kyogo might do against them as they try to.

I am excited to see what he does against them next … and in all the matches in between.

This fixture now belongs to Kyogo in the way it once belonged to Larsson.

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  • Magua says:

    One of my favourite players when I were a lad, was Dixie Deans. Dixie scored goals almost everywhere, particularly against Hibs. Funnily enough, I can’t remember Dixie ever scoring against the Huns.

    Hail Hail.

  • Johnno says:

    Frightening prospect for the scum remains as I strongly believe that kyogo stands to become an even better all round player than he already is imo.
    We have already seen sights of kyogo getting involved more in our build up play, even if being on the receiving end of chances created is where we like and want to see him moreso.
    Believe Rodgers will add an extra dimension to his game that will hopefully product better returns for ourselves at CL level.
    May in turn, mean it will be very hard to keep hold of a player that can provide so much to a team on and off the pitch.
    Can totally understand the comparisons being made with Larsson, which I find a bit unfair upon him, while operating within a team with a completely different set up to it.
    Haven’t a clue what the scum have forked out upon strikers since kyogo arrived.
    And remember that they had already the fat EL donkeyo within there ranks and trying to be touted as the best player in Scottish football also.
    Well the scum with all the wasted investment still haven’t found or had a striker in there 11 year miserable existence worthy of being able to lace the boots of kyogo.
    With each goal scored against the scum there anger only grows, and long may that trend continue.

  • Sid says:

    Great read, I’ve only got one point to make though. Larsson’s record is against a doped up Rangers, Kyogos against Sevco. This is a huge difference! Look how instrumental that doping was, every year it is being highlighted more and more.
    In Larssons Celtic years, 1997-2004 Celtic won 8 trophies, in the same years Rangers won a whopping 12 trophies.
    In just the last 7 years Celtic have won a gigantic (most in Scottish football history) 17 out of 21.
    Sevco have won 2 in 11 years.
    That’s how scandalous Rangers retaining their honours was, Ebts were huge and cheating on an unbelievable scale.
    Never forget James and always remember the distinction and differences.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Great article once again – But if I can point out a wee typo…

    In the sentence ‘Nobody has done so for The NewCo – I’d definitely refer to this as NewClub… It’s a more graphic word and a more truthful word than NewCo will ever be and the fact that Radio Clyde at the time called it NewCo would in itself make me run a country mile from it…

    NewClub it is and will always be for me regarding Sevco and it should also be for all Celtic supporters !

    • Effarr says:

      NewClub? To me, they will always be Old Firm Sevco and THAT is what all Celtic fans should call them. Watch the Radio Clyde and BBC bigots squirm then.

  • Tenaka Khan says:

    Kyogo will crush them this season. I don’t know if their frontline will improve as the season goes on but their back line is awful and it definitely WON’T improve. Lagerbielke might not have been criticised on Sunday by the whole Scottish media but John Souttar was awful (just like every time I’ve seen him) yet for some reason he seems to be immune to criticism. Barasic undoubtedly feigned injury rather than face Abada. Yang, Tillio and Palma must be rubbing their hands at the thought of going at him. Goldson doesn’t care anymore, it’s obvious that he’s had enough of the place but he’s resigned to the fact that nobody else wants him. Not only is Tavernier exactly the same but he’s 32 now and his decline is noticeable. Looking at him now he’s huge. He must be spending a lot of time lifting weights because while his physique is impressive all those muscles are slowing him down significantly. We’ll beat them convincingly in our remaining league games. Even if they manage to match us against all the other teams that would see us winning by 13 points, but of course they won’t come close to matching us.

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