Celtic’s Rivals Are Wailing About Their Injuries. They Have To Be Joking, Right?

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The club across the city has an “injury crisis.” Good God almighty, stop all football until they have a fully fit squad. All I’m hearing right now is about how hard done by they are with all the players they have on the crock list. It’s as good a way as any to get your excuses in early, right?

Celtic have had injuries all summer long, and I’ve never seen a run of them as bad as ours or as ridiculous. I almost don’t want Hatate or O’Riley to get their new contracts; it seems to be cursed at our club.

No sooner had Nawrocki signed his deal than he was out for months. Welsh signed a new deal and was injured that afternoon. Liel Abada put pen to paper on an extension and we aren’t going to see him until way into the New Year.

That’s like getting three lightning strikes in a row.

On top of that, our “emergency backup” came here and immediately got injured.

What the Hell are the odds on that?

We’ve also not done ourselves any favours in trying to rush Carter Vickers back into the side, and we’ve suffered for it as he is also out. I am terrified that Kyogo’s shoulder pops and leaves us without his talents. So far so good on that front, but that’s got to be tackled at some point and he’s going to be out for a while when that day finally comes.

At one point, not that long ago, our injury list comprised Carter Vickers, Welsh, Narworcki, Johnston, Kobayashi, Hatate, Tilio and Oh. No sooner were a couple of them fit than we lost Abada .

Most of Ibrox’s injury issues are entirely self-inflicted.

What most of them have in common is that players who had picked up knocks in games or in training and shouldn’t have been near the pitch were thrown in anyway and forced to play, with the inevitable results.

The latest is Matondo. It’s not that long ago that the manager freely admitted that he’d been playing with an injury … and that’s nearly inexcusable at a club where they signed so many front men they could have started their own record label.

With four of the summer signings playing in forward roles, with Wright still hilariously on the books (hint for the future; if you’re going to sell one of your duds it’s probably not a great idea to try and punt him to a former manager who’s actually watched him play) and with Roofe gurning from the sidelines waiting to get on and maim someone they still insisted on playing a guy who was one bad tackle or wrong turn away from a lengthy spell out.

When you do that, you’re asking for it.

You deserve everything you get. So all this crying and whinging they are doing doesn’t impress me one bit.

Yeah, they lost Danilo to one of those freak occurrences which happen sometimes, but Matondo, Lawrence, Raskin and Cantwell are out of the side because their manager forced them to play through the pain barrier until they just couldn’t do it anymore, and if there are problems in that dressing room that might be one of the reasons why.

I’ll be writing about him later on, and the cowardly way he ducked the press conference and put Banfield up there instead. But for now let me just say that every club goes through a spell where they have a half dozen players out … we just did, and we’re four points clear of them. So seriously, if they are gunning the excuse engine they might as well quit it.

Blaming injuries for what’s happening over there right now is like eating eight Big Macs and blaming the pickles for you being up all night farting like a Highland Cattle.

There is a much more obvious problem and it stares back at The Mooch from the mirror.

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