Clown Keevins Covered The Celtic Game Yesterday And Got Every Single Thing Wrong.

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I was told by one of my friends on social media that I had to listen to Keevins on Superscoreboard yesterday. So I waited until the podcast was up online and I tuned in.

Right from the start, from his questioning Rodgers over the team selection, and then attempting to suggest that Yang, Tilio and Palma have flopped because they didn’t get into the first eleven, he scorned Celtic until he could no longer sustain that attitude.

I understood the second I saw Forrest in the side what Rodgers was thinking; putting players in on a plastic pitch who might never have played on it before would have been a huge risk and he wasn’t for doing it.

It was nothing to do with not rating the players we signed in the summer.

But Keevins jumped to that conclusion right away, without a second thought and he insisted that Rodgers has decided that the new wingers are a write off, and persisted with it so much that even the other anchors on the show wouldn’t endorse it.

To say he was dire was an understatement.

He was beyond that. Way beyond it.

He was bitter and spiteful and snarking.

I know this guy hails from a Celtic background but somewhere along the line he became an uber-hater, who can never find a positive word to say about us. Somewhere along the line he was poisoned against us and that poison now runs to his core. He’s worse than a joke.

“Celtic can’t have cliches about European hangovers,” he said, suggesting that Rodgers would be under real serious pressure if we did not win. He’s been dying to paint Celtic as in crisis for months.

He had the broken badge graphic prepared at Ibrox when he was talking about “the roof falling in.” And then it didn’t. Never deterred by being made to look like an idiot, all Keevins did was put away his poison pen and move onto the next game.

He’s picked his new Starfelt; “Lagerbielke is yet to have a convincing game,” he said about a guy who has only played a handful of them and who strolled – yes strolled – at Ibrox.

But Keevins kept on and on about how he’s not played well, how he’s “struggled” in his games so far. This horror of a human being with his twisted anti-Celtic mindset does this all the time.

He picks a player to hate on and pours scorn on the guy, hoping for a slip up.

He did not get it yesterday afternoon. He didn’t get anything he wanted yesterday afternoon.

The rest of the panel – Gordon Daziel and Kenny Miller and that eejit who anchors the show – were just as bad.

Apparently, that was “the real test” yesterday. Ha!

So Ibrox wasn’t a test in their eyes, eah?

So Feyenoord wasn’t a real test either.

It was this one right here, the real test comes in Livingston against Nouble, who has attracted not a single bid from a club in the time he’s been there but who people like these think we should have taken a punt on.

Everything about their attitude before the game started was stinking. Absolutely stinking.

They all took Celtic to win, but only Daziel thought it would be comfortable.

When he sounds like the smartest guy in the room you know how dumb everyone else in it is.

All three were salivating, but Keevins in particular, when they realised that we were going to have to go with Scott Bain.

Because he hasn’t played for a while.

And because, as they couldn’t wait to remind their listeners, he conceded four, at Easter Road, the last time he played.

Keevins seemed to think that the combination of him and Lagerbielke – who Daziel almost took great pleasure in telling Keevins was having “an excellent game” – would be fatal.

By half time we were “in chaos” and teetering on the edge of crisis.

We were paying for our transfer policy.

The season was hanging by a thread, in spite of the absolute worst possible case scenario one that would still have left us a point ahead of the Ibrox club at the end of the weekend.

But Keevins was loving it. “James Forrest selection reflected badly on the bench,” he said. Rodgers couldn’t trust any of the subs. What a shame for him that Rodgers did and it paid off.

Keevins was absolutely in his element.

There was no chance of the manager making a major mistake though.

Once he took Forrest off he had sacrificed width, he had made his key tactical decision and he followed through. He brought on the defensive midfielder for Hatate. He tightened up. From the moment Bain came and on he barely had to do anything of note.

As I said last night, it was a tactical masterclass from Rodgers and still these guys do not get that.

This Celtic side is good enough to beat any side in this country no matter the composition of the starting eleven; the key is the way in which those players are deployed, and Rodgers is a top class coach who knows exactly how to do that.

The moment Celtic scored the second their voices fell.

None of them could believe it. Kenny Miller’s assertion that until it was scored that Livingston had been “the better team” was so Trumpian in its utter denial of reality that I was stunned.

Over and over again, Keevins returned to the fate of the signings. Rodgers’ handling of the game was just so far in advance of that clown’s surface level understanding that it was laughable.

But under it all was his anti-Celtic bias, bubbling away there waiting to pop.

He looked for every excuse to have a go at Bain too.

All the more to support his assertion that our club should have signed a keeper in the summer.

Maybe we should have, although I didn’t think it was big a priority as backup striker. Keevins was just desperate to paint us in a negative light though and so he flipped from one area of attack to the other.

When Maeda missed the chance which Kyogo laid on for him, I knew Keevins would go too far in his criticism and of course he did. That’s why I spent the remainder of the episode keenly anticipating the moment when he smashed that fantastic third into the net.

Quick as a whip, Keevins then decided to have a pop at Oh.

For no reason at all.

Again, Gordon Daziel had to defend the player from what was an unhinged dig.

Keevins could not spot a footballer if his life depended on it.

The number of them he’s written off having barely watched them is astonishing, and damning. It was great how thoroughly Lagerbeikle in particular made him eat his words.

As I said earlier, Keevins performance was incredible. He got literally every single thing wrong.

Every single thing.

It was a pathetic afternoon from him, and I can only imagine what that show would have been like had we actually been struggling at any point in the match.

But we didn’t, and by the end of the show all of them were reduced to praising us, Keevins through his gritted false teeth, and even handing out some to individual players although that idiot was still having a go at Bain, presumably because he’ll be playing in the next couple of league games and this joker wants to put the pressure on him early.

Overall though it was Celtic’s day and there was nothing that any of them could do about it but accept that.

Even Keevins, much as it stuck in his throat.

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  • king murdy says:

    keevins is a bitter git…who pours scorn and ridicule on the very subject that has kept him in employment for the past 40 or so years…i don’t listen to his live football coverage…i occasionally read his articles in the sunday mail…usually bitter, hateful tripe….but today, regarding BR and celtic…i think he was bang on the money…in my opinion anyway…as you say james…even a broken clock is right every 12 hours…tho that’s a far way from keevins ratio….

    • Sophie Johnstone says:

      What are you on about.Keevin’s got nothing right over the weekend not one thing.

    • Thomas Cochrane says:

      What the heck have you drinking, you want to chuck it right now you sound like a wee fan boy of his.

  • John Copeland says:

    It looks and sounds like to me that the old QE Il is hoping that one of these weeks his mad predictions and utterings will eventually come to pass ? It’s the law of averages , right ? Try something for the longest time …fail abysmally …but one day it’will all come good ! The problem being that’s the first sign of insanity ….

  • Captain Swing says:

    Sounds like you still have to enjoy his Sunday Mail column. He’s playing the “tenuous acronym” game again after his prescient effort with ‘absolutely not good enough’. He has all the writing talent of a 200 word vocabulary ex POTUS. He writes such ‘textspeak’ soundbyte drivel it’s hard to believe he has ever held down paid employment as a reporter of anything, far less sport, as he seems to lack much by way of understanding of it. In some ways the likes of him, Tom English and their ilk from the old print media remind me a bit of the superannuated Smashie & Nicey type of DJs “controversially” axed by radio 1 30 years ago. Time had not only caught up with them, it had overtook them and left them looking like relics from an earlier age. Time to drop the semi part from semi-retirement.

  • Dex says:

    He was banned from celtic park years ago,i guess he holds a grudge

  • Therese Storrie says:

    Keevins is a bitter old trout Week in week out he talks the biggest load of anti Celtic rubbish and ends up looking like the prize idiot he most certainly is My personal favourites are ANGE -absolutely not good enough
    And his remarks about Lubo
    What a plonker !!!

  • Scud Missile says:

    Lol auld pishy trousers used his grandson yesterday when trying to make a point about Celtic because his grandson had attended a game at Parkhead previously.
    Imagine being related to that auld pish stain what an embarrassment being seen walking down the street with him,knowing everybody is laughing at him.
    Remember he used the word CHAOS to describe the state Celtic are in just now.
    Seven points clear of sevco our so called nearest challengers and we are in CHAOS,remember that CRAP he is writing needs approved by an editor,so what level of intelligence is there at the daily sevco to approve this.
    Maybe someone could ask auld pishy to describe how things are ticking over at sevco and see what word he uses then,because if we are in CHAOS and 7 points clear of sevco in the league,it will be interesting to see what word he uses then.

  • M Mackintosh says:

    His newspaper article today is even worse.

  • John L says:

    That old donkey should be put in a field to graze. He,s had a series bee in his peaky blinder cap since King Kenny never allowed him into Beard’s Bar for a Celtic press conference and there was a guy on the door who told him he was not welcome, his name was Wullie Graham , god rest his soul, Big Wullie was a bit of a legend in the east end and because of that knock back, the old tosser that he is, put his gutter press mates on to him, they wrote every piece of shit they could about the guy, his marriage, his work status or lack of it, they unsuccessful tried to ruin that man ,and that is one deep scar he will never be rid of no matter what he puts on it. Despicable man.

  • Paul McCann says:

    keevins says celtics d na stands for do nothing away unless its at ibrox pittodrie and livingston played 3 won 3

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      That just shows that he’s a LIAR as well as an utterly utterly useless writer and an utterly useless person !

  • Stewart says:

    It seem emdemic across all media outlets to belittle all things celtic,no matter how well the team is beginning to come together,,even during the invisible season it was being painted as this is gettin boring now,,itsa parody long may it continue

  • Sophie Johnstone says:

    The man is a joke a shock jock that even Talk Sport would baulk at employing.But Scottish media lap his ramblings up.Says it all really

  • Richie says:

    You’re absolutely talking rubbish by the way Numbskulls was THE BEANO, James You’re correct! I got that comic Every week. . . . Blether! LoL.

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