Dessers Celtic Game Comments Are Crass, Ignorant, Stupid And Offensive.

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Cyriel Dessers is an absolute moron. His comments yesterday are astonishingly crass and ignorant and I personally found them to be offensive. He says he’s “ready to die on the pitch” in order to get a win against us. What kind of language is that? Both sets of supporters in this fixture have heroes who actually did die on the pitch. I think it’s a shocking statement.

What is it with that club? What is it that it does to people when they sign up there that they can go from being perfectly normal folk and change into unhinged goons who make comments like this? I cannot believe the media has let him away with saying something like that. I would want to hide under the bed if a Celtic player made such a stupid remark.

What an obsession they have with being seen to get one over on us.

This is not the be-all-and-end-all of the season; this is one game.

This is three points and that’s all that it is. This kind of emotive, unnecessary language elevates its importance way beyond that which is normal, and our players do not get involved in anything like this. They simply do not talk this way or see the whole season through the prism of a handful of games.

Even if Dessers was not unknowingly walking on dodgy ground – he clearly doesn’t know that he is; that does not make it any better – the comments are still absolutely barmy, because they reveal the mind-set inside that club and how it’s already infected his thinking. People in there have already drummed into him that this is what he was signed for.

This. This one game. No wonder they don’t consistently beat us. No wonder this lot can’t perform when it counts. They elevate this to the point where the pressure on them must be insane.

The whole ethos of that club is built around Celtic. It’s as if they have no identity except through us, it’s as if they have no purpose except to pull us down.

He has said something here which is absolutely off the charts mad. It doesn’t matter that he doesn’t mean it literally, it’s not the sort of image anyone should want to invoke. It’s not the sort of thing anyone should ever say.

But it’s a symptom of how that club turns people around, it’s a symptom of the way it affects their thinking … and not for the better.

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  • john mc guire says:

    his teammates should tell him its simple walk out before the hordes and bless yourself that should see you fixed , for dying on the park .

  • Jim says:

    Their Induction Programme for new players is contracted out to The Grand Orange Lodge.
    A 2 day residential course held in Bellshill.

  • Tam says:

    I agree James…he has been in that cesspit for five minutes… What has he been told and by whom within “the rangers” cesspit….. don’t hold your breath for the SMSM doing their job any time soon. They like to be called “journalists” they are “the rangers” support with type writer’s.

  • Tony B says:

    Everything about them is rotten and unhealthy, and they continue to contaminate Scottish football and sport with their corrosive filth.

  • Stewart says:

    Surprised wee baz is not been about lately, kinda statement he’d put out there, as for the player in question I think it possibly put to him in such a way it was a yes or no answer,,tbh it’s the type of headline I wouldint even read the content of, as you know its all shite,

  • Peterbrady says:

    The filth are already spewing on the cockney wanker when dud dessiers misses another sitter the herrionvoik will hunt him

  • Michael Clark says:

    Its that kind of talk that spills onto the stands and that lot in there don’t need any encouragment.

  • Bob (original) says:

    I’d guess Dessers has his brains in his feet?

    He was probably a thicko before he joined sevco?

    Signing for the Ibrox club just confirmed it. 🙂

  • Chris Spilarewicz says:

    Doubt if he will be playing

  • Wee Gerry says:

    If my name was Cyril I’d want to die too.

  • Liz Dyball says:

    Particularly the week before Johnny Thomson’s anniversary. Ignorant and disrespectful.

  • SSMPM says:

    So clearly admitting that he didn’t try and put everything in against PSV or he’s just a bag of shite. HH

  • John Copeland says:

    I’ll bet you that Dessers isn’t on the pitch from the start ? He’ll be a substitute seat warmer ! It’s just a matter of time until he is being castigated by the liquidation deniers ….it will be big Al the brute !

  • Eldraco says:

    Not to mention The Rangers support who actually passed away on the pitch that dreadful awful day.

    Seriously what do the PR at that club think? Who runs it?, Oh ! Wait.

  • Johnno says:

    No surprise really that another thick fuck has to play to the scum galleries.
    Already been classed as so shite that the zombies would like to see a return of the overweight fat EL donkeyo, tells you all you need to know about his footballing ability.
    Could have died at PSV and nobody would have noticed, same should apply to the useless fuck this weekend also.

  • Brendan doogan says:

    Moronic is an understatement , coming on the back of that utter dismal performance against PSV really ? How many touches did he have in the game ??? Sounds like a banker for a red card on Sunday, time for this Tim to make some money on the back of his bitterness, it’s not like his team have gave Celtic enough extra cash for the kitty what extra was it 2.5 mill , cheers you utter clown next career move for him should be the big top I here there is a shortage of clowns , HAILHAIL

  • JimBhoy says:

    Love to get a win at the weekend but we dont know our best team as yet and we will get stronger. Winter transfer window we should be plugging any gaps from now until then.

    I dont think rangers punted the players they wanted out so there will be some deadwood still hanging around Ibrox.

    Their new players havent impressed me but they have had more game time than us and personally coming away from Ibrox with a point and no further injuries would be accaptable to me right now. Keeps us top.

    Good news is Barisic should be back.

  • Steveng67 says:

    Scottish society would be a better society if sevco didnt exist. The absolute hatered that flows through the viens of a large part of the population in Scotland simply wouldn’t be able to flourish in the manner it does thru a football club if it didnt exist. My nephew 9yrs old pictures of king billy ( he has no idea who he is) the dead queen and Charlie on his wall running around fenion bastard this fenion bastard that simply because of a football club is utterly astonishing and his parents think its funny. Thank god they are no blood relative of mine but inlaws. But i honestly couldn’t see anything like this hatered exist anywhere else in the world where its sole purpose is to support a football club. Hatered between fans sure but not in the racist bigoted religious manner we have in our society.

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