Ibrox Has A “New Plan” Apparently. To Catch Celtic, It Can Only Be One Thing …

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Once again they are world beaters.

Once again the club from Ibrox is riding high.

How many more false dawns will there be?

How many more of these traps will these pitiful fools fall into?

How many times will they be caught out by overhyping themselves and their chances?

All they have done here is beat a hapless team with a manager who didn’t try a leg against them by exactly the same score they dd a matter of weeks ago, when the last corner was turned.

In the aftermath of the game there was much jibber-jabbering over in La La Land about how brilliant they were.

Anyone can look brilliant against a team which goes out without a plan to compete.

Watch the second goal. It has been described in language so flowery you’d think it was Messi’s Maradona repeat instead of looking more like a dad running between his kids in a public park. If I were a Livingston player I’d be embarrassed by that goal.

I’d also be looking for a transfer out of Martindale’s non-trying side.

Martindale did not sound like a man whose team were robbed with that dire decision at the opener.

“It not a huge push but there is a push,” was as far as he was willing to go, except for expressing some doubt that his own club would have gotten it.

Well, it’s one of those hypothetical questions similar to those about what lies at the top of the beanstalk. Because in order to have a goal chopped off you have to leave your own penalty area and make some effort to get it.

Livingston fans, how long are you going to allow this guy to take the piss out of you like this?

Even the pattern of the goals was strikingly similar to the league game; 10 minutes, 66 minutes, 84 minutes and 90 minutes in the league game. 10 minutes, 78 minutes, 84 minutes and 90 minutes for this one. He brought in – round of applause – the players he should have had on from the start when his side was already all but out of the competition.

Livingston fans were basically done out of a chance to go to Hampden by their own manager and the longer they pretend that it’s not so the longer they will have to suffer this joker stinking out the home team dressing room.

He shouldn’t be near the place.

The Ibrox fan sites are cock-a-hoop and they and the media are buying into The Mooch’s schtick about there being “a new plan.”

He has the cocky confidence of the swaggering conqueror again thanks to Martindale.

A new plan! Ha!

And yet if it’s the one I think it almost surely has to be, they have a chance.

If only the plan itself was not pie-in-the-sky, even for this association which bends over backwards for them.

It can only be to lobby the SFA so they can play Livingston every week.

Yes, if they can just get that over the line, they will pose a threat to us.

Otherwise, if I might give the Ibrox fans some advice it would be this; don’t get carried away.

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  • Scud Missile says:

    A so called fan base of what 5 million world wide and the attendance was 35,000.

    The klan are all super excited about the win against a nickel&dime team with a nickel&dime manager who when he gets binned by the new board will probably never get another gig in football again,including sevco.

    The fresh fruit&veg man back out in front of the cameras mouthing off again about plans for the team and the klan klub,and the BENNYS in the stand are back to buying into it.

    Their forums last night and this morning are all full of praise for the team and the manager,once again sucked in the klub.

  • Robert Jenkins says:

    If Martindale thinks he will get the Rangers gig by rolling over to them he must be mad. Livi’s board should have him in this morning and ask WTF was that.

  • BG says:

    Well said James. I wonder if Sevco will write to the SFA demanding why Sima’s goal stood.
    Martindale is a fraud.
    Look at the Sevco line-up. No way they can win the league. What this win has done for them is to keep Beale a bit longer in the job which is a good thing. You never know a good manager could fall on their lap and get a dune out of this dress.

  • Paddybhoy67 says:

    Do Livingstone fans even exist? Why aren’t they screaming for Martinjail’s head? Are they just Sevco fan’s with no busfare?

  • Bigmick says:

    That was a total corruption of what a sporting contest is meant to be. Shitshows like that should be investigated. Martindale is a fucking shameless disgrace.

  • John L says:

    A chairman with a backbone would have that wee A wipe out the door, he said, he won’t be writing to anyone concerning the first goal . Batman and Robin lost their jobs at Hearts, because for years they never laid a glove on them, let’s hope those now in charge took notice. Collum is running scared of them because they virtually had him down graded when he had the balls to referee a match properly.. I was embarrassed to be Scottish last night, if that’s what these idiots in black claim to be.

  • john mc guire says:

    Livingston have a new guy putting money into this club ,i wonder when he is going to get the wee ned who is the manager and boot him out the door , and you done a thing about b.bc. radio who got sacked last week and is on the show being a pundit ex rangers player billy dodds you couldnt make this up how many ex huns work for the b.b.c.

  • Johnny Green says:

    I’m surprised Martinjail even mentioned the push, his heart lies at Ibrox and he hankers the notion that, if he keeps them sweet, he will have the chance of managing there one day. He may be right, for once the money runs out (what money), and all other options are exhausted he may well, as a last resort, get the Ibrox gig.

    I’m sure we are all looking forward to that day just as much as he is.

  • Joseph Mcaleer says:

    The cheating never stops.

  • Johnno says:

    Didn’t and wouldn’t watch such nonsense as last night with the amount of shitehawks on show.
    That junkie scumbag remains the biggest culprit of keeping the Scottish game in the dire state it will remain, with such frauds within it.
    A whining squeekey voiced prick who’s only intention of keeping a mickey mouse club within the SPFL, which also holds a huge advantage with such an atrocious playing surface.
    Been for years hoping livvy would get relegated, just to see the back of that eejit, along with that playing surface, which both remain as rancid in equal measures.
    Only makes himself relevant when playing ourselves with his bitter hun nature.
    A potential European spot was up for grabs within the league cup, yet this fraud couldn’t care less about doing a job he’s getting paid to do, so why do livvy as a club persist with such a dope?
    The answer remains simple as staying within the SPFL is the height of there ambition, while playing the poor mouth about budgets.
    Will such a nonsense of a club get relegated, while holding such an advantage with an unfit playing surface?
    Highly unlikely, yet the question has to be why are any players prepared to play for such a hun fraud in the first place?
    All the time this eejit remains unchallenged about what he brings to the Scottish game, then the Scottish game will remain in such a dire state for the foreseeable also.
    Angry after Saturday against not being able to mount a challenge against us, at home, against 10 men for an hour.
    The response is to not even give his team a chance by a not bothered attitude, and all is OK by this horrible hun junkie individual.
    The SPFL table will only look right come the end of the season, with ourselves top, and livvy bottom, along with kille in the relegation play off.

  • Davie says:

    Llivingston are prime relegation candidate’s, Nothing to sing and dance about by beating them

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