It Wasn’t A Celtic Player Who Put Cantwell Out For Weeks. His Own Manager Did.

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Yesterday’s press conference across the city was ridiculous for a number of reasons. I wrote earlier about The Mooch’s “love” for the club and his vow that he will not resign; great news that.

He also snarked about officials and the decision a fortnight ago to chop off their “goal.”

Check out this contradictory nonsense; “The last game we played there was no reason to lose the game.

There’s a decision in the game that sends it in a certain direction and it’s regrettable that we lost it, we could have performed better. I’ll own it, the players have to and now we need to show our worth in the coming months.”

No reason to lose the last game, except we scored and they didn’t. The decision came midway through the first half. You’d think it came right on full time. He starts by saying the players didn’t do their jobs, then says the defeat is down to him (after blaming the ref) and then passes the buck to the players again.

This guy rambles more than Trump ever did.

I found that funny because it was so predictable. This is why I call him The Mooch after all.

But his comments on Cantwell were the best.

When he was asked to talk about what the player’s status was, being that he was out injured and the manager had confirmed that, he said, “Something with his knee picked up in a challenge towards the end of the game.”

Yes, that might have been the Maeda challenge, which we all thought at the time was a beauty. But that’s not the reason the player is facing what might be a long spell on the sidelines. No, as The Mooch himself admitted that’s down to him.

“He played on, we had to send him for a scan and thought it would be worse than it is, the initial diagnosis, so we’re probably two or one and a half weeks into that.”

The player himself has said that it’s “not straightforward.”

He has had his leg in a brace ever since. There is no chance of him being back in three or four more weeks. But the reason for it is right there in black and white; he was injured and they kept him on the pitch.

At the time, they had used all their substitutions. The manager had him patched up and thrown back into the fray rather than accept going down to ten men. If the injury is really as bad as it sounds like then the club, and the manager, should accept some responsibility for that. We have made the same foolish mistake once or twice, it’s not exactly unheard of.

But what’s not on is us getting blamed for it however obliquely, and he knows that’s what he’s doing when he talks about the challenge. Their forums get the message.

They are happy to have something else to blame Celtic, and officials, for. At the time they were moaning that Maeda got away with that challenge; now they are positively foaming about it.

I find all this hilarious.

Their club never stops looking for excuses, it never stops deflecting and denying its own responsibilities.

And that’s why it never learns and never improves.

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  • Frank Duffy says:

    I know it’s hard to dissect his fact from fiction, so well done on picking him up on the C*ntwell fabrication. It’s patently clear Beale sees the ballerina as expendable.

  • Bob (original) says:

    In real time, I though that Cantwell had fouled Maeda.

    Maeda’s shoulder charge made Cantwell lose control of the ball.

    As he falls, he swings round his left leg into Maeda – with the ball nowhere near.

    That’s, IMO, when Cantwell injured himself, and the video link above suggests it.

    It’s maybe also why Maeda showed no concern to Cantwell writhing in pain?

    I would have booked Cantwell, [a red would have been a bit harsh! 🙂 ]

  • Thomas M Daley says:

    Remember the moaner in your local or work site. Met many on the rig who thought only he were affected by bad food or chooper cancelation.
    After a while you never heard him speak only seen the expression on a face you wanted to punch.
    Can you shut up comments would fly over his head.
    That is Beale, why foes he always look as if he never showers and shaves.

  • Dando says:

    He injured himself kicking out at Meada…


  • JimBhoy says:

    When teams are under pressure you get more injuries and longer injuries. It’s nothing more than no desire to get into the first team by certain weak minded players.

  • Dave Ramshaw says:

    Shame the lumpy dished tosspot can’t admit one of our players is injured because I panicked against a better team and used all our subs for nothing before he got injured.

  • Davie says:

    Maeda was stronger in the shoulder to shoulder contact, Cantwell hurt himself with a sly chop at Maedas legs, Cantwell does same to other players, he does dirty little swipes then crys foul, guys his own worst enemy.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    More Lies from Liebrox – This time it’s on the injury front !

  • Jack says:

    He kicked out after he was out muscled he put his hand up straight away for the medical team not for penalty they kept him on the pitch we are four games in and they sacrifised a player for not 3 points but they cant take a loss to Celticits sheer hate and a wird on the ref yesterday on turbull penalty terrible var had to tell to giveapenalty he was 2meters from it no ubstruction thats his first Celtic game hope its his last allowed some heavy tackles by dundee players taylor was questioning him for a poor decision they were showing the turf where turbulls foot was planted

  • Kevin Dunne says:

    Tackle was clean and fair, nowhere near knee height, only thing he woulda got would be a wee bit of brain damage after landing on his ass , cantplaywell was on pitch 3 secs after tackle , mooch come oot of the childish sulk ,u,s are Micheal knight simple as

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