One Celtic Victory Is All It Took For The Ibrox Club To Come Apart.

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This morning, The Daily Record reports that the Ibrox club is driving a wrecking ball through its own scouting operation, including the sacking of almost all of its current staff as they move to a “data and analytics” driven model.

That they haven’t done this already astonishes me. It’s not cheap or easy to do either, and our ability to do it right depends on having exactly the sort of scouting infrastructure they are about to take apart.

One does not work without the other. They never do understand these things.

The Record is at pains to point out, on the club’s behalf no doubt, that this is not a mere cost cutting measure. No, of course not. It just so happens that this will be one of the primary benefits of it though, which is exactly what I mean.

Every single thing they do over there will now swing into a mode they should be familiar with; cutting to the bone.

Austerity is coming to Ibrox in a big way. Well, they have to recoup this summer’s transfer losses somehow, right? Because that’s the other part of this which has become obvious; inside the club they do consider this entire summer “rebuild” to be a write-off. They are ripping it up and starting again. They are admitting that The Mooch has trashed it.

This story, coming hot on the heels of the one by Chris Jack, laying out the story of the transfer window, convinces me that The Mooch is now on death watch. He’s on a three-year deal, so doing the deed and getting shot of him will not be cheap, but as I said last night there are two costs to consider here, and the cost of doing nothing might be too high a price to pay.

Of course, it limits, in a big way, the sort of manager they can bring in.

But the drum beat cannot be ignored. The papers are actually throwing names around already, and I wonder if that too isn’t inspired by those inside the club, in the hope that he can read the writing on the wall and decides to walk on his own.

He shouldn’t. They gave him a three year deal and if he’s not up to it that’s their hard lines for being so stupid … he should dig in his heels and go in his own good time, or force them to fire him.

Of course, it was up to us, he would be in that job for the next five years. But we aren’t going to get that lucky. That club is ripping itself apart again right in front of us, and although they will claim that this is a form of progress it’s really not, it’s really only teeing up the next big disaster, because these people are prone to panic.

Imagine upending your entire club inside of a week because your rivals came to your ground with a depleted team and beat you?

This is not just short-sighted, its plainly suicidal.

Nothing can save that club from its worst enemy, which is itself and the arrogance that surrounds it. The worst thing ever to happen to the club from Ibrox was that assumed the identity of Rangers.

It could have been free of all this pressure, all this baggage, if it had only started on a clean slate and vowed to be all it could be instead of fixating on us. Until it learns that, it will never grow.

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  • Jimmy R says:

    Failure to make CL groups. Failure to generate any significant cash from player sales. Financial Sustainability Rules. These all add up to balancing the books at ibrox taking on the appearance of balancing plates. I am not suggesting that they are under immediate threat to their existence but now as they come to terms with FSR we get a little insight into just how tight the financial purse strings down Copeland Rd.

  • Peterbrady says:

    I heard there a load of monkey parades today will there be any zombie on zombie action I hope so it is glorious watching the filth implode

  • Paddybhoy67 says:

    Just been reading about the “sunk cost fallacy”, James. You’re probably familiar with the concept, but it applies strikingly to the Sevco situation.

  • JimBhoy says:

    According to Phil they will have to dig deep to pay the Bealemeister off, something over £3m, nice.

    His weans will be getting a great Xmas. It has to be paid up front too but I am sure that may be negotiable if incentivised.

    Not sure the high interest loan route can be hidden away so as not to arouse Uefa suspicion. That may be off the table. Always the club connections in other more shadier areas to consider, rangers cleaning and laundry services.

    Well done Scotland, truly incredible run. Now if we can hurt Spain again after their rancid comments after the last game it will be fabulosa. German here we come.

    Rock and a hard thing poor wee rangers.

  • Joe says:

    Looks like the story has been taken down.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    More trouble at Liebrox – Quelle surprise… Not !

    Ah well it’s a nice wee feeling that so it is…

    Oh what a beautiful morning…. Oh what a beautiful day….
    I’ve got a wonderful feeling…. Everything’s going my way !

  • Graham Laurie says:

    The inevitable end game to all this James will be Sevco follow-FOLLOWING Rangers to the GRAVE, and Scottish Football will finally be rid of their sectarian Cancer once and for ALL as I can’t see ANOTHER Zombie club crawling out of the grave.

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      I’d love you to be proven correct Graham, but this is NOT so very Bonnie Scotland and with Five Way Agreements to the fore and Celtic and Lawwell and Eric Riley complicit there will always be a The The Rangers / The Sevco spreading their cancer on our society sadly…

  • Thomas M Daley says:

    Beale is keeping them up as a top 6 club in 4th place.
    But they are only 2 points above 10th.
    Beale must stay, the unseen hand at work, Vatican on its game as usual.

  • Tony B says:

    All good. F@ck them and the white horses they rode in on.

  • John S says:

    The arrogance of thinking that Scottish football would be blown apart with duds and freebies. The manager’s not the only imposter, the Ibrox boardroom has a few too.

  • Johnno says:

    The scum are in a position of doing a repeat of our 10iar season, and all that comes with it.
    The big difference is we still had value to do a proper rebuild, and was done with great success, in a much faster time line than most of us were expecting.
    Getting a rebuild totally wrong, potentially brings chaos to a club that can take years to put right, and at a huge cost also.
    The scum already have to overpay upon wages just to get eejits to sign for them in the first place.
    In turn it means that no one really does walking away, especially when there isn’t other riches on offer elsewhere.
    The scum are there for the taking in staying 2nd in Scotland, which shows the overall ambition of SPFL club’s when no one will be prepared to seriously mount a challenge for 2nd.
    Ourselves have much bigger things to be looking forward to, with the scum becoming less and less relevant to ourselves in footballing term’s, yet they still provide a great laugh to ourselves all the same

  • Tommy Kennedy says:

    I have never hated the govan mob but bhoy do I want them too suffer for their anti Catholic stance and when they play any game anywhere I want them pumped

  • Jack says:

    They arent the team they were pre 2012 meaning the have a no bank bosses like freddie who cost his bank of scotland millions no other bank will lend new club Sevco money who they refuse to open there books to the shareholders house so the are not allowed most companies who have shares which are getting lower and lower with every share sale people like charles green and his cronies are crooks but scotland lawlords have cost scottish or Glasgow taxpayers £50,000,000 and more in libels our Gov or lawlords would not have done that for any other club to buy ibrox stadium murray park for £5,000,000 why that has been swept under the carpet there is so many things happened then and now that has never been answered cover up after cover up now they are trying to bring scottish football down Now the Glasgow derby after the demise of RFC now RIFC(sevco) the only way they can stop Celtic F.C.1888 wiping record out and im sure they want to bring spl down no away supporters at away games now some clubs are willing to have half empty stadiums rather than allow more away supporters than home support not nice seen empty stadiums and the blame it on spl dropping them to lower division there luck they didnt have to start lower cause they are a new club

  • Eldraco says:

    AND they still have to hear from UEFA on THAT tifo of one Mr William Cutter.

    Will they close the stands and a financial impost placed upon the club.

    Just when you think it’s stopped raining…

  • jrm63 says:

    We have played 4 games. I remember a certain manager who actually lost his first 3 away games and wondered aloud why the league was already “lost”. Maybe wait to celebrate in October?

  • W. Mottram says:

    We should raise a glass to big Ange for telling the Bhoys to take their foot off the gas and allowing
    Sevco to win the five match league. If we had won
    that game then Beale would have been out at the
    end of the season for defo. Winning it had their heads in the clouds telling us what they were gonna
    do to us this season, look how that’s gone, a team of no names for £15million, four games in and
    Panic stations, revolting fans (as ever) and a new
    manager being touted for, where will it all end ??

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