Things Around Celtic Seem Oddly Flat Right Now. Tomorrow Can Raise The Spirits.

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The atmosphere around Celtic, I mean just in terms of being a fan, has been curiously flat all month. That started with the closure of the transfer window, of course, but it doesn’t feel as if this is a period in which we’ve won at Ibrox. There’s a just feeling that something isn’t quite right at the moment, and that is affecting every single one of us.

Thankfully, tomorrow returns us to domestic football and this title race, and at a difficult venue where we never have it easy. I believe we’ll win tomorrow and win well. I believe this team has something to prove after midweek, although it ought not to have because I thought we turned in a very good, very tactically disciplined display until we lost two men.

Whatever it is that’s making us feel this way, this flat, we need to shake it off. Because the challenge isn’t in Europe where we’re massively outgunned and need literally everything to go right for us. The real challenge is here at home, harder than it’s been in ages, and I don’t just mean from Ibrox but from clubs up and down the league who think we and the club across the city are vulnerable at the same time and that we’re there for the taking.

But sooner or later someone is going to get a proper going over from us. Sooner or later, the Rodgers changes are going to click, we’re going to hit high gear, and someone is going to lose heavily. I have complete confidence in that. The opportunity for a “statement win” is there. Tomorrow is a potential banana skin game. If we overcome it neither of the Edinburgh clubs will be quite as confident. If we win well they will not want to face us at all.

We need to return two things to the state of play; the optimism amongst the fans that we’re watching something exciting, and the fear factor for the opposition. I am glad we’ve got a tough game tomorrow. I’m glad its against that smirking git Martindale with all his wise cracks and pitiful attempts at psyching us out. I am glad its own that horror of a pitch.

Because all those things will make a win that sweeter. All of them will make a statement win that harder for people to deny. Enough of this black cloud already.

Tomorrow, Celtic, deliver the victory we’ve all been waiting for.

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  • Bob (original) says:

    Agreed: thought the team was going to kick on from the sevco win and start

    entertaining us as before, but it’s still not happening.

    OK, can’t complain about a 3-0 win against Dundee, or any team,

    but BR’s team isn’t quite ‘flying’ yet…

    Just hope we don’t suffer from the dreaded, post-Euro-tie dip tomorrow.

  • jrm63 says:

    “I thought we turned in a very good, very tactically disciplined display until we lost two men”. That certainly raised my spirits. When is a wall not a wall?

  • Johnno says:

    Hope your right James about the result tomorrow.
    Agreed about that flat feeling surrounding the club, and will firmly place the blame at Rodgers door for it at present.
    Like you, I was totally in favour of his return with expecting big things to happen, but it hasn’t.
    Not going to play into his poor me shite either, where he seems to be gaining more support upon.
    Well he’s the one who has changed ourselves from a 433 team with 2 attacking midfielders, into a very drab 4231.
    7 games played, and 3 totally piss poor in an attacking sence.
    The other 4, we had long periods within those games where our attacking play was isolated by a few decent moments of real quality.
    But yeah, continue to give him the cop out about signings.
    Bullshit is the reality, when the majority of the players used within the game time involved, were all here last season?
    Tomorrow is a massive game for Rodgers, and will no longer except his ready made excuses.
    We’ve already had that at kille about the pitch?
    Wasn’t to much of an issue with a Ange team and it’s set up?
    Again we will have plenty of players starting and on show, who are well use to the livvy experience and what to be expected.
    Unless a fairly decent attacking performance is delivered, along with the victory then the eye could be taken of Rodgers and his moaning.
    Get our renowned players playing instead of trying to make scapegoats out of the newer ones.
    That is the biggest part of his job that he is currently failing upon, and to much time spent upon the ready made excuses and starting to becoming a bit to dependant upon this excuse for my liking at present.
    Needs to get this team back to playing far more attacking football to get the supporters back onside again.
    Fear at the moment he’s driving a huge wedge into the club upon his own failings as such.
    Tomorrow will be very telling, yet as I did support his returning, he’s quickly losing my support also, believe tomorrow has to be regarded about what Rodgers is really going to bring to ourselves?
    As needs far better than a reputation and a list of excuses, with grinding out results in a very drab manner.
    He’s responsible for it currently and doing a lenny impression with the exact team set up and style of play, is no longer going to cut it with myself anyway.
    Rodgers either get this team playing again or just mope away and sulk, but currently won’t be listening to any more excuses from him, that’s for sure

  • Jorge says:

    It would help if the manager stopped sending out mixed messages about the recruitment at the club and how he is/isn’t happy about his squad. He is only in the job a few months and already it seems like he is preparing his excuses for failing and a hasty exit. Like you and many others I am unhappy with the board but not so much for how they have or have not supported the manager’s wish list but in their lack of imagination and ambition when they decided to re-employ Rodgers.

  • Jimmy says:

    Exactly my thoughts this morning James. For me the hangover continues from tuesday. We have the resources so why weren’t we able to put a stronger team on the park. Brandon Rogers said himself yesterday that he wasn’t happy with business done in the transfer window. As a club we should be improving season aftet season. Are we stronger than last season, I would argue that we are not. Fans are crying out for great European nights yet our resources were not used well enough to allow for this. European exploits are depressing for me that’s how I am flat.

  • William Melvin says:

    Mibbe, just mibbe,the mood we are experiencing is one of being gaslighted by the manager.
    The time for letting us know that he was “not content” with our summer transfer dealings was not now but as soon as he realised what was going on with regards to us signing a load of players barely out of their previous side’s youth teams.
    Rodgers is purported to being a world class manager and coach yet he doesn’t say a dicky bird until it’s too bloody late.
    Those players should have been signed AFTER we had completed our main transfer activity and had strengthened in the positions that required urgent surgery.
    We let the Croatian national team goalie go to Turkey without even a whimper of an offer and l’m pretty sure we would have been right in the brown stuff had a few of our injuries happened slightly later as we would have been totally exposed in some positions.
    This has Lawwell’s fingerprints all over it and anyone who can’t see this or argues against that theory is either asleep, stupid or a happy fuckin clapper.
    A lot,and l mean a lot of us only accepted Rodgers back because we were of the understanding that he was going to be calling the shots and Lawwell was going to be a powerless figurehead.
    How wrong did we get that !!
    It’s time to call out this bullshit and have a complete boycott of ALL Celtic merchandise up to the winter transfer window.
    No buying the kids Adidas kits for Christmas,l know it’s gonna be tough but l’m sure the kids will survive without just one of the many tops they have issued this season .
    We’ll see see how they cope with 30,000 uneaten pies, unsold programmes and Paradise Windfall tickets every home match day.
    Rodgers was promised a £30m transfer kitty, plus any profits we made on outgoing player sales……you can do the math,l’m too scunnered !
    Once again we have failed to strengthen when we were in a position to really ram home our advantage so it’s absolutely gut wrenching to see this pan out as it has,yet again.
    We have to hit these bastards in the boardroom where it hurts….in their wallets,it’s the ONLY thing they understand and it’s the ONLY weapon we can bring to address the problem.

  • Johnbhoy Walton says:

    The reason things are flat is because the football we are playing is so boring

  • Johnny Green says:

    We are 4 points in front of the Huns and we are in cruise control. I agree that skelping Livingston will give us a confidence boost and lighten the mood, despite there not really being a good reason for the mood. It’s time to put the show on the road again by putting on a show.


  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    It will be tough for sure…

    I’d love a 0-5 winning result but would take an injury time own goal scrambled in off a Livingston players arse –

    Three points please Celtic in whatever way…

    And what the hell is it about The Scottish obsession with plastic pitches –

    Even Forest Green Rovers And little Harrogate Town had must have grass playing fields by law in England…

    No wonder Scotland is such a basket case and banana republic in the football world !

  • SSMPM says:

    They said Livi away could be a banana skin but failed to tell and prevent big Joe from skidding in.
    Credit to the team for managing that and the game with another 3 pts in the bag. Good to see Taylor’s starting to turn up, good performance from him…and Scales again was outstanding. HH

  • Fun time frankie says:

    Well said Mr William Melvin get all of these money grabbing Tory bastards tae fuck.

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