As Celtic’s Shadow Grows Over Them, Ibrox’s Board Is Already Panicking.

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The “new” management team at Ibrox is in place for now. The interim bosses have their roles mapped out. The only unknown is how long they’ll be there. The Ibrox club has made a big thing out of leaving them there whilst they conduct a proper search. That would be why with 48 hours the media already has their four man “shortlist.”

The media is fumbling. But there is enough stuff leaking from Ibrox that I reckon they’re on the right road, in terms of some of the names. Lampard will be on their list and no doubt. They do like a bit of bling and he’s a “big name.” A dreadful manager, but a big enough name to satisfy their craving for stardust. His record is hilariously bad.

The other names on that list include Marcello Gallardo – a creative choice but one that would also carry momentous risks for them and him both. Muscat is on the list, for reasons that I wrote about yesterday; an utter laziness and a lack of imagination.

The Dutch manager Pascal Jansen is also said to be in the running. That also would be slightly hilarious; I don’t see anything in his career history to suggest that he’d bring us much to fear.

There’s talk still of Derek McInnes. Of course there is. That would at least make more sense than some of the others. What I don’t see is any sign that this is going to be done slowly and steadily. Instead, I see the names you would expect being thrown about and plenty of reports to suggest they’ve already sounded Lampard out.

What I’m saying is that with the shadow of Celtic still looming over that club they are not going to take their time. They just won’t. They can’t afford to go into that second section of the season, and all those hard away games, with rookies in the dugout. They have European games to come. They can’t go into too many of those with rookies either.

They will want it all sewn up by the international break.

Because Celtic’s lead cannot be allowed to get bigger, lest their new manager come in to Mission: Impossible.

In some ways it will be regardless of how many points we’re in front, because we’re a settled team and they aren’t going to be that for a long time to come. Their worst nightmare is that we get a result tonight and keep on building our momentum.

It will be a big ask, but it’s not out with our capabilities.

The shadow of our club won’t vanish either way. Whoever takes that job will work under its darkness, they will operate knowing it’s there, never able to forget it, never having a moment’s respite from the power it holds over everything they do.

All they have to do here is do what they said; take their time, sift through the CV’s of those daft enough to take it. But they won’t, because they can’t, because catching Celtic is still mathematically possible and with us out of the League Cup they expect to win it and won’t settle for less. Once again, Celtic will force the most critical decision they make.

That’s why I think they’ll get it wrong. That’s why we might well be having this discussion again next year, at the same time, after Brendan Rodgers has mounted yet another stuffed head managerial trophy on his wall.

If we’re including Murty that’ll be five of them.

One for every star on their jersey. He should get his own award for that.

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  • Scud Missile says:

    Wee Coco the klown at ibrox noise is screaming blue murder pardon the pun about Frank Spencer becoming manager.

  • Johnmc says:

    Whatever happened to the 5 stars on their jerseys, they have seemingly disappeared. Anyone know why??

    • Finbar muldoon says:

      The shadow will ALWAYS be there, James. Champions of Europe. Doesn’t matter how long ago it was. Celtic’s name is on The Big Cup, and that eats away at them. HH

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      Not that I put one half penny towards them given that I’m desperate to see them dead… But just don’t rely on the Scottish Football Media for an explanation John Mc or you’ll be waiting a long long time –

      But as you say it’d be interesting to indeed find out !

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Aye and the hype’s just sittin there waitin on the choice bein made, then we’re off ! Hysterical OTT predictions and delusion time again. Never fails.

  • Bob (original) says:

    Of course they’ll cock up the next appointment as well! 🙂

    Now sevco has punted the failed, rookie manager,

    [who has accumulated c.65 games as a manager, compared to BR’s c.650 games],

    who makes the decision to replace Beale?

    A rookie Chairman and a rookie CEO!

    Bennett only became Chairman in April this year.

    He has been a Director since 2015, to be fair, but sounds like he is very much

    a ‘hands-on’ Chairman. HIs background / expertise is in financial services.

    Bisgrove only became CEO in July this year.

    His only football club experience has been with sevco – for the last 4 years.

    Bisgrove’s background / expertise is in Marketing / Sales – and his CV was pretty light

    and narrow to be promoted to any CEO role, IMHO.

    These 2 rookies in the Blue Room should also consult Dave King as he remains [?]

    the largest single RIFC shareholder.

    Point is:

    at a time of crisis, there is a dearth of relevant, football management

    experience in the Blue Room itself – so there is a higher risk that another

    poor team manager appointment could follow, follow! 🙂

  • SSMPM says:

    It seems to me that that lot across the city are still stuck in a bereavement fantasy at the loss of their club in 2012. Instead of moving forward as a new club, the new entity that they are, accepting the reality of their downfall from a dead failed past, they are still grieving for the old club, fantasising that they are the same entity, is probably their biggest downfall. Believing that false narrative is their continuity.
    Their recent 13yr history exhibits nothing in terms of similarity or continuity except for failure and delusion. The quitters that downed the tools for Gerrard, GVB and Beale are not the players of the past. They thought Moreorless and K.nt could be persuaded to stay and take them back to the heights that they never ever achieved in the first place, and weren’t achieving in the last two seasons. They are not like the players of the past of the old club and have only limited ability ratcheted up only in their dreams.
    The rangers as a club and their deluded fans fantasied that these new players were their new Rangers idols, like idols of the past from the old club, rather than average players of a new club. Having achieved only a brief resurgence during the Covid year and the EL run, they got caught up returned to the past so overspent again.
    The rangers fans got caught up in the fantasy of the past and superimposed it onto their present believing foolishly that Rangers still lives. Foolishly, they assumed that it’s back to normal. That the sugar daddies with finance and standards would simply fall into place for them without remembering of course what and where their normal was and how it led to their downfall.
    The board talked the talk, Gerrard talked the talk (leaving when he realised the fantasy didn’t have real money to support his separate desires), Beale talked the talk, their bereaved fans talked and still do talk the talk but have forgotten the truth, the reality. Rangers went bankrupt and were liquidated and now these deluded fools still want this new club to follow follow the path of the past forgetting ultimately it led to failure.
    The rangers are no Rangers. K.nt is no Laudrup, Goldson is no Butcher, Lundstram is no Gascoigne and Moreorless is moreorless like five bellies than McCoist. Their post 2012 idols have let them down yet they crave for them but where has has it led them to? The past of course.
    Finally the return is complete and the asylum has again been taken over by the lunatic failures, the ghouls of the past, the EBT phantoms they said would never be allowed back. No foresight, no backbone, no future promise of the change they desire, just talk. Angry bitter, bigoted, sectarian discriminatory talk of grieving huns that can never have back what they had. What else do they have to appease themselves other than hatred? Continuity we hope. HH

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