Bitter Anti-Celtic Hack Made To Look Ridiculous After “Shocker Of A Day” Prediction.

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Read these words. Contemplate them.

“This now becomes a shocker of a day for Celtic … with Brendan Rodgers just throwing anybody he can at it in the hope he’ll get a lucky goal … to do it three at a time at this stage in a game smacks of desperation … what I’m looking at smacks of desperation.”

That was not some hopeful Sevconian fan forum editor, that was a mainstream Scottish sports journalist who said that yesterday amidst a tirade of dripping spite and bitterness which had even his colleagues beside him arguing the case of our manager and our team.

At the moment those words spewed out of him like raw sewage there were still ten minutes left at Fir Park, with our propensity for scoring late an accepted fact of football life. Not one ball had even been kicked yet at Ibrox, but this pathetic individual had us in a mini-crisis, our lead at the top slashed and the manager under pressure.

To hear him, you’d think our season was about to collapse.

A little over two hours later, our “shocker of a day” ended with our lead over our rivals now seven points, with theirs the club in genuine crisis after Celtic scored not once but twice, the second coming after we’d found the mental fortitude to continue doing the job despite the concession of a late, late goal which would have torn the heart out of most other teams.

And as sweet as all that was, the guy who scored our opener was one of those that the microphone holding moron had decried as a substitution which smacked of “desperation.”

I think it’s fair to say that Brendan Rodgers knows one or two more things about how to manage a winning football team than his idiotic critic does.

But then I would suggest that if you found a slug on your back step after today’s rain that it could probably offer you a greater level of insight than the moustachioed embarrassment who two separate media outlets reckon is deserving of a salary. Still, they wonder at people like me scorning them at every turn. That he has a job is one of the many reasons why.

(That and Radio Scotland’s amazing double Freudian slip, from two separate commentators about how “Scottish football never fails to disappoint.” Yeah, I’ll bet you were disappointed. As was the gibbering horde inside Ibrox whose day hadn’t even started going wrong yet.)

But social media on a weekend like this is such a sublime pleasure. The Ibrox fan forums reek of anger and hurt and spew more hate and bile than the commentator in question could ever muster in a lifetime and that’s saying something.

But I remain astonished at the capacity some people in our press corps have to talk such absolute rubbish that it would be laughed off the craziest forum, and the person responsible for that quote yesterday does this almost every week.

I’ve thought long and hard about how to deal with him.

Because this job does involve writing about our sports media; how can it not?

They have to be scrutinised as standard, challenged where necessary and ruthlessly mocked where appropriate and this actually ticks all three boxes, because the kind of poisonous narrative he was trying to promote yesterday has caused our club much grief and trouble in the past, and is only unable to now because of the vigilance of the bloggers in holding these people properly to account.

People like this would love to spin us into crisis. They would love to divide our club. They have tried to ruin the reputations of many people within in down through the years, and were in no small part responsible for the appalling treatment Celtic fans once subjected Fergus McCann to. This particular person had a starring role in that.

He cannot be made completely irrelevant. He has two nation-wide platforms from which to spew his anti-Celtic bile. That means that he cannot be completely ignored.

So all that’s left is to expose his idiocy every chance we can get, to hold it up to ridicule every moment that we can and to turn him, and anyone else like him into what they would be in any other media environment; a joke.

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  • Mark b says:

    Just don’t take them seriously. As for the boooing of Fergus that for me was disgusting and one of my worst moments as a Celtic fan that day ….when it should have been one of the best. Utter disgrace and only those who booed are to blame certainly not journalists. Those who booed are shameful and are not true Celtic fans in my view. There were thousands that day …. Truly shocking.

  • Dan Cowie says:


  • Danny brren says:

    Who was it

    • Joseph Agnew says:

      Hugh Keevins, ” Never score in a month of Sundays”. He does this repeatedly before you hear “GOALFLASH”….Celtic have scored ! !


    Well said young man.

  • Paul Mac says:

    You used the word “Spew” a few times there … is that a clue perhaps ??

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    I notice he isn’t named James… But anyway 99.9% of these imbeciles are vehemently anti Celtic anyway –

    I show some of your excellent journalism and what you expose and uncover up here about The Scottish mainstream media to folk in England when I’m down to support the unfashionable Championship club that I support and they are truly astonished with what you found and genuinely haven’t got a clue about the dark and shadowy football media agendas up here…

    They see and totally understand why I do not put one red cent towards them and desperately want them out of business even with the loss of jobs that comes with my desire of their demise –

    Keep up your great work James and I’ll show them lots more of it when I’m down there once more in December all things being well !

  • Joe says:

    Ffs name names I’m guessing Hugh kevin’s but not sure enjoy your blog but more info pease

  • jackson says:

    Name please?

  • Peterbrady says:

    James who you talking about its not auldd spew is it. Got to feel sorry for his family dementia Alzheimer’s or just hate also how must employees and management be totally embarrassed by association byauld pish stain

  • Scud Missile says:

    Yesterday his first go was at Yang totally left the guy without a name he called him everything but a dud.

    Just the other week he described our club as being in CRISIS and CHAOS everywhere,now after sevco getting that SCUDDING at home yesterday and trailing us by 7 points in the league and sevco fans and bloggers SCREAMING for Beale to SACKED,not once did this CLOWN of a nickel&dime journalist use any of those words he described as Celtic being in previously to describe the mess sevco find themselves in now.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    They (Clyde 1) would rather go down the road of ‘havin a wee laugh’ at his reputation of gettin things wrong, than face the fact he’s a total fkn embarrassment, a joke. Keevins should know more than ANYBODY, through past examples, how stupid it is tae write us off with time on the clock. He just cannae help himself.

  • Jay says:

    And, who might be this ‘hack’?

  • Paddybhoy67 says:

    A new term in Scottish sports commentary:
    Keevinsed it: (def)
    This individual fails to provide accurate and credible information about sporting events, and related topics in their writing. Their work often includes numerous errors, inaccuracies, and misinformation, which can mislead readers and undermine the integrity of sports journalism. Such a writer struggles with proper research, fact-checking, and verifying sources, ultimately diminishing their credibility within the field of sports reporting.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    James – Not sure who it was as 99.9% of The Scottish Football Media detest Celtic and her supporters, but it looks like your readership have ascertained that it’s that old guy that speaks phlegm through his nose on Clyde Superscoreboard…

    I show your excellent journalism about The Scottish Football Media to folks in England when I’m down in England to support the unfashionable Championship club that I like and they are truly astonished about what goes on in the skullduggery and shadowy world of The Scottish mainstream media…

    Keep digging at them and exposing them and I’m sure I’ll have plenty more of your exquisite work to show these good folks when I’m next down in December !

  • Jackson says:

    Listened to the game on BBC “Sportsound”
    Commentator was pig sick when we took the lead…. then on to BBC teatime .. what a Sevco love in… every time camera went to Cammy Bell his eyes were on the Sevco game hoping against hope.
    On the meltdown on their forums one guy wanted Kettlewell as next boss as he is a “true Blue”….. aye like most on BBC Scotland week after week

  • Magua says:

    Those working for any outlet that paid the Huns for media access, are nothing but a bunch of bought and paid for Ibrox stooges. They are official Sevco ‘media partners.’ They are by definition, incapable of impartial reporting. The Shugmeister is just one among many.

    Hail Hail.

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