Celtic’s Rivals Are Talking About “Rebuild 2.0” What Planet Do These Peepul Live On?

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I was astonished this morning to read a headline in the papers touting what the media is calling “Rebuild 2.0” at Ibrox. Seriously? Are these people crazy or what? What planet are they living on that they expect something like that?

Honestly, they inhabit a separate universe to the rest of us. A new manager comes in, yes he will want to do things his own way, but if he’s not going to be able to work with the players he has to some extent then what is the point in hiring him in the first place? Just give the other guy more money to spend, but take a firmer hand on how he does it.

If you throw enough money at a football problem there are very few of them that you cannot solve. The thing is, you need to have that money in the first place an they have pissed so much against the wall that I find it hard to believe that there’s much left.

Whoever they appoint, that person will have to wheel and deal in the transfer market to have anything to spend at all. The idea that they will simply pump money at him is frankly ridiculous and their fans are mad to expect it and the board would be insane to promise it. They already have a bloated squad. How much more can they add to it?

The news today that their key managerial target, Philip Clemente – a more interesting name than I thought they were capable of appointing – “doesn’t do recruitment” is highly interesting as well. Because not a single person at Ibrox outside of the coaching team knows the first thing about spotting footballers, and if this guy doesn’t do it then who exactly is it who’ll be handling this so-called “rebuild 2.0” on their behalf?

Celtic’s stability comes from having a coherent system. It might not be a system everyone approves of – even the manager must get frustrated with it – but they are now talking about bringing in a manager and stripping away from him any say in who signs players? And this before they have someone inside the club who can? Madness.

And all of this increases the risk they are taking. Instead of one rushed appointment, are they on the brink of actually making two? Of bringing in a director of football/sporting director at the same time as a manager? Are people expected to believe that was the plan just 10 days ago? This is a club more and more which is making it up as it goes along.

Celtic fans should be watching all of it with great interest and even amusement. That club has no idea at all what it is doing. There’s no obvious long-term strategy here, just a short term panic which is going to end disastrously.

You can see the signs already.

What they are proposing is to bring a continental style management setup to Scotland; it’s bold, I’ll give them that.

But with their scouting department cuts, their reliance on analytics only (a system, by the way, which isn’t near to be up and running and will take time to perfect) and the manager being told what his needs are rather than choosing them for himself it’s not hard to see how this is going to go.

I hope this is really what they’re doing. It sounds ridiculous. What’s absolutely certain though is that Rebuild 2.0 is going to be done in a hurry, with limited scouting and on the cheap.

Just what you need when you are guaranteeing an incoming box a four year deal to be paid up in full if you sack him, at a club where the shelf life of a manager is measured in months.

What could possibly go wrong there, eah?

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  • Col says:

    I’ve heard the tub of lard has retired from showbiz and is looking at sports management for his new adventure/ journey

  • Bob (original) says:

    Everybody knows that sevco hasn’t got much cash,

    and even if they want to, they can’t bring in a lot of new players in January,

    when they are more skint than usual – waiting for that ST renewals money.

    As for this Clemente chap: I’d never heard of him before this week.

    He might be a decent manager – who just got unlucky at Monaco with a 51% win ratio? –

    and he might not be interested in ‘buying players’,

    but he has one big drawback for the bears:

    he’s Belgian.

    Perhaps like the French Paul Le Guen perhaps before him: he might not fit in at ibrox?

    Clemente ‘just won’t get’ the ibrox club…especially if results are not immediately


    And the bears are much more likely to have patience with an ex-player, or someone

    who they believe ‘understands what sevco is all about’… 🙁

    Still think it’s McInnes, or Davies or then Martindale.

  • john mc guire says:

    funny how we have always been told they have no money ,,, just go back to slippy G and the money they never had ,well he spent about £ 200 hundred million , so they always seem to have money lets not go down with the aye they are skint .

    • Stevie Welsh says:

      Glad you posted this. Fed up reading that Sevco are skint but they can sack 2 managers in 10 months with multi million pound payouts and make umpteen signings during the last transfer window. No doubt the next lamb to the slaughter manager will be given many millions for the next window as well. Skint my backside!!!

  • SSMPM says:

    Glad to be back talking about football again fella, if indeed we can say what’s going on across the city is about football.
    What I struggle with and wonder about is; if the rankers and Beale were reliant on and actually utilised analytics in the summer rebuild, how the hell did they sign who they did sign, particularly up front with the available statistics on them?
    Also it’s great to see the bigot club in such distress and mock, however it wasn’t that long ago we were in the same rebuild on a rebuild situation. Lennie part 2, PL’s project, spent a lot of wonga investing in the transfer market and retaining players prior to the failed TIAR season.
    Another rebuild was absolutely necessary when a certain AP came in and was thankfully successful, admittedly we had the money to spend that they don’t have which makes you wonder why didn’t we invest properly in the first place rather than spunk it up the wall. Oops forgot PL was ultimately the overseeing failure in the transfer market.
    Whilst not wanting to give them any advice really a CEO/Chairman should not be in charge of signings. The failure of that model is transparently obvious. C’mon a Hoops

  • John Copeland says:

    I was listening to a nice easy ditty from Harry Connick Jnr earlier and it’s one of those tunes that stays with you all day long ! It was It Had To Be Glue ….or something similar ! Quite appropriate for the occasion I was thinking to myself .

  • Johnno says:

    It remains as no surprise that scum cheerleaders still feed bullshit to the thick zombie.
    Finance within the game still dominates it, and supporters in general have a fair better understanding of how it actually works.
    Except if you remain a supporter of scum.
    Even ourselves remain a development club in term’s of finance within the flagship of European football of the CL.
    72M within the bank is nothing compared to the spending riches other CL club’s along with many others outside of CL can afford to spend on a yearly basis.
    Hence we have to develop players capable of playing at such a level, which in turn opens up the prospect of been taken from us.
    In turn it keeps a player trading model in place that the club still depends upon, even moreso when funds aren’t available for the lucrative TV deals that are in place elsewhere within European countries, allowing for bigger investments to be made within there own footballing leagues.
    Except for ourselves, Scottish teams have neither in place, with such a high dependency upon the loan and free market within the game.
    Get that recruitment badly wrong, especially to the degree the scum have, and the recovery is going to take years to resolve.
    The scum are currently looking for the biggest turd polisher in the history of the game.
    The Scottish media will dress the next unfortunate up as a magician, but in reality only a Tommy cooper cloan will be in place for the scum to drool over.
    Any dopey eejit that inherits such a heap of shite, still needs to bring his own pair of marigolds, as not enough money for a pair to be provided, to determine the shit from the shite within a playing squad on long contracts.
    No player trading model in place, and bet clubs couldn’t believe there luck when the moleman came knocking with a cheque book.
    No wonder they got so called players in as quickly as the pretend player couldn’t believe there luck either.
    The carnage the moleman has left will be felt for years to come, all without a pot to piss in either, as budgets are already reduced with trying to pay off failed managers still eating into the avaliable wage budget and added with even bigger heaps of shite stuck there for the long haul of misery for the scum and it’s cheerleaders.

  • BG says:

    Hello James. You are right. There is no strategy at Silly Hun Valley.
    The degree of intelect and realism even among the Ibrox propagandist like Chris Jack is that they want the next manager to deliver ’56’ and deliver it soon. So whoever takes the job is hiding to nothing.

  • Brian says:

    And pray tell!! What happened to the uefa financial fair play list that they are supposedly on. Or does that depend on what they actually spend, or are uefa the cowards that I believe they are. I guess time will tell.

  • Roonsa says:

    One of the many, many, many problems facing that shower of bastards is that managers all over the World will be flashing their knickers at them because they see what Ange is (currently) doing with Spurs and they will be thinking “easy money, how hard can it be?”

    This Belgian bloke has apparently been guaranteed a full term payout on a 4 year deal. I mean, how fucking stupid do you need to be not to realise that is a recipe for disaster? Win, lose or draw: he’s onto a winner. The huns, on the other hand …..

    Hun pricks.

  • Patrick Cannon says:

    James with regards to their new analaltic scouting system I’m sure I read they have outsourced it and have signed up to some some company to do it for them, how do you think that’s work out? I think that’s why always follow the money

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