Ibrox Fans Latest Mad Fantasy Is That They Can Afford To Buy Sima From Brighton

Image for Ibrox Fans Latest Mad Fantasy Is That They Can Afford To Buy Sima From Brighton

The Ibrox fans are no strangers to mad fantasy or delusion, and we all know this. The latest is a beauty though. Their bloggers are demanding that the club gives Clement the money to buy Sima from Brighton when his current loan comes to an end.

There are two things to note here. The first is that he’s only had a couple of good games, and so this is obviously lunacy. The second is that they have no “right to buy” in the deal which means, amongst other things, that there’s no minimum release clause.

This is what one of their websites had to say about this mad idea. “ All Gers boss Clement can do is persuade the powers that be in Glasgow to get out the chequebook and pay the Seagulls whatever it takes to land the player on a permanent deal.”

Believe it or not, that is rampant on their forums at the moment, this demand – and no, it wasn’t a mistake that I used that word because that’s how it’s being framed – that their club spends a fortune on a front man when half their team needs radically rebuilt.

The idea is fantasy land stuff. Sima was signed by Brighton for an absolute fortune, and the better he does up here the more likely it is that they’ll either keep him or sell him on for a decent sum, a sum which will be vastly more than the Ibrox club can afford.

On the day after we release our glossy accounts, and reveal the full details of our vast financial strength, they are deluding themselves with the thought that they will be able to afford an EPL loanee who is the one guy amongst their new signings who is doing a decent job. (I ignore the stuff about their keeper; he’s a decent shot stopper, not a world beater.)

If their manager actually repeats this demand, they should hound him out of the club as soon as they can, because he’ll have shown himself up as a guy with no clue how to genuinely build a team.

Remember, he’s never signed players before, he’s never been responsible for putting a team together and at the moment there’s no-one at Ibrox to help him.

If the Ibrox board has told him he can do stuff like this they have lied to him. Blatantly. Obviously. But if he listens to their fans he might even believe that he can.

The “finance experts” who are on some of the Ibrox blogs only add to the problem with the nonsense they talk; one of them was on the other day saying that even if it’s a huge risk they need to give this guy as much money as he needs.

If your own financial advisor told you something like that I’m guessing you’d sack him. At Ibrox they hang on his every word.

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  • Bob (original) says:

    Yes, sevco should pay whatever it takes to get Sima onto a permanent deal, ASAP.

    To raise the finance, maybe the Blue Room could sell off future Season Ticket sales…?


    • robb bhoy says:

      lol didnt some other genius do that a while back surely it cant be repeated ?

    • robb bhoy says:

      jack butland aint as good a keeper as what they’d like to think yeah hes had a few good games but against psv he was terrible. I laugh at the thought he’s worth 10mil. that great that palace let him leave for free

  • Paul Mac says:

    The funny thing was after his first few matches they were labelling him a dud

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    They are an utter laughing stock as a support…

    They are ABSOLUTELY NOT a laughing stock as a support to their directors for sure –

    Well they are when it comes to season ticket renewal time year in year out !

  • robb bhoy says:

    its amazing how fickle fans can be esp them. a few weeks ago he was crap and they wanted him sent back to Brighton some even offering to drive him there. i really hope they blow a load of cash on him but Brighton aint gonna sell for less than 7mil

  • Roonsa says:

    Sima was signed on a 4 year deal in 2021. He’s with the chimps till the end of the season. So he’ll have a year left. Brighton will most likely sell at that point or extend his deal. He’s definitely not done enough to suggest he’s worthy of a new deal.

    I am glad that lot are building up their hopes again. When the season end comes and he goes skulling off somewhere less depressing than Ibrox (Hull or some other God forsaken shithole) then it will be another cherry on the Schadenfreude cake for us Tims.

    Mmmm. Schadenfreude cake. My favourite.

  • SSMPM says:

    I read or heard this the other day after Saturday’s game but certainly not on one of their forums and I’m sure the figure they were quoting was around £6/7m. I immediately disregarded it. As you said he had a purchase price, he’s a development player, and he’s at the midden for one reason; game time. It’s not within their power and totally up to Brighton and at that price Brighton, well known now for buy cheap sell massively high, wouldn’t even entertain a bid so low.
    The reasoning coupled with it was that their ‘world class’ keeper, as was laughably stated, was attracting interest from Rooney and was interested in a move to the Brummies. He’s certainly no stellar keeper but in fairness no bag of shite either. Anyway the word apparently coming out of the midden was that they had set a price of a minimum of £6/7m if Rooney really was serious about a bid. They simply forgot that just a few seconds earlier they had said he was world class.
    The guff that comes out of their fans and fanzine media not only shows that they now not only think that they run the club but that they also have good footballing insight and the brains of a financial genius. They may not have clout but they are a bunch of fannies. HH.

  • robb bhoy says:

    the fun never stops over there does it. its amazing how a new manager and a couple of goals changes everything

  • Tony B says:

    It’s more likely to be Senga from Brigton than Sima from Brighton.

    Dumbass huns. Wit they like?

  • Michael Clark says:

    Even if they could splash out the money required to sign this guy, there’s another 10 positions in the team that needs looking at. The problem is their desperate, they trail Celtic by 7 points and Celtic will only get even stronger in the January window and they know it. Its tearing them apart but as the saying goes at McDonald’s ( I’m loving it)

  • Steven Thomson says:

    The whole thing surrounding this Mickey Mouse operation is that some of there fans live so far in the past and that they don’t want to repeat history because that doesn’t read well and plus there board don’t know how to run a football club as shown by there previous appointment.

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