The Difference Between Watching Celtic And Our Rivals Right Now Is Like Day And Night.

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Coming in from the game the other night, my old man was pretty pissed off at us having nothing but another hard luck story.

He was so unimpressed that he didn’t think that’d we’d played well at all. I know what he means.

I have felt that way after games we’ve narrowly lost and need distance and time to gain perspective. He watched it yesterday morning and had a different take on the display; he wasn’t overjoyed or anything but he saw how good a lot of it was.

Last night we sat and watched the game in Cyprus with much merriment and laughter, and it was then that the full quality of our performance from Wednesday was most apparent, to both of us.

Because the gulf between the way we play and the way they do has never been as obvious as it is right now, and this before Brendan Rodgers has fully gelled this team.

We looked a different beast from them under Ange, of course, and we are not as dynamic as we were under the Aussie, not yet. But the regression in their team, from the new signings, is staggering, absolutely staggering.

Did Kent, Kamara, Sakala and Morelos and guys like that really give them so much more than this?

I always slated Kent but he’s a world beater compared to what they have right now. Kamara is head and shoulders better than the likes of Lundstram; that is an imposter, a guy pretending to be a player and who has somehow got away with it for years. And I thought Sakala was a very dangerous player and in the right team would have offered plenty.

Their replacements, that whole team, is appalling to watch.

Now, The Mooch was never a great manager.

I always found his football ideas to be amateurish and simplistic but God, this is much, much worse. Their long ball game has been figured out so readily that they look vulnerable against everyone. That defence, which was screaming out for reinforcements, has been so badly neglected it makes a junkies garden look well maintained.

They were dire last night, easily the worst I’ve seen them.

So many players in that team are simply nowhere near any standard which would even get into our squad. So many of them are a year older and slower and unable to do what they’ve done previously.

Others have quite plainly chucked it. There are so many weaknesses in that team that any new manager will be spoiled for choice as to where to start the rebuild, if indeed there’s money to do one.

We are a young, vibrant team who play possession football. Careful. Precise.

What I enjoyed most about these last few games, and even the win at Motherwell, was that we kept on doing that, we didn’t resort to long punts or hit and hope. We probed, we moved, we harried. The sophistication of our approach stands in complete contrast to their style; the football of the ash pitch or the public park. The antithesis of the Beautiful Game.

I cannot recall a time when the gap between their team and ours was this big.

If we get this lot at Celtic Park before there has been a dramatic improvement in their standards, and we’re even close to our best, we will give them a beating that leaves scars to last a lifetime.

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  • Paul Mac says:

    And how they laughed when they signed those superstars and how we signed a player they had rejected (Palma).
    How we were after Cifuentes last season but couldn´t get it over the line … ahh how they laughed!!!
    Am currently in China where the internet access is limited to say the least, and having a wee chuckle reading their forums, where its doom and gloom and so many are talking about chucking in the towel as its bad for their mental health !! (Not slagging anyone with mental health issues !!)
    Ahh its great to be a Tim … Jelly and Ice Cream when Sevco die !!!

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    As a Hoops fan who saw SIX trophyless years from 1989-1995 it truly is indeed a fantastic time to be a Hoops fan for sure…

    I don’t know who or if anyone can get a tune outta that Sevco team before the next Glasgow Derby –

    They cannot ‘buy’ their way out of their mess as the transfer window has slammed shut…

    I like the transfer window as it stops the likes of Sevco ‘purchasing’ their way outta trouble –

    They truly are a mystery club that somehow find ‘cash’ one way or another…

    I hope we put double figures past Butland in The Hogmanay Hammering !

  • scousebhoy says:

    the magic hats team there was some gap then i remember.

  • Captain Swing says:

    “Language, Timothy!” – we don’t call the people who neglect their gardens ‘junkies’ anymore as it stigmatises them, they’re now ‘people with addiction issues’, or my own personal favourite, ‘long-term heroin enthusiasts’. Although ‘people who neglect their garden’ is actually pretty decent too, come to think of it…..

  • John S says:

    It has been thus since 2012, only hidden behind the Wizard’s curtain. Reality beckons.

  • Johnno says:

    Agreed James upon how amusing it is to watch the displays from the scum at present.
    Never actually watched so much of them as the sight and sound of the booing is just comedy gold, and the reactions afterwards are just priceless.
    The cuts the zombies are getting will run deep and the scars left will be there for years, even if they ever heal whatsoever.
    Even the fat monster munching eejit knows the problem with the recruitment of players is at crisis point with it being so shockingly bad, to add to the dad’s army of a defensive line.
    Will cost the scum millions to resolve, and without a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out either.
    We know already how much it costs to resolve, but we still had value within the squad, the scum can’t make the same claim.
    The money squandered by lenny and lawwell was horrendous and costing the club millions in lost revenue, which was meant to lead to a period of scum dominance, yet we still had enough left within the squad to mount a recovery from such a shambles.
    The scum haven’t, and even moreso with such shite given long contracts.
    Allowing the moleman to inflict the damage caused to the scum will be felt for years I would say, with how much finance holds within the footballing world.
    All I worry about is how this comedy show with the scum, might impact ourselves, especially with lawwell back within the building?
    He may have bit us once, but he better think again if he thinks he is going to bite us again?
    Regardless of what goes on with the scum, the eye for myself anyway, will still be upon lawwell over the next 2 transfer windows?

  • Roonsa says:

    It is funny to laugh at that lot and I will never tire from doing that.

    As for us, I dunno. As much as you are right about us being so much better than them in all departments, the huns are setting a very low bar to measure ourselves against.

    I still cannot get over that Summer transfer window. Sorry to put such a downer on things. It was bad enough losing Ange. When Brendan came in I was happy to an extent. I thought here we go – something is afoot here, he’s been given reassurances.

    Sadly it was not to seems the board are happy to have money in the bank and remain above the hunsi n the food chain. That is the level of their ambition. The hun shitshow is their shield.

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