Tom Rogic Was A Celtic Legend. This Community Wishes Him Nothing But The Best.

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The football playing career of Tom Rogic is over.

For now, or permanently? That’s up to him and whilst I wouldn’t be shocked if he decided, in a year, that he wanted to play again I don’t think he will. He’s been out of the game for a while now and we all realised that he must have a lot going on in the background.

That has now been confirmed.

As sad as we are as football fans to see this brilliant footballer hang up his boots for what is almost certainly the last time, the mood amongst our supporters today is more one of celebration than despondency. The gratitude we all feel for what he did at our club is being fully expressed across all of Celtic cyberspace. It’s wonderful.

Tom Rogic is just such a hero to all of us.

His iconic goals, across his time at the club, have been replayed and discussed and shared everywhere. He scored in big, big games. He had that ability to change a match with a single swing of his boot.

We were all gutted when he left, but I think we all assumed that he was doing it to meet new challenges and we’d see plenty more of his football career. Instead, it took him a while even to join a new club and he quickly left. Again, we all expected that he would sign for someone else and we’d be able to follow his career from afar.

Cause he’s young. 30 years old? Very few players are ready to call it quits with good years still in front of him, and he could play well into his third decade if he chose to.

But it speaks volumes for Tom that he has opted to be there to support his family instead, and to focus on that. That’s a good man. That’s the person we all sensed was there behind the footballer.

Every single one of us wishes him well. Every single one of us is glad for him and for his family.

All of it is tinged with regret that he’s probably not going to play again.

But Tom Rogic earned the tag “legend” and he will forever be welcome at Celtic Park, and anywhere that our fans can be found. I loved watching him. He got us, and he paid back that modest transfer fee we paid for him in spades.

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  • John Copeland says:

    I beg to differ with you on this one ! Tom Rogic was not a Celtic legend ,,, he IS a Celtic legend , in the present tense !

  • John says:

    Such a brilliant footballer and a truly great great guy. I will always cherish the memory of his last ditch winder in the cup final but he brought so much to our club. Best wishes to Tom and his family. H.H

  • John L says:

    Scott Brown said. You couldn’t take the ball off him in a phone box. Good Wishes Tom. Enough Said.

  • Frank Rafferty says:

    I am glad that an intensely private man like Tom Rogic has decided to share the reasoning for his decision to retire from professional football at such a relatively early age. I am delighted that he and his wife have come through such personal difficulties & wish them & their “growing family” all the best for the future. It is the sign of a real man to put such personal decisions first and act out of love for family first over prolonging a professional career that is the envy of most of us. Congrats Tom. Love to you & yours from all the Celtic family.

  • David Rigby says:

    Class act on and off the pitch

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Magnificent player, Magnificent lad by all accounts… Delighted by his good family news that he’s shared with us !

  • Henriksgoldenboot says:

    He came to us from the other side of the globe, a boy, who turned into an amazing man, and a wonderful player.

    People forget he had half of Europe’s biggest clubs after his signature, and he could have picked to play anywhere he’s THAT good, but he knew his heart was happy in the hoops. It was a blessing we were able to see him play. It was a privilege to watch him become a legend! Hail Hail Tam, yer some man!

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