Celtic Has An Opportunity Here As Ibrox Waits To See If Its Game Goes Ahead.

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The match tonight between Celtic and St Mirren is obviously important to win regardless of what happens elsewhere, but there’s been a new wrinkle this afternoon with the authorities in the north of Scotland checking to see if the game between Dundee and the club from Ibrox can go ahead as storms continue to lash that part of the country.

Dundee are confident that it will. At the moment. But looking out the window, even here in Glasgow, I think there’s a very good chance that it won’t.

If that game is called off they will have a slight advantage going into the Hearts game at the weekend. A slight one. A few days extra rest for weary legs and dodging a tricky away tie. I can understand why some of their supporters might welcome that.

But it’s dangerous for them just the same; this will be the second league game they’ve needed to reschedule for some as yet unspecified date. So our game tonight could enable us to go eight clear.

At the weekend, as they are playing in the cup whilst we’re in the league at Ross County, we might be able to go eleven clear … a huge psychological advantage.

Think on it this way; if we were that far behind, watching that teams of theirs, going into that tricky run of away games, how confident would we be of clawing that deficit back? At this point in the campaign, every single element comes in to play and this is one that hands us an advantage which simply could not be passed up.

So, I hope for their fixture to be called off tonight.

I hope it happens, because the opportunity to move 11 ahead of them and put the pressure on them to catch up is too good to want to sacrifice just to see Hearts with an extra 1% chance of winning at Hampden, which Naismith seems to be incapable of masterminding no matter what hand fate deals him.

I simply don’t believe that they will cope with that kind of pressure. I think they’d fold the hand after the first dropped points, and wind up in freefall.

So stay tuned for that one and keep your fingers crossed.

This, tonight, could be big and the most important development might not even happen on the pitch.

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  • Thomas M Daley says:

    Double figures ahead, lovely present.


    Have to deal with St Mirren first.
    Lousy night. Wind, rain and greasy pitch against a Club that has
    Pulled out the stops against us of late.
    They are well schooled.
    Tonight is no formality.

  • Effarr says:

    Celtic still need to earn those points too, so don’t count your chickens just yet.

  • Johnno says:

    Sorry James but the focus has to remain upon ourselves, and couldn’t care less about what the scum do.
    We will be playing 2 teams that there players stand to get nose bleeds if they even cross the half way line.
    Could even make a case for a good few occurring the same, even if they become adventurous enough to even leave there own penalty area?
    We have already struggled badly, and failed to score a goal against such an anti football approach on 3 occasions already, so hardly in a position to take such games as a guaranteed 3 points either.
    Still not totally convinced by Rodgers approach in such games either, especially with his use of the subs bench, with some very questionable decision making been made in such circumstances.
    We are going to facing the anti football approach on a more regular basis now, and still need to improve upon our own game in tackling the issue moreso, than looking at what the scum are up to imo.
    Get the wins required, helps to grow confidence in doing so in the right manner, and everything else will take care of itself with winning the league yet again imo.

  • Gary Burns says:

    The game is on

  • Bob (original) says:

    The SPFL has just rushed through a new rule today.

    In the event of a sevco away game being called off due to weather,

    the ibrox club is automatically awarded a 0-3 win.

    Apparently The Scottish Referees’ Association proposed this new rule.


  • Nick66 says:

    So James, I do agree with you’re the articles re Ultra behaviour. Tonight as I watch Celtic, I listen to Sevco delayed for travel. Then lo and behold stopped for “Pyro”.
    Question James, do you think- whether late KO at Dens- and also further delay re pyro at said Game are connected to Our Pyro problems are connected. I know you make salient points regarding “Ultra” behaviour so have Celtic, ln dealing with GB embarrassed others to respond?
    Look forward to your take on my take.

    • James Forrest says:

      Yeah there’s a trend towards this which I’m going to write about later today.

      I think that was the Ibrox ultras celebrating what they see as a victory … they were “rivals” to the GB and now they think they’re last man standing. In fact, what they’ve done last night is GUARANTEED a showdown in part with their own club and in larger part with the governing bodies, the police and the Scottish Government.

      As I said, I’ll do a longer article on it but that was shooting themselves in the foot BIG TIME last night.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    They (Sevco) have finally found momentum unfortunately…

    I think the Hearts game was pivotal to them going forward and Beaton has done his work (by not awarding Hearts the free kick with a minute to go) and even more so Muir finding the penalty despite a Lundstram block and an offside –

    See – These things matter and make a helluva difference on a massive scale…

    Celtic can do hee haw about that admittedly but they are not out of this title race by any stretch of the imagination –

    A vital win tonight for Celtic EVENTUALLY – it’s a really important one and a divided Celtic support is a massive massive weapon in The Sevco armoury fo sure…

    Hopefully that’s fixed out soon and also some practice on penalties and deliveries as well –

    Big game on Saturday once again and probably better that this one is being played away from Parkhead !

  • Johnny Green says:

    Ach well,their game did go ahead and they won it somewhat convincingly. Tavernier got his usual penalty in the process of course, but I suppose after missing one he could be doing with the additional practise.

    We won, that’s all that matters from now until the end of the season.

  • Johnny Green says:

    I meant to say also that the Celtic support were great last night, very vocal, and that without the aid of the Green Brigade, who needs them?

    We love them, but CFC will not, and should not, be held to ransom.

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