Online Expert Issues Damning Verdict On The Ibrox Accounts Compared To Celtic’s.

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Our media is so bad that more and more you have to rely on the bloggers for accurate information, and when it comes to the dismantling of lies and disinformation in terms of number crunching there are few people out there better than the person known as Swiss Ramble.

He has published his findings after going through the Ibrox accounts, and as always he provides a comparison with those of Celtic.

The results are not what their fans will want to read. In fact, they are devastating and it’s the kind of journalism which makes an absolute mockery of what is in the mainstream and that produces by rent-a-quotes like Neil Patey.

There are two sections of his short report which stand out a mile. The first one is this;

“(The Ibrox club’s) £4.1m loss after tax is actually the worst financial result in Scotland over the last two years, though many clubs have not yet published their 2022/23 accounts. In stark contrast, Celtic posted a £33m profit.”

This one is even worse for the mob across town.

“If we look at the results before tax, the difference is even larger, as (their) £3.1m loss is £43.8m worse than Celtic’s £40.7m profit, which in fairness is a record for Scotland.”

If you were an Ibrox fan, those headline stats would be keeping you up at night. A graph of the SPFL’s declared numbers puts Celtic at the top of the Financial Health table and Ibrox right at the bottom, and as the report makes clear their numbers only look as good as they are because they include more than £20 million in players sales.

The quality of information – the real information – on the Ibrox accounts which has been found across the blogosphere puts our mainstream media and the pro-Ibrox lickspittles to shame. As I wrote the other day, those numbers are a disaster for them when you strip aside all the artifice and spin, and no amount of bluff and bluster can hide that.

But when you read the forensic analysis elsewhere, it gives you a clear-cut picture of how lazy and ineffective the media is.

They could bring in real experts to give an honest accounting in a case like this, or they can print Ibrox’s PR bullshit … and that’s the option they take, and when so many of us are quoting the actual numbers, and people like this are doing the deep dive and offering a complete picture, it actually damages the mainstream media’s credibility.

That should matter to them. Why do you think it doesn’t?

Why don’t they care that people like Swiss Ramble can make them look utterly ridiculous by publishing the unvarnished truth and making them look like unwitting shills at best or at worst brazen liars?

Those figures are appalling. Swiss Ramble has laid it out in detail, along with those two stunning headline findings. They should have been the headlines on every mainstream article published on those numbers over the last few days.

We all know why they weren’t, but whose interests does that serve? The club is selling the fans the idea of a company in rude health.

Those fans badly want to believe it. And in believing it, they don’t understand that this cannot go on. The club knows that already because its directors won’t carry its debts indefinitely, none of them has the money for that.

All these people are in retreat from the truth, but that’s pointless and daft, because the truth is always going to catch up to them at some point and you get the distinct impression that it’s coming.

The revenue gap translates into more than just numbers on a page; this is real power, this is our ability to massively outspend them, and as I’ll discuss tomorrow that is going to have a real world impact over the next two or three years.

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  • Murph says:

    I’m fairly sure Lawwell’s Celtic will be looking at the accounts emanating from Ibrox. What’s the bets Celtic lose the league this season?

  • Pedro71 says:

    If perchance after sevco have finished their europa games, will they after calculations have been counted maybe enter administration, knowing in the Scottish league they can finish 2nd. ?

  • SSMPM says:

    Firstly, and to keep the hammer to their throats, we need to win the league this year and disbar them from the CL booty available next season, probably the one thing that could offer them that much needed lifeline to survival.
    If there’s spending to be done it probably needs to be in January to ensure that injuries are not the thing that enables them this opportunity. A striker of decent pedigree needs to be acquired as it seems likely, and I can’t really get my head around the reasons why, we’ve decided we’re not going to ask for SPL games to be postponed as is our rite, while some of our players are away playing in the Asia Cup in particular our attacking strengths.

  • Robert Allan says:

    To true & well done, I keep Trying to tell my Ranger pals that their club is in real shit, & sooner or later they will eventually be thrown out of the spfl or die, but they just say we were here before you, we will will never die.

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      You had Rangers pals until June 2012 Robert…

      And thereafter they became Sevco pals !

  • John S says:

    The financial safeguards at the Scottish game’s administrative level are invisible. Endemic incompetence ? Yes, but worse, far worse is that cheating is the chosen solution.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    “It damages the media’s credibility”

    What Bloody Credibility ?

    They haven’t had a shread of credibility since that cripple staggered in the doors at Liebrox…

    He told them what to write and they did and still do 12 years after he dumped them on a Whyte Poundland –

    The good thing is The Scottish Football Media are on life support now…

    Record sales down 18% and 12% of staff on the dole –

    Absolutely Beautiful Indeed !

    The day of reckoning is edging closer and closer…

    I cannot wait – It’ll be sublime and God willing I’ll be here to celebrate it with champagne and malt whisky !

  • William Melvin says:

    There’s few things l would love more than to see that mob go out of business……….for good this time but it ain’t gonna happen with Lawwell & Co stinking out the Celtic boardroom.
    It will come as no surprise to me if we have a “Willo Flood” type winter transfer window which somehow allows them to win the league and snatch the life saving champions league money from under our noses.
    This board of directors at Celtic Park have absolutely no intention of letting their beloved Old Firm Franchise going down the shitter and they will move heaven and earth to enable it to continue.
    Some may scoff at the very idea but it would not surprise me if it were to come to light sometime in the future that we had a slush fund expressly for diverting to the huns in their time of need.
    All it would need to achieve it would be some imaginative accounting and we all know what Lawwell’s first calling was.
    Get ready, not long to wait before the fix is in !!!

    • Scud Missile says:

      No joke intended but your bang on the money there our board would throw away the league to let sevco get all that champions league money to keep the old firm tag in place,one hand washes the other.
      The honest mistakes will see to that alright.
      And there will be a game this season when sevco will equal their tally of 4 penalties in one game,don’t be surprised to see being beat with 5 awarded in one game,after all it’s HONEST MISTAKES and these things even themselves out over the season.NOT!

  • DixieD says:

    After the 2012 liquidation the SFA deleted the rule that stipulated you start in the bottom tier after a liquidation event. I wonder why they did that?
    Ever get the feeling they’re racking up debt, safe in the knowledge they can liquidate, shed that debt, wipe the slate clean, with history and trophies in tact, and start again as the rangers iii in the premier league. Having gone through that humiliation once, and now not having to climb through the lower leagues, their club and fans have realised with an obedient media, liquidation’s actually not that bad!

  • Roonsa says:

    The Scottsh Media is a closed shop. Try getting on Clyde SSB to make this point. If you did manage to get past the “truth filter” who vets the incoming calls, you’d instantly be cut off then Keevins would start his nonsense about internet bloggers as if his “journalism” has a BSI Kitemark.

    The Daily Record stopped all comments on their sports stories. Partly because too many eejits were stinking up the joint with base insults but also because their “stories” were being picked apart by people who knew better.

    If we can’t even stoop to those desperate levels to get the word out there then a different approach is required. Sure we have the blogs but, brilliant as they are, they are not infiltrating the mainstream. That’s what needs to happen and I am not sure how that can happen until Celtic fans come together as one and send out a united message.

    No egos. No schisms. Just one mesaage.


  • Eldraco says:

    Worst comes to worse our club, Celtic, can always lend them the readies to keep going next year.

    Just saying.

  • Gary Macpherson says:

    Their results are bad, and then in comparison to ours they are dreadful. One item is their internal spend and they are investing big time in upgrading facilities – is this just drain r could it provide large future income stream to mitigate our stadium capacity advantage?

  • Arch Stanton says:

    You don’t really believe that the mainstream media has ANY credibility after telling the world the lie that Sevco is ‘the same club’ as Rangers ever day for the past eleven years, do you?

    What aspects do you think gives them credibility when they lie to us every day about a dead football club?

  • Hair On Your Breath says:

    ‘ All these people are in retreat from the truth, but that’s pointless and daft, because the truth is always going to catch up to them at some point and you get the distinct impression that it’s coming.’

    Oh, it’s coming alright, in fact it’s been right in yiur lap for years thanks to your most astute readers yet you chose to ignore it like the gullible wet behind the easts Wannabe Maibstrean

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