Sneering Ibrox Fan Site Should Learn To Shut It On Celtic And Aberdeen’s Euro Results.

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An Ibrox fan site last night gleefully mocked the records of both Aberdeen and Celtic in Europe this season, as their team is left needing a win against a Cypriot team at Ibrox in order to qualify for the Knockout Stages of the Europa League.

These swaggering conquerors think they have licence to criticise other clubs because they have a good chance of getting out of a pathetically weak European group.

These people have absolutely no sense of self-awareness at all. If they did they would not dare gloat or point, sniggering, at the rest of us.

Their own last foray into the Champions League Groups ended with the worst record in the history of the competition; we’ve already beaten their astonishing record of zero points, picked up only last season.

More than that though, they are responsible for the two of the most pitiful performances, in Europe, of any of our sides in this competition so far.

They were annihilated 5-1 in Holland by PSV, and that could have been much, much heavier a defeat. And in their current group they lost to Aris Limassol in the most spectacular unravelling of a Scottish team in Europe in decades.

Aris Limassol play their football in Cyprus. They are in Europe this season courtesy of the first league title in their entire history.

This is only their second time ever in continental competition. There are few precedents, even in Scottish football, for such a disastrous result.

Our own defeat the hands of the Lincoln Red Imps is one of the few to compare with it, although a much better comparison is the result Progres Niederkorn of Luxembourg secured against the Ibrox club during the laugh-a-minute tenure of Pedro Caixinha.

The club which has suffered easily the most humiliating reversal of all the Scottish clubs in Europe this season has no damned right to lecture any the rest of us, and especially not whilst that Champions League Group Stage record from last season, and the hammering at the hands of PSV in this one is still fresh in the collective memory.

Let me offer some context for what happened to us in Spain; the team we held 2-2 at home and could have beaten had, according to Forbes, a combined valuation of $1.5 billion. Their match-day income in the 2021-22 season, the last we have data for, was $445 million … that’s more than four times what Celtic will earn from the current campaign.

And we would certainly not have lost so heavily without the early sending off and the concession of that goal just before half time.

I’m not saying we were brilliant, but this lot have some brass neck to criticise Celtic whilst boasting such an horrific European record. Even their much vaunted “run” to the Europa League Final two years was built on the back of a mere seven wins in twenty-one games, a stat which I will repeat until the end of time.

I am already tired of these Peepul having a go at the rest of us.

The result of the night, in Europe, was Aberdeen getting something from PAOK who they had on the ropes at Pittodrie.

This is the team that blew Hearts out as if they were nothing, and so that’s a superb point from Barry Robson’s team, who haven’t been in Europe in ages … instead of giving them the credit they deserve the Ibrox fans are gloating about them being out of Europe and how they are carrying the flag.

They are the only club in Scotland’s whose entire support are spiteful haters of the rest of the game. It is pathetic. It is disgusting.

And it is idiotic coming from a club which isn’t that far removed from its own humiliating continental defeats.

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  • John Copeland says:

    Yeah , there’s a lot of snide innuendo and uninformed mocking going on all over the place this weather …isn’t there ? People who are as thick as 10 toilet doors attempting to be half morons instead of the full moron . Ignore them all ,truth will always out ……

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    The word ‘perspective’ doesnae exist wi them. As if beatin a mediocre lookin Europa Czech side, is compatible wi us gettin beat wi a top CL Atletico team. This is their mentality. Quick tae forget how very recently, they were given a massive reality slap when they stuck their hysterically, hyped up toe in the CL. At least, as bad as we are, we’re still no the worst ever CL team, so ah suppose that’s somethin. And btw, first GOOD EL team they come up against they’re out. That’s just an observation.

  • Tony B says:

    The Null Points……………. whit they like?

    Too dumb to be embarrassed about the worst CL record in the history of the competition.

  • Paul Mac says:

    Isn´t it funny that although not a great manager but the only club that Pedro Caixinha crashed and burned so spectacularly was with the mob at Ibrox. Yes the same has just won the manager of the month in Brazil, as his Red Bull Bragantino are battling (some would say) against the odds in the Brazillian championship and are 1 point off the top, which is a 3 way tie between Botofogo, Gremio and Palmeiras (3 of the classic Big clubs in Brazilian football). Added to the Mexican title that he won with our “sister” club Santos Laguna (remember the video that he did congratulating Celtic whilst he was there?) His exploits have been so remarkable that both Botofogo and Palmeiras are considering him for the job next season. Strange how a guy who lost it talking about coaches and barking dogs, who was in a bush arguing with his own fans .. has turned his coaching career round! … who knows maybe even Mickey the Mooch will return and have success in another club ??

  • Damian says:

    Respectfully, you are indulging in the same nonsense as they are. Yes, their CL group stage performance was the worst in the history of the tournament, but ours was something like the joint-fourth worst in the history of the tournament. A bit embarrassing to take anything from that.

    Yes they have a weak EL group, but we’ve been less than terrific in those before too, and you’d be hard pushed to pick a more favourable CL group than the one we are currently toiling in (Feyenoord are no great shakes, Lazio are visibly poor – poorer than the Lazio we faced a few seasons ago). We will almost certainly finish bottom. And finishing bottom is an effective binary.

    Either you engage with the idea that Celtic fans can criticise Rangers fans for anything at all, at any point, in which case it’s fair enough when the same comes back, or you don’t engage.

    There has never been a more important season for Celtic to win the league. If we don’t, our material advantage will likely disappear.

    • Kevan McKeown says:

      @ Damian. Sensible point and very true. Tho ah think the difference between them and us, from a ‘realistic’ point of view, is that (imo anyway), in general the Celtic support dae tend tae be more level headed, or rational, when it comes tae team performance or chances of success. Whereas the other side and their media in general, quickly indulge in borderline hysteria with hype and delusion at the slightest encouragement and it disnae take much.

      • Damian says:

        I get it and I agree with that. I think the thing we have in common is, sadly, a less than rational reading of the other side with matters like this.

        Rangers beating Sparta at home is not, in and of itself, terribly impressive (though I’d stop short of saying that making a European final isn’t, because it is).

        But, when they get pasted by Liverpool, say, we react very similarly. That’s fine. But no use getting upset if it comes back at you.

  • Stewart says:

    It will not last,,, they’ll be baying for blood before long wether in Europe but I suspect itl be at home, the new bounce they’ve found is the change at the helm, we know how terrible that side is,, even last nite the wobbles were there in last quarter of the game,,, no matter wot they or the press lackeys say otherwise,,, reverberating world off axis aye rite,,, loadsa shite

    • Kevan McKeown says:

      @ Stewart. Totally agree. The ‘wobbles’ havenae just been there last night either. As ah’ve already said, first GOOD Europa team they come up against they’re out. That’s just imo based on what ah’ve seen and the calibre of their opposition so far.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Sevco certainly do not do irony…

    But by fcuk they certainly do hypocrisy – and do hypocrisy in spades –

    They might not be laughing at Aberdeen come 17th December…

    But The Cheats with whistles, flags and monitors will probably see to it that they will be !

    • Stephen Singer says:

      Cheers guys great article. As a Dandie I know how yous and every other fan feels about the Sevco. They think they are a class above the rest. Spiteful as fuck. My brother is one of them and just the bitterness he has is disgusting. Hope we shut them up come 17th December.

  • John says:

    Ffs, Scottish treble, european league, super cup,
    Then world football domination with wealth beyond mere mortals comprehension all within this next year, their fans unbelievable fantasies, as what happened last year & years prior never happened, says it all about their mindset.

  • John L says:

    Let them keep up the coefficient and we will keep picking up the big BUCKS, poor demented souls lol

  • george lowe says:

    Why not just ignore it your only showing that it upsets you.cmon the bully wee

  • Graham Laurie says:

    It’ll come back to bite them on the arse soon enough James. They just can’t learn to BUTTON it. They’re also too thick to see the bigger picture that if Celtic DO exit Europe before Christmas as is increasingly likely, then we can concentrate on winning the league and bagging the £60 million prize money as we will play less games whereas they will be risking picking up more injuries with the extra Europa League games they will be involved in. I really hope they draw Aston Villa and John McGinn hits a HAT-TRICK against them at the Ibrokes Crumbledome.

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