The Maeda Injury Blow Is A Shocker. Celtic Is Going To Miss Him Very Badly Indeed.

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Oh man. Just what we didn’t need, an injury to Daezin Maeda and one that is going to keep him out for up to six weeks.

Did I inadvertently cause that? Have I jinxed the guy? Or is this another example of the New Contract Curse that keeps striking our club?

Either way, this is a disaster and I don’t use that word lightly.

We will miss him and there is no doubt about that at all. Maeda is crucial to how we play, and I was very much looking forward to seeing him open up Aberdeen this weekend before we headed out on the international break. To call this a blow is a savage understatement. We have a big problem now.

The Abada injury was shattering, because it so fundamentally changed how we play. Had he been fit I think you’d have seen Palma play behind the striker for a few games with Maeda on the other flank.

But if Abada’s injury has wrought changes to the plan, that’s nothing compared to what the loss of Maeda for this length of time does to us.

There is no nice way to put this, no spoonful of sugar to make this medicine go down. This is a nightmare. As usual the press thinks it’s only a blow relating to one game; what clowns these people are.

This is a bad one for us in every way, for every game to come, not just one and he has a chance of making that one anyway.

Everything about our style and system will change because of this.

We are looking at Yang getting an extended run but Forrest and Mikey Johnston will get their shot as well and before the complaints start, there’s no choice like having no damned choice. We aren’t short out wide.

Two of our best are out. We now need to fall back on the backups.

That’s what the backups are there for. Every team in the league would kill for backups as good as those two, full internationals with bags of talent.

But we’re in bother here and there’s no point in denying it. Maeda lays on goals, he scores goals and that’s not even the half of what he does.

We will miss this guy in so many, many ways.

Brendan is good. Now we’re going to need to see his Plan B.

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  • John Copeland says:

    In my opinion Daezin Maeda is the most honest ,decent and hardest grafter pro football player you will see in today’s modern game . The sending off against Atletico was a travesty of justice as he clearly tried to pull out of the tackle as he is so genuine . The look on Antoine Griezmann’s face in the picture as Maeda walks off ,tells it’s own story . He knew it was never a sending off tackle by our guy . Ridiculous ! Best wishes young Daezin ….

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Just what is it about Celtic Football Club and injuries these days…

    Are we truly cursed –

    Or do we just buy players that are made of fcukin glass…

    All we need is for Kyogo to collapse till February and return not to Celtic but The Asian Cup –

    As for Mikey Johnston taking his ‘chance’

    That will never happen – He has had chance after chance after chance and done fcuk all with them…

    Time after time after time, He has let Celtic (and therefore me and millions more) down…

    That’ll sure as night follows day happen again –

    I hope I’m wrong though…

    Please prove me wrong Micky Bhoy !

  • Johnno says:

    A big setback no doubt.
    But to date, our season has been full of setbacks from the very start.
    Yet we remain top with a 5 point cushion also.
    Of course it has had a huge impact upon our CL campaign also, with not being in a position to really overcome the problems that injuries bring to key players, especially with the 8 homegrown rule in play, which limits available options drastically for ourselves at such a high level.
    However, the Scottish league title still remains our main prize this season.
    On the plus side, Liam scales remains our best example of what can be achieved, when the unexpected opportunity presents itself?
    Maybe time is NOW for some to follow in the example set by Liam?
    Could Rodgers maybe tempted to possibly change formation with such an unexpected setback, especially with the games coming up, and so many key players missing currently in how the team is currently set up?
    Still believe the back 3 with Iwata sitting in front of them, could be a potential option available, with still plenty of firepower going forward, despite the key missing attacking options imo?
    Do we really need full backs within games in the SPFL where we dominant possession for such long periods, and even more so when Taylor hardly plays as a full back in such the majority of these games?
    Still believe our CB options are better ball players than our full backs currently in the team set up, and would allow Calmac to push higher up,where he can be more advantages to ourselves than sitting deeper, where he is currently been used imo.
    No doubt Rodgers faces some tough decisions as things are with injuries now.
    But won’t get to downbeat about the current situation either?
    Mainly because we have to start changing our own mindset of remaining so dependent upon such key players.
    This is the way the game is going, and will be enforced upon even more so next season, with the increasing number of intense games that the CL will bring about.
    Not ideal for the present for ourselves, but it will become something that we will have to learn to overcome in the future also?
    We still face a more fatigue team against the sheep, which will still require our extra quality to overcome the challenge faced.
    That is no real difference we face within any SPFL game, where we usually are the ones with the fatigue factor, especially with the intensity factor that the CL matches bring with them.
    Still remain confident that we will overcome the challenge Sunday brings with it?
    Not so sure in how we will overcome the challenge still, but opportunities available to stand up and be counted for some, and still believe that they remain good enough to do so also imo

  • SSMPM says:

    We’ve had a difficult time with injuries and Maeda’s is just another example of that. But so have have that lot across the city over a couple of years and we’ve obviously have had no sympathy for them and why should we. I’d argue that was probably the contributing factor to GVB’s early departure. If we don’t have enough cover, and we do, to beat the likes of Aberdeen at our home then that’s down to us.
    I see no reason why we can’t. HH

  • Bob (original) says:

    That’s a major disappointment about Maeda.

    Yes, he’s not always on his game, but he always puts in a shift.

    As for possibly an increased reliance on Jamesy and Mikey…

    I’m sorry but they shouldn’t be getting games,

    IF the club had been serious about making progress in Europe.

    The business model seems to be confirmed:

    ‘only invest just enough’, to win the league? 🙁

  • MW says:

    Mikey Johnston my oh my will never be any good to us, our captain missing in action for most of the season, Hatate out and the others you mention we are on our knees, I fear our lead will disappear very soon, Aberdeen could not come at a worse time.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Ffs horrible news for us and even better news for our rivals. This is when again, our weak bench becomes crucial and tbh, ah just don’t see us bein anywhere near as effective without Hetate and now Maeda. We have tae keep winnin and let the other lot feel the pressure of keepin up with us and this again, because of our failure tae strengthen properly, could have a big say in the league, startin on Sunday. Especially with some big games comin up between now and new year.

  • Chris says:

    Maybe Rocco Vata will make the squad and if he does then this could be his chance to show what he has got.

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