The Record Is Hilarious. It’s Not The Spanish Who Scorned Celtic’s New Magnificent 7.

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Last week, I laughed at a Daily Record headline about how several clubs in Spain had turned down Luis Palma.

How very dare they! How silly of them! The thing is, I do not remember a single one of their teams using its official fan media channels to deny that they were ever interested in the first place. That was a club much closer to home.

What astonishes me here is that when the Ibrox sites pushed the lie that their club was never seriously interested in Palma the media went right along with that as if they hadn’t spent literally weeks talking about that interest and promoting the guy.

Of all the signings we made in the summer his was the only name I knew in advance, and his stats were as familiar to me as those of any player at our club.

And how did I come by all this information? I would have researched it, as I do every signing we make, but I didn’t have to. The media right here in Scotland posted every bit of it when they were promoting this guy as an Ibrox signing.

They loved the idea; they promoted him as the most exciting of all their targets … and looking deeper into the guy I agreed that he had a serious pedigree and would have been a great one for them to have gotten. That’s why when they missed him, I was quite chuffed.

When we were linked with him I initially dismissed the story; it seemed too good to be true to me, because he was obviously a seriously good player and they had moved the Earth to try to get him to come to Scotland and he hadn’t seemed interested.

But when it became clear that the interest was real, I waited for the stories describing his talents and promoting him as the best player a Scottish club was likely to sign in the window … as they had been doing already when it was the other lot he was linked to.

Instead, we got Ibrox fan media outlets writing barefaced lies … and the media outlets which knew the truth didn’t contradict a single one of them! They ran with those lies and gave them credence!

That is mad to me. It is actually one of the most damning indictments of our media that I’ve come across. It’s pathetic.

They knowingly promoted a story they knew to be absolutely untrue and then they crossed their fingers and hoped that the guy would be a flop so that they could hang it around our neck and make the Ibrox club out to be smarter than us.

And the astonishing thing is, the Ibrox club did this at a point where the season had already started and there were already serious questions over the footballers who they had managed to sign.

That’s the definition of lunacy right there; their own signings were raising serious questions about the club transfer policy and their answer to that was to suggest that we were signing one of the players they had turned down … and they had to know how good he was.

Think about that. They had to know this guy was quality, their interest had been very real and they knew what we were getting … so how in God’s name did they ever expect that to fly? How did they ever expect to get away with that?

They saw that guy on the brink of signing for Celtic and all they had to do was say nothing … instead they chose the lunacy of the lie and the possibility of utter humiliation. That the hacks helped them spin it their way is all the more astonishing in light of his obvious talents and what they must have known themselves.

It is one of the most bizarre transfer sagas in recent history, and the more he produces for us the clearer it looks that their club has missed out on exactly the sort of player who not only would have worked wonders in their team but would have been a bankable asset and guaranteed mega-profit as well.

The scale of their failure here is enormous.

And last week The Daily Record suggested that it was clubs in Spain who had rejected him, as if that was of more interest than the actual story on their own doorstep.

I don’t know how we are supposed to take the media seriously when they do stuff like this. It insults our intelligence that they think they can do it and get away with it.

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  • Tam says:

    When CELTIC were linked with Gerrard Houlier the SMSM said we were trying to sign a french school teacher as manager… the very same people in the SMSM said Liverpool have signed the french football technical director……so this story does not surprise me

  • Jim says:

    I fantasise sometimes about what we would be like now if we had both Palma and Jota…

    I know Jota preferred the left but he was brilliant on either side. It would have been a mouth watering combination.

    Palma is getting better every week and looks an absolute superstar.

  • Dando says:

    Just think, they splashed out £3.5m for Lammers instead…..

  • John L says:

    It’s been a long long time since I took any of those clowns seriously lol . As I said ages ago Hartson mark 2 , I can see him putting them to the sword on a few occasions.

  • Tommy B says:

    Thanks very much for keeping us up to date,
    I would never have known about this story as I stopped buying the all papers about 12 years ago.
    I don’t know how any Celtic supporters would buy any papers as they are all the same with the their anti Celtic stuff, Keep up the good work.

    Tommy B.

  • Eldraco says:

    But they do get away with it and your surprised they chose the lie when the club is built on nothing but.

    The media must be scrutinized by independent fact checkers that exists here in Oz. Check the facts call em out.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    They well deserve themselves do Liebrox and The Scottish Football Media Lie-bronx !

    It’s getting worse and worse and worse it’ll get as well – Keep exposing them please James…

    Another thing the blogs exposed has come true as well –

    After their run to The Europa League Final the blogs exposed and rightly mocked the lies in The Daily Express about how Sevco ‘we’re gonna get’ £37 millions from that run and Jeez oh – How The Gullibilly klan lapped it up as the absolute ‘truth’ on Follow Follow or should that be Swallow Swallow as they truly Swallow anything they read in the vomit rags for sure…

    I wonder how they feel today when the £17 million that you said was reaveled in their ‘accounts’ yesterday for that said run to the final –

    They will probably just shrug their shoulders in indifference and go with the undoubted media narrative that things are brilliant and going in the right direction…

    Like I say These Gullibilly Gullibears of Liebrox and The Scottish Football Media Lie-bronx ranch truly deserve each other until Sevco kicks the bucket !

  • Johnno says:

    When the scum cheerleaders within the media try so hard to try and protect the survival lie, then it remains within the DNA of all gormless thick scum cheerleaders to promote the lies and dismissal of the truth.
    Palma has already become a player that the scum can only look upon with pure envy?
    Wait for the anger to unfold when he shows up Tavpen for the pile of shite as a defender he remains?
    Let’s not forget that Maeda and Abada were possibly first choice wide men in mind for Rodgers originally, just wondering is that now the case?
    For a young player to settle in so quickly, and be able to bring in such a high level of quality, only means that there is something very special about him imo.
    To have the potential of the quality in both wide areas developing, and still yet to be applied in game time as of yet, is only a prospect that every full back in Scottish football must be dreading, at the prospect of all 4 becoming available?
    Our play under Ange depended upon us having good options available in the wide areas to work to devastating affect?
    Still it didn’t seem to work as well with Jota on the right with Maeda on the left imo.
    Still good enough to land a treble all the same.
    Yet has the balance been improved now in the wider areas?
    Starting to really believe so, with Palma suited more so on the left, Abada more suited to the right, and Maeda can play both, and think yang may also have that option within his locker yet?
    OH starting to come into a bit of form also, and that sublime pick out by Palma for OH was one of pure quality and beauty, that hopefully OH maybe able to thrive upon also.
    We needed to get that extra quality needed in the wider areas as the best way to unlock these anti football, sitting deep defensive set up, believe that we are finally starting to see great options and solutions in doing so imo.

  • SSMPM says:

    To what low point has their readership got to go down too before they can’t survive any longer?
    I used to think this country was famous for its production of literary geniuses that could transform magical pen on paper. Sadly now it’s like bog paper, so full o’ shite.
    In the same way as the dross produced nowadays can’t acknowledge a good player for us, they can’t admit a bad one for them. I’m glad we’re having an international break just for some peace and though I don’t even read them I have to listen to their foot-soldiers going on about “did you see that article today…and it wouldn’t be in the paper if it wasn’t true”. Dumb as feck that lot. HH

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