The Village Idiot Spews His Bile As Celtic Smash Aberdeen To Maintain Our Lead.

Image for The Village Idiot Spews His Bile As Celtic Smash Aberdeen To Maintain Our Lead.

Whenever Celtic wins big, there is always some excuse from somewhere, so I’m not in the least bit surprised that somebody in the commentariat is trying to find something to say other than that Celtic were just brilliant today.

I am even less surprised that the criticism comes from The Village Idiot himself, in a spectacular rant that is off the charts.

The only thing more pleasurable than watching Celtic rack up a big win is knowing that certain people will not be able to contain their frustration.

The Village Idiot’s self-detonation was especially hilarious as he has spent the last few days telling us what a tough and disciplined Aberdeen side this is, including contrasting their European displays with ours.

And now they are mentally weak, inept and not trying a leg.

Of course. Of course, they didn’t try a leg, because they only do that against the team from Ibrox, don’t they?

I mean, this is the age-old conspiracy theory, flatly contradicted, by the way, by the facts. He is just like that other shameless professional Celtic hater who was spewing his bile in one of the papers today; that eejit has Ibrox winning a quadruple and Rodgers on the dole.

The problem with that “assessment” is that it’s not based on any rational examination of where our club is at. It’s based on a vindictiveness and hatred of this club which borders on psychopathy.

There was a time when you needed to be able to maintain professionalism and a neutral detachment if you worked in the media; I think of the top guys in England and I couldn’t tell you who they support. In Scotland, that requirement long since went by the boards.

And so you get people like him and The Village Idiot, spewing their bile, in some cases to a particularly hilarious degree.

Seeing The Village Idiot’s face tripping him at full time, and hearing him suggest that the Ibrox club will face a tougher challenge because Aberdeen only ever tries against them is just beautiful after your team has won 6-0.

I love that we can still have that impact on these people. That after years of ownage and inflicting enormous emotional damage on them that they still hurt like this when we exceed their expectations and put on a show.

It’s glorious, friends. Glorious.

I’ll talk more about the game itself tomorrow.

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  • Frank Curran says:

    Employing the village idiot does sky TV great reputational damage. It astounds me that they cannot see this.

  • John Copeland says:

    I hope you have noticed that there is a new catchphrase in Scottish football ? It used to be ‘ penalty for Rangers ! ‘ Now it’s’2 penalties for Rangers !’

    • James Forrest says:

      John, that’s exactly the subject of the first article for the morning.

      Yeah, it’s being said everywhere. That’s how fucking bad this has got.

  • John L says:

    The village idiot and the idiot looking for a village can’t admit that, if they leave a diver on the bench(cantwell) they have another cheating Bastard on the field McCausland. How he was not booked for diving is beyond everybody except MIB,s that rule over our football. We now give them 2 penalties on a regular basis. How sickening. James, I am sure you will address everything else that went on tomorrow, I look forward to that. Get well soon.

  • Dora says:

    That was some reaction today, Celtic were a joy to watch and Sooo many top performers.
    Yang & Palma were Brillo today and Oh getting late goals…exactly what we needed-bodes well for the pre Christmas run of games with confidence sky high!!
    Merry Christmas all & Fk a huns!!

  • BobL says:

    I watch gillette soccer saturday where Kris Boyd gets a regular slot, James. Also on live sky tv games. He once used to combine decent punditry with humour, but in the past few months he actually looks stressed and almost a disturbed soul. I honestly feel sorry for the guy, something not quite right there.

  • Eddie Marzella says:

    I totally agree !
    I’ve never understood why a massive media co like SKY would employ an idiot like KB , his bitterness is embarrassing and that rant today tops them all .
    Even his Co-pundits can’t take him seriously

    Having said that , I watched sky soccer Saturday and Paul Merson is totally out of his depth , he looks like a guy that just wants the final whistle to go so he can get his wages and go !

  • John says:

    The village idiot ?, that covers most of them !

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Ye can just sense the palpable, ragin disappointment and frustration. Their huge problem, is that we keep winnin against teams that they’re confident will take points from us and there’s absolutely fk all they can dae about it, if we continue doin it. Amazin how, accordin tae the media, it’s them that’s keepin the ‘pressure’ on us and nae consideration that it’s actually us pressurin THEM tae keep up. Not a mention about that. Halfwit boyd’s spewin reaction is pure gold, the hurt is strong there and that’s even better.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    A great win and one that is very welcome indeed !

    Not sure as always what The Villige Idiot is on about Aberdeen not trying against Celtic…

    They lost that league decider in 1991 at Liebrox and never won again for over A QUARTER OF A CENTURY –

    They won plenty times at Parkhead in that time – I know as I was at a few of these losses…

    More Lies from a Liebrox fan and from Lie Sports –

    Quelled Surprise – Not !

  • Damian says:

    Which of the English pundits can you not tell who they support? They all seem pretty transparently loyal to their dominant former clubs to me (at least, the English ones do).

    Excellent performance from Celtic today. Palma was rightly MOTM, for me, but strong performances all round.

    Aberdeen did look visibly knackered in the latter stages – and having played in Greece on Thursday, that’s about right. It was always a case of whether Celtic could capitalise on that advantage, and they sure did.

  • Stewart says:

    Boyed is all that you say and more,, but he’s not that detached to know his team is looking down a barrel of a gun at the moment,,al the crap that the likes of himself and others trying to keep the illusion that the ranjurs are playing sublime style of football as they did today(no laughing) are in big trouble,,I will be disappointed if we’re not high double digest points ahead going into last quarter of season,,, they are that bad

  • Scud Missile says:

    Lol the village and his auld da that attempts to write articles at the daily sevco are an absolute scream to watch to listen and to read.
    They remind of the 2 characters that the great Roy Kinnear and the wonderful Dick Emery played comedy sketches from Emery’s show back in the 70s and 80s,were they played out father son getting it wrong in everything they tried in the sketches.
    The famous catchphrase in the sketches was,dad a think I got it wrong again dad,that’s village idiot and Spew Heevins in a nutshell.

  • Johnno says:

    Think it’s fair to say that the fat horrible stinking Hun bastard, possibly had a wet dream last night at the excitement of having his anti Celtic day with Sky.
    But all the eejit ended up was with his nappy full of shite as he left paradise.
    We certainly never read the script to his liking, not as if that thick fuck could either, so nothing left but a bit of sheep slagging for himself to thrive upon?

  • Effarr says:

    “In Scotland, that requirement long since went by the boards”. Scottish sports journalists were always anti-celtic and pro-R4ngers, as they were called in past days. I remember Cameron,
    Rex of the Sunday Mail, Waverley, Hugh Gallagher, Jack Harkness and even Willie Waddell and they were all bigots of the highest order. There was even one who had a son who played centre half for Celtic and he was no better. Not one any better than they are now. The only thing missing in those days were ex-Celtic players crawling on their hands and knees to get a wee pat on the head.

  • Andrew Lamb says:

    Calling him the village idiot is an injustice to village idiots everywhere.

  • Johnny Green says:

    A great song comes to mind……’The tears of a clown’

  • Frank Carroll says:

    Refer to Clive Lindsay match report for BBC, Celtic v Aberdeen.

    In the introductory headline he refers to ‘…acquiescent Aberdeen …’ but obviously thinks.this is showing his feelings too much and changes this in the body of his article to ‘…dismal Aberdeen…’.

    Oh how they are hurting.

  • Frankie says:

    I thought his hessian backed carpet sewn into his heid was going to go on fire with his rage, maybe sky should make an appointment with a doctor to talk to him about his insecurities.

  • FifeT says:

    Based on the village idiot’s reasoning, he must tried harder against aberdeen than Celtic… judged by goals scored or not as the case may be against each side…..

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