The Italian Media Has Confirmed That Celtic Have Made Contact For A Striker Target.

Image for The Italian Media Has Confirmed That Celtic Have Made Contact For A Striker Target.

The Italian media has suggested that Celtic has made its first move for Sydney Van Hooijdonk of Bologna.

It is unclear whether or not we made the move over the summer or whether we’ve made it in advance of the January window, but it hardly matters when you consider that we’re actively targeting a player in that area of the pitch and he’s now obviously on the list.

Van Hooijdonk is exactly the sort of player we need.

He is physically strong. He is aggressive. He has already been capped at the Under 23 level for the Dutch. He’s scored goals in Holland and Italy, and he’s still only 23. He has the perfect pedigree, and his dad, of course, is big Pierre who was an excellent Celtic striker who scored plenty for us.

At his age, and with the goals he’s already scored, I think he’s a better long term bet than Shankland.

Reports that he would be available for just £4 million put him comfortably in our price range, and when you think about it – a Dutch Under 23, at that age, with his profile and physicality – that’s the steal of the century if we can get him banging them away.

Because the re-sale value of a guy like that, in the right age bracket and with the imposing characteristics clubs in England look for, could be through the roof.

Shankland is 28, which means you’d be getting him in his prime, whatever that means … but there’s no room for improvement and if the deal doesn’t work out you’ve lost what you put in.

This story is believable because no part of it doesn’t make sense.

He comes with a famous name, he ticks the football boxes and he wouldn’t cost the earth. So yeah, whether it was a move we thought about in the summer, or something we’re only now turning our full attention to it seems clear that this is a player on our list. And that pleases me.

This is exactly the kind of deal we should be pursuing.

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  • Scud Missile says:

    Off topic here but going back to sevco and their financial difficulties with the FAKE NEWS accounts,it’s funny how all things quiet on the Souness front,and that must surely be the BAW BURST now on the FAKE NEWS on the stadium being extended,not that it was a goer in the first place.

  • Scud Missile says:

    McCausland to extend sevco contract to stop Brentford getting him for a few nickels&dimes,sevco to then sell McCausland to Brentford for £40 million.

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      Sevco to sell McCausland to Brentford for £40 million…

      Careful now Scud – The Daily Record will be on the phone desperate to offer you a job with these ascertations –

      Though I did have a wee smile at the sarcasm !!!

  • Johnno says:

    Think if any truth in these reports, then a potential loan along with the option to buy might be the best outcome in this potential deal imo.
    Could bring an extra dimension to our attacking options, which can’t be a bad thing either.
    Already seen Rodgers trying to use both kyogo and Oh at times to drop deeper in linking up better in the build up play, yet both more suited to playing off the shoulder of the last defender still, as not really there game as such imo.
    Having a better areal threat is always welcome against the anti football teams who sit so deep, and potentially more opportunities could arise from the 2nd balls within the area, with being able to be cleared far to easy without that physical presence within the area?
    Adding extra options in an attacking sense for ourselves would be a decent option to look into I believe, as still think kyogo and Oh would actually thrive better with working off a strong focal striker also imo.
    Might bring about a possible change in formation also, which again wouldn’t be a bad option to have within certain matches either imo

  • jrm63 says:

    What’s his goal-scoring record? Is it as good as Shankland’s? I have no idea.

  • SSMPM says:

    I like the sound of and prefer going after Hooijdonk rather than settling for Shanklin, that may be what the rankers end up doing though. If they can find the wonga then no doubt he’ll score a few but who then of their very many strikers would be their no. 1 or even 2 if that’s how they chose to set up.
    Personally I think big Syd sounds like he’s got the promise of further development to come and knows, via father dear, of our progressive approach and history. He may even be a fan. Only worry is he’s not getting much game time now and with Kyogo, and the improving Oh that may be the position he finds himself in again. His dad had attitude though and hopefully it’s in his DNA.
    I’d be very interested in say a year or so, should Kyogo even move on, how a more complete Oh and big Syd would do as as an attacking 2 big and robust forwards. HH

  • Paddybhoy67 says:

    Nice photo up top, James. Is it from a testimonial?

  • Bunter says:

    Pierre’s son over the slow and slightly plump lad who plays for Hearts? No contest! Get yourself to paradise Syd.

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