All Around Celtic, The Ibrox Penalty Scam Is Hurting Clubs And We’re Next.

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If you’ve followed the news from around the game today you already know that there was another penalty incident at Motherwell where the Ibrox club got away with one. Actually, I thought they got away with two. But the Motherwell manager was particularly incensed about the second, where Dessers pulls back a player who is almost through on the keeper.

In any other country that’s a penalty. Bottom line. It is not even up for debate. Not a single person in the commentariat that I’m aware of does not agree that it’s a shocker. Not only did the ref not give it but VAR didn’t bother to call him over for another look.

Of course, they didn’t. Ibrox is heading for two full seasons without conceding a spot kick in the league and there has been all sorts said on that subject but nothing has actually been done about it. What do we want done? We want officials held to account and for the media to ask questions. They don’t. They won’t. They are gutless and the clubs are toothless. All it would take is for one chairman to actually talk about this and call it out for what it is; highly suspect.

There is one run that I know of like it, and Alan Morrison brought this up in the Graham Spiers podcast earlier in the month; that of Barcelona who went on a run that has lasted even longer than the Ibrox club is on now. Theirs lasted 79 games, and they complained bitterly about the decision being “highly contentious” when they finally conceded one.

You know what’s notable about that run? It covers the period which is currently under investigation for their alleged bribing of officials. So that stat doesn’t represent a “statistical anomaly”, it represents a crime against football.

What I found honestly hard to credit about Alan Morrison’s stats was how Matt Lindsay reacted to them. He made up his mind before the debate even started and nothing Alan said was going to change it one bit. He, like so many others, starts out from the basis that the SFA and our officials are honest men. But refs have lied to Celtic. SFA officials have withheld the registration of Celtic players. Ibrox minded men at Hampden covered for a decade of EBT use.

And a lot of clubs in this league have suffered in the course of this run. Clubs in this league are officiated differently against the Ibrox club and that’s borne out in the numbers. A “pattern of assistance” Morrison calls it, rightly in my view, and nobody even wants to question it. Nobody wants an inquiry into whether or not this is bent.

No club in Europe is on a run like this. Virtually every club in Europe has seen the number of penalties given against them rise since VAR … Ibrox’s has flatlined on zero, it hasn’t moved a millimetre, maybe because there’s nothing lower than zero.

Motherwell suffered today. Ross County are next, at Ibrox in midweek. Then its our turn and if anyone thinks we’re getting a penalty they are quite mad. We’re more likely to see one given against us on the flimsiest pretext and as we’re the club with the biggest megaphone you’d have thought we’d have used it before this oh-so critical game arrives.

Instead, Celtic is as silent as everyone else as the Great Penalty Scandal continues to unfold. Ever getting the feeling we’re going to suffer for it?

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  • SSMPM says:

    There is no more historical evidence of a “penalty against the rankers” than there is the “birth of a baby Jesus”. None the less stories of such happenings live on. Have a gr8888 Christmas one & all. HH

    • Christina says:

      I tried to walk away from this…but it keeps niggling me so I just have to say what a crass remark to make on Christmas Day! Pity Joseph couldn’t get a signal on his phone then he could have posted it on social media where all truth is to be found eh!

  • John L says:

    Fair play to Kettlewell for shouting that 1 out as to many cowardly managers say very little when it comes to the ibrox club, Mcinnis, Martindale ect, ect, but will moan like fuck if they don’t get a free kick against us. I have said for a while now that we are all in trouble and our hierarchy will try to shut that stable door when the race is well and truly finished . Dirty Cheating Bastards and we live and breathe it while the rest of the footballing world is OBLIVIOUS.
    VAR , is any reason to give 1 club and every reason to take away from our club, it’s SICKENING. Merry Christmas to all the Celtic Family. Hail Hail

    • Jim Duffy says:

      Kettewell was good but did shout it out about the Huns only,or did he say old firm or Glasgow big two ,. correct me please.

  • Brian Hugh Ferguson says:

    A level of corruption by those in control of Scottish Football that is so clear to see.The Celtic Board must call for an enquiry instead of sitting on their hands after we win on Saturday.

    • Jim Duffy says:

      Of course Celtic board won’t call it out ,they should have called out rangers died ,and even letting back in to Scottish football ,they should have lost all their cheating titles ,no brainer .

  • sligo123456 says:

    Happy xmas everyone! Turkey and trimmings about to get wolfed down very soon. God bless you all!!

  • Jack says:

    Yes the longer it goes the the more under current gets stronger I think if they(sevco) are four five up then you might get one against them but they have not been more than 2 ahead Walsh is best ref in spl by far his balls will be getting squeezed in the corridors if power and work as teaching little brats i can only hope he has a good honest game he is Celtic best hope off honest calls and with no huns allowed due to the fact of broken seats toilets getting vandalised bottles thrown sectarianism sing and shouting and that’s just the board members remember sevco cut away end for our supporters and a few spl teams have copied leaving half empty stadiums which looks bad for a league that are desperately looking for sponsors rugby park allmondvale playing surface should be ripped up or told no home games they have had plenty of time to do it sfa should be re electric every four years they have taken out mire than going into scottish football uf ut was mafia be jailed or shot

  • Joe mcmillan says:

    I’m sure the number of penalties given to Rangers are generally awarded to benefit them when the score is tight , getting a penalty when you 3-0 up is not the same , as far as no penalty given against them , they will probably wait till they are well ahead and time running out and award them one “Hail Hail”

  • Hans says:

    I think we’re a stick on to get a penalty. The world and his wife knows about their run without conceding. I’m certainly gonna have a few quid on it happening ?

  • Bill says:

    Rangers in ascension.
    Celtics power waning.
    Of course it’s not Rangers getting stronger or Celtic failing to strengthen, but dodgy referees. Lawell is playing yous for fools with the penalty to rangers jibes
    Time to accept the period of dominance is over.

    • Jim Duffy says:

      Good point Bill it is a matter of these 2 or 3 things , they get pens , when needed we get them when we’re in control,I live In engurland ,and down here it’s a standing joke ,VAR ” penalty rangers ” sorry sevco Huns. another point football fans down here used to think the Huns had a player called Tavpen.

  • Paddybhoy67 says:

    On one of the other blogs it was suggested that Ross County will get a pen … when they’re 4-0 down. End of anomaly and back to normal against us. It’s scarily possible.

  • Jim Duffy says:

    Hugh I meant to say if this was happening in England but obviously it wouldn’t,in England you declare why team you support ,fair enough in England,ie civilised,in jockland it’s like you support Celtic or your a Hun, which is true ,non Celtic fans huns

  • Jim Duffy says:

    Best joke down here in English pantomime ,he’s behind you ,” no hes not” VAR check,”penalty rangers” and they’ve never heard of rangers.

  • Jim Duffy says:

    Clach nacuddin,they near got a record mate ,4 penalties in a game,but the best one I remember was when Barry Ferguson got a penalty for the Huns ,bang he missed ,ref Hugh Dallas I’m sure ,said retake goalie moved ,bang fuckin missed again , opposite player put a big toe in the 18 yard box,at the third attempt thick we bawwie Ferguson scored ,you couldn’t make it up ,! well you could in jockland.

  • John Howie says:

    Trust me!
    If they are 3 or 4 up, Ross County will be awarded a penalty!
    Then they can safely go to Celtic Park knowing that no matters what happens in the box, no penalty will be awarded against them!!!
    Watch this space!!!!

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