Celtic Fans Are Right To Be Furious, And They Are Fully Entitled To Vent That Fury.

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This morning, I watched all the main video reviews of the game at the weekend, and in particular I listened to those on The Celtic Way and ACSOM, because you always get intelligent and measured discussions on those, particularly when they involve Tony Haggerty. One of the phrases that I heard over and over again was how the atmosphere at the weekend was “toxic.”

I agree. It was. I used that word myself, I think, in one of the articles. It’s an accurate description of what the atmosphere was like, especially in the second half.

The mood was ugly, it really was, and it’s probably going to be ugly against Livingston and even against the Ibrox club, especially if the results do not go as planned. This is just the start of this.

At long last, the mood in the stands has turned decisively against the people who use our club as their personal plaything. It is long overdue.

Those who are lamenting the atmosphere shift, from one which was about backing the players to one that is now attacking the board have a point, but only up to one.

Fans shouldn’t be expected to continue swallowing the contempt with which they are treated by these people and Celtic Park is the only place where they can express their dissatisfaction.

Nobody wants an ugly atmosphere at games. It’s the last thing we need during a close title race.

But for far too long, these people have gotten away with their grotesque cronyism and nepotism because fans don’t want to disrupt things on the pitch. They know we are incredibly loyal to the club and to the team, and they take full advantage of that fact.

It’s high time support for the players was separated from our relationship with those who run Celtic from the boardroom. The fans who sang those songs against the directors at the weekend know exactly what has gone wrong here and where we should point the finger of blame, and my sincere hope is that we continue to do so, and loudly.

We have that right, and I fully expect all the usual suspects to “appeal for unity” and whatever else, but what they are really telling the rest of us to do is to sit down and shut up and that’s just another expression of contempt.

This club needs gutting out and that needs to start at the top of the house, and unless we’re willing to express that view in the clearest terms the people whose selfish decisions have gotten us here are going to continue doing it their way until the damage they inflict is too great to easily repair.

We are at a crossroads here.

The fury is palpable. It must be harnessed and channelled and directed where it belongs, until the strategy is made to serve the team rather than the balance sheet and Lawwell Jnr is removed from the job that is way too big for him and his daddy realises that there’s no rehabilitating his own reputation with fans, when most of us made up our minds on that subject a long time ago.

He should never have returned to a senior position at Celtic Park and he should not be allowed to continue kidding himself that he holds it with the backing of those in the stands.

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  • Raymo says:

    They talk about all the money resting in the account. Where does all this money come from ? From the fans, every last penny , paying for tickets, merchandise and so on. I bet not one of the amoral creeps buys any club stuff. Probably expect it for free. Its just like the Tory govt . It is not their money. We pay for it through taxes.
    Hubris is going to bite their corporate asses.
    Another top read, James, you have been a busy boy today

  • Thomas Storey says:

    Brilliant article every single word spot on, support the team sack the board.

  • Pat Magroin says:

    This is turning into the perfect storm and Lawwell and his boy are at the heart of it, Brendan obviously should be getting more out the squad, but at no point whatsoever should most of these players be at Parkhead unless playing for the opposition or sitting in the stands.

  • Captain Swing says:

    Of course we are entitled to express our displeasure and concern. We are not – or shouldn’t be – passive bovine consumers, we bankroll this club and in many thousands of cases own shares in it, purchased by most at the clubs darkest hour when a previous prawn sandwich brigade had done their best to destroy it, and in my case when it was nearly a months wages and wasn’t an amount of cash I just happened to have lying around (there was no holiday that summer).

    How to support the team but make a point to the board? Make all the noise you can in support of the team on Saturday, use the medium of banners to make clear what the mood music is, keep using these forums to continue the debate. They will read these, you can be certain of it.

  • Oudami says:

    Often sometimes I am come here happy like king.

    Now today I am come sad like orphan.

    Celtic news not good, players looking angry to manager, manager looking also angry to players.

    Now dirty bastard new Rangers get chance and dirty bastard referees make everything good for cheating bastards.

    Father also angry shouting loud from corner wheelchair, him no like Rangers bastards after what them say all time to him when he am come Scotland no friends no money but working always, Rangers bastards every job telling him Go Home!

    Now he am shouting little too, only football, yes, but sometimes no, sometimes more important in country of hating bastards hating everyone different.

    I am say fiend now is time for strong for Celtic, friend him now say Yea I am right, after Palestine flags him see respect and love.

    Now too late, bastards board sack Green Brigade everything then after fall to parts.

  • Roonsa says:

    I am truly heartened to hear that dissenting voices are speaking as one. We DO need unity. But not with the board who represent OUR club. The supporters and fans alike need to stand in unison against the people who have gotten away with it for far too long.

    If they didn’t suspect that this could always happen then they are only proving themselves to be even less credible for the positions they hold. How can these people be trusted with strategy when they didn’t see this coming?

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    They will come away with some in house statement that they’ll support Brendan big time in January and try to buy time again…

    Then we’ll maybe get one quality signing –

    Who will of course be foreign and be lightweight and need lots of time to ‘settle in’

    While Sevco will buy Scottish (probably Shankland) and UK type hammer throwers that will have free reign to commonly assault our ‘settling in’ wee players with impunity…

    I cannot see this having a happy ending at all –

    Though I dearly hope that I’m very very wrong of course !

    • Murph says:

      The minute Desmond brought Lawwell and mini Lawwell to make sure they do as he says things went downhill immediately.
      Lawwell is just there to implement this shit and take the flak that comes from it, hence the huge salary.

  • Darragh ó Conchobhair says:

    I think we can win the game.

  • king murdy says:

    quite right james….i see lennon is reported to have called for calm, no need for panic and for fans to “be careful what you wish for…”
    how fukn ironic that statement coming from him…..he epitomises that statement….we got him 3 fukn times….3 times…..may not be time to panic-who mentioned panic?….but time is of the essence in my opinion….before this league slips away altogether…at this stage the scottish cup can go to ibrox….but we NEED to keep the league title away from them…the 60mil bounty….the non penalty shirt pull by cuntwell on saturday just shows exactly why we must do everything possible to prevent them from winning…but the boardroom full of shysters and weasels won’t see it that way…..

  • Celticfcman says:

    I agree with the article, to an extent. Club gutting is not at all what we need. Changes, yes, but more of an adjustment than a gutting. Domestically, the talent is fine. Trim some dead wood, loan out a few fringe players, sign 2 key players like a guaranteed goal machine domestically in Shankland. I know he sucks in Europe, who cares, we need to right the ship in Scotland. The other being a man among boys in the middle of the park. I don’t care if it costs 10 million plus, we need a monster in the middle. Callum pushes forward to help score and create more goals. The rest has been staring us in the face for a long time, Forrest starting every match when healthy on the right wing. Same goes for Ralston at right back, as those true Celtic bhoys will never down tools. Maeda on the left wing every damn match, Palma can go train by himself for the next year until his attitude is corrected. BR should run the exact same offense that made us invincible, no change there. When we whip Rangers, take the 1st flight to Australia and bring back Rogic and Griffiths, then visit Sinclair and bring him back too. Great bench options. Problem solved.

  • Eddie McKelveys Capri says:

    Very depressing if this is all true
    According to Paul Larkin.

    Ange approached the club early this year and said I want a budget to have a crack at Europe. Club rebuked it. We have work to do to upgrade barrowfield and Lennoxtown. Barrowfield starts in December and lennoxtown is next summer (2024). He was told he will have £15m to spend. He instructed his agent to get him a new club. Contrary to belief he fought tooth and nail for that spurs job. If he didn’t get it I personally believe he would have walked. He hasn’t fucked about in the past. Lawwell wanted a young progressive coach Larkin thinks so he could control him with his boy. Not sure about that but the form is there I suppose Ronny being an example. That didn’t work tho so doesn’t totally make sense. My logic with Lawwell and his boy is that they probably wanted Maresca with the City link.
    In any event Desmond stepped in and done his usual. Rodgers is the only man for the job here. He was being installed and was agreed before the end of the last season. The lawwells then had to get to work signing the players so that Rodgers didn’t get a chance to buy who he wanted. What sense that makes is beyond my thinking because you are playing championship manager. The key thing is that they said to Rodgers that Ange had rubber stamped these signings which he of course hadn’t. That is the key statement. That is criminal. Explains the low key entrance and demeanour of Rodgers and possibly the departure of his number 2 who possibly was thinking the same as a lot of people. Why are you walking back into a club you know won’t back you?
    Rodgers didn’t want to rock the boat early doors so has been left in a situation for months where he had to buy credit with the fans before stating his true feelings which is the players we have signed are not good enough. The team and bench yesterday would indicate that. Hardly a summer signing near it.

    Whether this is true or not it looks logical. Impeccable source was mentioned. Things haven’t been right since the day he walked in and results usually bring these things to a head. It’s going to be an interesting few weeks.

    Incidentally Turnbull is desperate to leave. He is on £18k a week and he wants out the door. He was offered a new deal last season and knocked it back. He will be away hopefully in January, anyone doesn’t want to stick around should GTF immediately.

  • John S says:

    The Board appointed BR on the back of a good year. It hasn’t worked, whoever is responsible.

  • Matt says:

    “They know we are incredibly loyal to the club”

    Faithful, James.

    We are celtic supporters, faithful through and through.

  • Pcelt says:

    I said it months ago,we can’t have Rodgers and Liewell,this is becoming the exact same situation as Rodgers first time as manager,why can’t these major shareholders see this and get Liewell and his son out the door before they cause more damage and friction at the club.

  • Johnny Green says:

    Keep the faith……we will be true to thee till death!

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