Celtic’s Official Statement On The Ticket Standoff Says It All In Just A Few Words.

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Celtic’s official response to Ibrox’s latest crackpot piece of foot-stamping, in relation to the SPFL hearing that confirms their club should have tickets for Celtic Park but which we’re still not giving them, actually gets right to the heart of this, and in a very simple way which the media will be forced to write whether it likes it or not.

It’s actually one of the best press releases out of Celtic for a while.

“Given the recent serious safety and matchday issues which our fans have experienced at fixtures at Ibrox and Celtic Park, Celtic’s position on this matter has been very clear.

Celtic welcomes the opportunity to seek to resolve these important issues, and it was a hearing for which the Club was very well-prepared.

We are pleased that the sub-committee recognised the importance of safety and matchday experience issues in considering the question of a reasonable allocation for both fixtures.

While respecting the ongoing process, Celtic stands by its decision not to allocate any tickets for away supporters for the match on December 30th.

Celtic will continue to focus on the importance of safety and matchday experience issues as we look to address reasonable allocations at Celtic Park and Ibrox from next year, in a responsible manner.”

The long and short of that is that when Ibrox takes our safety concerns seriously and decides to discuss this matter on a good faith basis, then – and only then – we’ll have something to talk about.

Until then, this is the way it’s going to be. No tickets for Ibrox and they get no tickets for Celtic Park. Finally, we come to the final stage of this sorry situation, which their club is entirely responsible for.

Right from the start of this situation, we’ve been clear in our position. Ibrox has tried to play pitiful schoolyard games, even when doing so hasn’t just been irresponsible but was actually dangerous. They have sought to exploit this situation at every turn, and when we made simple requests over the safety of our fans they were rebuffed or ignored.

As I’ve been writing from the beginning, Ibrox’s biggest problem here was that they did this out of ego and expediency to shut up their own fans but never once, at any stage, considered the possible consequences of it, and all of Scottish football is living with those consequences now as the away match experience is being eroded for every club even when grounds sit half empty.

Their cavalier disregard for the wellbeing of our fans was only going to ever end with Celtic taking some draconian action and now that moment has come.

Furthermore, Celtic’s statement makes it very clear they look forward to discussing this issue further “next year”, which doesn’t necessarily mean this season.

If I had to hazard a guess, I’d say this will drag out until the next campaign at the earliest, before it’s even on the table again. How long it goes on beyond that is anybody’s guess, but what the statement says in clear terms is that only when their side is willing to behave reasonably will that process even start … and until then we’re not going to budge.

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  • John Copeland says:

    The tribute act will always sleep soundly knowing that the SMSM and beyond has it’s back in all kinds of damaging situations . Gavin Berry Ibrox land cheerleader extraordinaire typed up a piece today lambasting Celtic FC for not complying to give the Rangers adequate amounts of tickets for the next Glasgow Derby …when his pet project were the initiator clumpany to introduce the policy first up . Berry stopped short of blaming Celtic for the COVID 19 pandemic ,but there is time yet . The daily Record and most of its scoops are the shallowest bunch of charlatans imaginable,knowing no shame whatsoever for producing the biggest half truth tales on a daily basis .It regularly raises its daily price for the privilege in early January …watch this space ! SCOTLAND ‘S CHAMPION .

  • Effarr says:

    By their own admission, when Sutton and Lennon were denied entry to their ground, they declared their Park an unsafe zone. Nobody on this earth can force anyone to
    enter a workplace which is dangerous, otherwise they would be breaking the law. I trust that Celtic asks for assurance, and proof, that their employees are legally covered when inside their den (of iniquity).

  • Cheezydee says:

    The biggest problem in this is the governing body. The fact that there were no rules preventing this, and any subsequent rule, is quite shocking. They should be there to look after the game, or the ‘product’, and if you’re failing at that, collectively or individually, someone should be accountable. Regardless of the of firm and new club argument, Celtic v *rangers is a showcase fixture all around the world, and it’s being diluted by the fan situation. Not that they’re a great organisation themselves, but sky should have someone in there telling them to get it sorted pronto

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