David Martindale Calling Foul After Celtic Beats Him Comes As No Surprise At All.

Image for David Martindale Calling Foul After Celtic Beats Him Comes As No Surprise At All.

David Martindale thought his team should have had a penalty yesterday and has been moaning about it to the media in the aftermath of the game. He’s also turned on his players.

The man who just last season was giving interviews to Ibrox fan podcasts when he should have been focussing on the job Livingston pays him to do is in real bother.

And you know what? I hope he and his club go down like the Titanic.

Even if this guy didn’t have a highly colourful personal history which should have kept him out of top flight football, he’s brought an ugliness to the game here which can’t be denied.

Of all the teams we’ve played over the last few years, his has been consistently the worst in terms of their approach to the game.

Necessity? No, because I don’t believe that playing anti-football is necessary, it’s just what some people choose. There are too many managers here just like him, managers who driven standards downwards.

I am sorry for Livingston fans, of course.

They have been grossly short-changed by what they’ve watched and by this manager who seems to be more interested in public relations than working his backside off on their behalf. He is one of the darlings of this absurd media for that very reason; he works them harder than his footballers.

I was not surprised he was bitching and moaning yesterday.

He’s under real pressure now, with his team rooted to the bottom of the table. With Levein having joined St Johnstone and McInnes at Kilmarnock he’s not the most anti-football manager in the league any longer; the important one is Levein in that regard. His St Johnstone team are one of the favourites for the drop. If he can get their act together Livingston are going to find it hard.

So, Martindale crying the blues comes as no great shock. He is worried about his job and with it his future in football, although a job in punditry is apparently his for the taking.

Ibrox TV would give him a job in two minutes, but then the BBC probably would as well. They never run out of money to hire the cream of the Scottish Football Brains Trust; see Kenny Miller as Exhibit A, the only person in the commentariat who might take the Village Idiot’s title.

What separates Martindale from the rest is that he barely has a good thing to say about us. Every time we’ve beaten his team he’s had some gripe and he’s made some excuse.

This time was never going to be the exception to the rule.

The same sentiments are not to be heard whenever they play the club at Ibrox; in fact, prior to one game last season, he was gushing with praise for them before the game, in an interview where he seemed more interested in watching them than with getting a result.

I would have been more surprised, in light of that, if he hadn’t found some excuse yesterday for why his team were well beat, and they were well beat in spite of it only being a 2-0 scoreline.

Those praising Livingston for their first half clearly watched a different game than I did, where we pegged them in their penalty box for virtually all of it and should have scored a couple.

This trait we have here of praising negativity and mediocrity sadly won’t depart the league when Martindale goes, but we’ll be one step closer to a better game.

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  • Stewart says:

    This has been the same naritive for ever about teams that set up in the same way every single week, praising keeping good shape,,it’s very anti football,,, Adams came out last week and called it out at Ross County and said bout scottish fitba being shite, there where calls to have him run out of town by the press, martindale,, mckinnis,,, an now we have lavein,,,an not forgetting at nob head at hearts,, nota great advert for the game,

  • bertie basset says:

    he could throw his hat into the ring for the sunderland job !!! lol !!!

    • Roonsa says:

      Lolz. I was absolutely horrified when I found out Beale was favourite for that job and was even more horrified when he got it. I was watching the EFL highlights last night without knowing any scores. Sunderland v Coventry was the headline game, and it filled me with joy to see Beale’s team get walloped.

      As for Martindale. He’s a hun ned. I hope it hurt yesterday. The sooner the SPFL is done with these plastic pitch jokers, the better.

  • Captain Swing says:

    I sincerely hope he doesn’t end up doing any punditry work. That voice is like fingernails down a blackboard and generates homicidal urges in me (only towards him though). I already have to turn the radio or tv down when he’s being interviewed, I would have to watch Sportscene with the sound off altogether if he was giving his moronic opinions from the sofa. Radio would be slightly less of a problem because Richard Gordon’s replacement by McIntyre has already rendered that virtually unlistenable and sent me to Five Live instead…. well unless they are using Charlie Adam and/or Alan Hutton, who make James McFadden sound like a Harvard Professor.

  • Tam says:

    No shots so that’s no shots on target and no corner kicks for Livingston . Maybe Martindale should try to remedy those stats. Maybe the Livingston board are happy with their manager being more interested in how a certain other team are fairing

  • Tony B says:

    A convicted drug dealer and a hun. What a delightful combination.

    This piece of shit, who has ruined countless lives, should be nowhere near football or broadcasting, and should be living the rest of his existence doing good deeds for the benefit of society, to make some reparation for the great damage he has done.

  • john mc guire says:

    Imagine being a player and that little fuckface asks you to join his club now if you have made it as a player you only want to play and win every game that comes along but if you join most teams in Scotland the team boss will only tell you that you must burst your lungs to get back up and down the park and fuck tack/ticks aye its good playing as a pro in Scotland no wonder the ross county manger was almost blackballed out of the game last week for telling the truth .

  • Thomas black says:

    James if the SFA were doing auththeir jobs right moaning martidale (only when it’s celtic ) would not be a manager of any club he’s not a fit and proper person to be in a position of authority jailed for drug dealing and being a addict what kind of person is that to be in charge of young players but he helps ranger by not playing his best players against them and he’s a rangers fan that’s why

  • George Kerr says:

    When are we going to call out the hun refs doing their dirty work? Robertson is now strutting his stuff as if he knows how to referee a game.
    Sadly he is still just a “prick with a whistle”. They are all a thieving, scheming, load of CHEATS. Honesty should be their aim, cheating is their game!

  • Edward murison says:

    Living.mansger is fukn trump.opens his mouth.believes own lies this guy brings the league same shit every game camp 8 10 in.there pen area we had 80.per cent play 22shots to they’re none think.13bor 14 corners to there zero.luvi board need to act now sack the idiot before get relegated with that clown in charge because that’s all he is a clown how they ever expect win points needed if don’t try get out there 18 yd box highland football lot better than watching livi.thats a fact he wud struggle there to get out bottom half there league

  • sligo123456 says:

    Fekin balloon of the highest order. How this balloon got a good gig in the SPL beggars believe. Says a lot about livies board, probably sniffing too much to really care! A shame for the clubs supporters, they deserve better than this wee dick.

  • Jack says:

    Yes martindale yes he sounds like Methadom Bob in still game and looks like orval true with his cv should not be coaching any young players defending is an art but that’s not defending that’s park the bus kick the ball as far as you can hope Kilmarnock and livingston go down not only there anti football you could pick most teams in spl for that matter uts there pitches there treatment to away fans especially Celtic leaving there stadium looking empty then are bad for spl who are desperate for sponsors empty stadiums don’t intice sponsors

  • Tommy B says:

    All comments about Martindale are spot on , never liked him, why Livingston ever appointed him after his jail history we will never know , I’ve never heard him give Celtic any credit, now that they are bottom of the league I watched him on TV crying that the league should be bigger and that they can’t afford to change to grass, the only thing that Livingston will be missed for is that they give us 3 stands.


    Tommy B

  • Margaret black says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with u james he is 1 horrible wee man.never has nice word for us but seems to love the buns sooner they are out game the better

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