Ibrox Fan Sites Are Fuming Because A “Celtic Fan Theory” Is Being Talked About.

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Regular followers of our Twitter feed will know that there’s a lot of heated debate at the moment about Graham Spiers’ recent podcast on whether referees are biased in favour of the Ibrox club.

I’ve done a lot of work on this as you’ll all know, and volunteered to go on that show. As it turned out, Brian Gilmour – AKA Harry Brady – and Alan Morrison of Celtic By Numbers did a very fine job indeed in dissecting this issue and dragging it into the light.

I’m going to do a larger, longer piece on what they said and how it should have landed with the force of a nuclear detonation. That most in the mainstream media are content to ignore it completely comes as no surprise whatsoever, as Matt Lindsay gurned his way through the whole thing after making it clear from the outset that he no interest in the information that Alan had pulled together, no matter how compelling it turned out to be.

And it was very compelling indeed. But like I said, that’s the subject of a longer piece than this is, and it’s one that I want to do proper justice to.

But the apoplexy from some members of the Ibrox Twittertwati is off the scale. Some of them have gone so far off the deep end that they might never come back up for air, and their complaint basically comes down to this; that people like Lindsay and Spiers are even discussing this thing at all.

This is the backlash myself, Alan, Brian and others would have predicted beforehand and it is why some of the gutless wonders in our press corps won’t touch this issue.

We should be beyond this stuff though, beyond the media ignoring a clear and obvious story right on their own doorstep just because they don’t want to upset a certain club’s more rabid supporters. That it would also upset the SFA ought not to be here nor there.

My principal problem with Spiers take on this is that he thinks that the BBC’s Richard Gordon should not have said that there was an obvious bias; I thought debating the issues was what the BBC existed for, once upon a time? And there cannot be anyone in the Scottish football press corps who isn’t an ex-Ibrox player who doesn’t think this is an issue.

Pro-Ibrox internet trolls are properly freaking out over this though, as if this had been a lead item on the Six O’Clock News. You’d be forgiven for thinking that this was directly pointing the finger at their club, which let me remind them it isn’t. These same people scorned the Celtic fans who were trying to get answers on Resolution 12 … the target of these inquiries is the same as the target of this one; those at Hampden who misgovern the Scottish game.

And what’s more, these people also think the game in Scotland is being misgoverned but have a bizarre theory that it’s misgoverned in favour of us. Alan Morrison has gone out and researched his subject and has produced evidence to back it up.

Their own theory is built around the schools people went to and who their friends are, not to mention the old irrefutable concept of “the Kafflic sounding second name”.

You ask them to produce one actual thing that Celtic has done with all this influence in order to benefit itself and grow our nefarious and evil power and you get a lot of bullshit about 2012 being the Grand Conspiracy Of The Unseen Fenian Hand, none of which stands up for one second.

Ibrox fans never like any discussion of any subject which even touches their club, or suggests that it may be getting preferential treatment … and they hate it all the more when it comes from us, as almost every major bit of news on their club in the last decade has.

They didn’t just bristle but went crazy over Celtic fans who told them Rangers was heading for the rocks under Murray, although we turned out to be right on the money.

They hated it when we exposed Craig Whyte as a two-bob shyster before he even bought the club for hilarious price of £1. They refused to believe it when we said that he had used Ticketus, and their own ticket income, to pay the cheque he wrote Lloyds, without which the purchase couldn’t have happened, and they have never accepted that Murray knew that at the time although we said so, and that’s since been admitted to in a court room.

When the media was telling them that HMRC would accept a pennies in the pound settlement which would have let their club continue we told them straight that this would not happen, no matter how much Rangers fans viewed their club as an unshakable “institution”, because HMRC policy on wilful tax evasion is clear and they insist on, and in fact demand, payment in full from those who are caught.

And whilst they waited for Rangers minded billionaires to come to their rescue we were also gleeful in predicting that there were none to be had.

We warned them when Charles Green grabbed the assets after the liquidation that this guy was no friend of theirs, and we were scorned for doing so. We warned that Ashley was not interested in turning them into a European super club as some hilariously imagined but was a prudent guy who would run them on a break even basis and make his dough doing it … but they did believe every word when we sold him as the devil in disguise, with glorious results.

Here’s the thing though; when Keith Jackson arrived late to the party and put the Ticketus story in The Daily Record they responded by … turning on the paper.

You never want to be the bearer of bad news to these Peepul, no matter how well intentioned, and Jackson thought that was something his fellow fans badly needed to know at that point.

When BBC Scotland’s brilliant reporter Mark Daly put together the full story on who had got EBT’s and how that would impact the club their fans picketed Pacific Quay. They did it all over again when the BBC took a deep dive into Craig Whyte … and by then their club was in serious peril and that was definitely not information they didn’t need to have.

They have a pathological response to any debate on their club or issues which touch on it. The hatred builds and then boils over. The fury is unleashed on every target within range, and in this case it’s arisen to a wholly irrational degree with some even throwing around stats which suggest that for 75 years (oh yes, I’m not joking) it is Celtic who have benefited from refereeing decisions.

You could not make that up, and with these Peepul you don’t have to.

Their intolerance is second only to their stupidity. If they believe what they claim to, then surely our wanting to shine a light on the SFA is something they’d welcome? Because whatever that light finds there would have to be changes, right? The sort that might actually rid our game of all this stuff once and for all. And who wouldn’t want that?

They don’t even want us talking about it. Fools. Absolute morons.

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  • Tony B says:

    The phrase which encapsulates the skullduggery at play in Scottish football re the huns and officialdom at all levels is PATTERN OF ASSISTANCE.

    From John Hughes on A Celtic State of Mind.


  • John Copeland says:

    It must be a perpetual hatred for the Ibrox loyals to know that their clumpany was owned by ‘Green and Whyte ‘?.That’s a statistical fact which will endure forever . Also if Richard Gordon is ‘missing ‘ from the BBC Sportsound mic next season ….everyone shall know why !

  • John Duffy says:

    Brilliant James
    Should it not be their stupidity is equal to their intolerance
    only saying

  • paul obrien says:

    Can’t fix stupid

  • Roonsa says:

    I’ve book-marked this article. Nuff said.

    Thanks James.

  • sligo123456 says:

    Great piece James. Ignorant shower of eejits the sevco support. The only way to beat their supremacy delusions is to hammer them both on and off the field!! Remember the guff from Murray re ” For every 5 quid celtic spend we can spend 10 quid”. Whose laughing now David ? You utter clown!

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