No, Ibrox Is Not “Set To Eclipse Celtic’s Champions League Cash.” It’s Absolute Garbage.

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The Daily Record.

The newspaper that if someone left it in your toilet and you’d run out of bog roll you would sooner wipe your backside with something, anything, else lest you did yourself some sort of irreparable harm.

Football Scotland.

One of its online sister publications, which produces its articles word for word at times although with a different writer’s name on it.

Those pitiful publications are so pro-Ibrox they should have a blue, white and red masthead, and I knew they’d go a bit mad today but not like they did.

“(Ibrox) in hunt to leapfrog Celtic with astonishing prize money first as coefficient kings rip up Scottish rulebook” is the headline of The Record’s piece.

“Europa League windfall revealed as Gers set to eclipse Celtic Champions League cash” is Football Scotland’s deranged version of what is clearly in the top ten stupidest “news articles” of this year, a piece of speculative guff which numbs the brain.

And of course, it is fanciful rubbish, based on them getting to the final … and winning it.

Oh yes, winning it. The article goes out of its way not to make that clear, but the numbers do not add up otherwise. Not that they add up anyway.

What these articles are actually saying is that if the Ibrox club – which let’s not forget could not beat a team from Cyprus home or away in this tournament and were pulverised by PSV in the Champions League qualifiers – could get all the way to the final and win that could, in theory, give them more money than Celtic made in the Champions League.

That’s like a bad joke. As I said this morning, there is enough remaining quality left in the Europa League this season, that no such thing stands a chance of happening.

I would not have been quite so sure had they ended up in the Conference League, but that wouldn’t have netted the prize money that’s being talked about here anyway.

Even The Record article describes all this as “a pipe dream.” So, if it’s a pipe dream what in God’s name is the purpose of such rancid, speculative guff?

Honestly, it’s no wonder that we all find this media of ours a tiresome bore at times and this is one of those times. There’s no merit to the story whatsoever, it’s a ridiculous piece of “What if?” that belongs on an Ibrox fan forum instead of in a national title.

Let me put it like this; they earned more last year than they have this year for getting to the Champions League Groups. Along with the corresponding sales of two players for big money, they still posted a loss.

This year there are no corresponding player sales of note and they sunk more money into the team than they could afford. They also had to sack another management team.

Any money they do make this year is going straight down the bottomless pit … they do, after all, have the biggest wage bill in the league to feed.

So whilst I can well understand the need over there for a bit of “financial feel good” I am not having this crap, I’m not having The Record and Football Scotland pretend that this Monopoly money type phantom cash is real or that they can start counting it.

At some point that club and all who follow it are going to be dragged kicking and screaming towards some harsh reality, but evidently not if our media has anything to do with it.

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  • Scouse bhoy says:

    Scotlands sevco media shame trump and the tory party do not have a look in compared to these spineless gutless imposters.

  • Frank Curran says:

    If what the record says is true then the ibrox klanbase will expect serious investment in players come January. Their eyes will soon be opened when that does not happen.

  • NorthStandMalcontent says:

    When setting out the figures, he included the gate money for Ibrox, but neglected to do so for Celtic, do not comparing like with like.

    Written by a Blair Meiklim. What’s in a name eh?

  • John L says:

    James, Please, never grow tired of pouring petrol over that burning rag we call the record.

  • Roona says:

    I suspect if you asked most chimps where they’d rather be, it would be coming 4th in the CL group stages rather than the knockouts of the Europa. Why? Coz they need the money. And if you want to get big money you play football with the big boys.

    • John Copeland says:

      Did Real Betis try a leg last night ? They did have 3 proper honest penalty claims turned away in the first instance but I thought that they looked knackered and tried to walk the ball into the net ! It was only after they went behind that they looked semi lively .Even when they lost the 3rd goal ,they were in no hurry to score as a draw would have sufficed in qualification….surely the game wasn’t bent ? Surely not ? Lammers , Cifuentes ,Dessers and Davies and 17 year old McCausland playing from the start and Betis could not win ? Hhhmmmmm!

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Of course it was a creditable result, nae denyin that. Tho the reality is, Batis are a decent side nothin more, so tbh ah personally wasn’t that surprised the way things went last night. Tho the first ‘good’ team they come up against in this KO round, who are more capable, they’re out. Absolutely confident of that. It’s the usual hype and hysteria, that would make ye think it was a far bigger achievement, than just reachin the last 16 of the Europa league. The same tournament, which they regarded as a ‘diddy’ European tournament when Celtic reached the final and now its miraculously rocketed up in prestige since the ibrox club have progressed in it. Ye couldnae make them up.

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