No Joe Hart Tomorrow Would Highlight Celtic’s Problem Area In A Way No-one Can Ignore.

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We’re going into tomorrow’s game with rumours swirling that Joe Hart is not going to make the game. Where these rumours have come from, I do not know; I’ve heard variations on this stuff before and it’s turned out to be rubbish.

The amateur code-breakers think they’ve seen confirmation on the social media posts of Benny Siegrist.

I have to admit, I’ll sleep soundly tonight whatever the outcome of this. Siegrist was signed to be a dependable backup and he’s not been given much game time.

There’s a lot of concern over the prospect of throwing Scott Bain into any game.

Every one of us knows that this was an obvious problem which needed fixed. The summer was the perfect time to do it and a lot of folks expected that we would. We have to take this one seriously.

Big Hart has been a good servant to the club and his exceeded my expectations of him, but he’s at an age now where even keepers are not immune to the effects of ageing.

None of our backup guys is trusted to take the step forward. If Hart is out tomorrow one of them will have to; I have no concerns because I don’t expect Kilmarnock to threaten us that much over the 90 minutes.

If the big man’s injury keeps him out against Feyenoord, that would be a much greater cause for sleepless nights and some bitten nails.

In truth though, I like big Siegrist and thought he was a good signing in the first place, a very decent option to step in at need. So I don’t think he’d let us down if we had to throw him in there and ask him to hold the fort down for a short time.

But what we’re seeing here is just how bare is the cupboard when it comes time to look at this position, and that time has probably arrived. If this is what crystalises thinking – and it should – then it may be a good outcome for us, provided, that is, that it doesn’t cost us points in the meantime.

It’s an area of the team where we’ve woefully slept at the wheel.

This drives home the point. Surely this is an area we’re looking at for January, and if not then for the summer, when we need to sign a top class goalkeeper who goes right into the team as a starter?

Nothing less will do at this stage.

We should not, at this point in the season, be sitting here worrying over who replaces Hart if he’s out and dreading either of our options.

Especially not when some people have serious doubts about Hart himself to begin with.

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  • Nick66 says:

    In truth James I do wonder why an international capped GK is viewed as inferior. Is it the not fit the manager or something else. I always thought Siegrest to be better than Bain, but who am I to question the pros. So if Benjamin substitutes Joe Hart I’m fine with that. Perhaps Brendan has worked with him and prefers that he looks more of a backup. Either way, we know not if rumours are true and Hart plays or not however, Siegrest for me is a good substitute.

  • Jim says:

    Michael Cooper at Plymouth Argyle ticks every box. Have watched him for years with my hoops / Argyle supporting supporting son.
    Ticks every box.
    Terrific pertomer
    Huge sale on value

    Get it done, Celtic.

    • Jimmy says:

      Siegrist is a puzzle. Seemed like he was well out of the picture after our Australian trip. To be now mentioned in front of Bain who signed a new contract only adds to the puzzle. Only my opinion but Bain is not the answer. Interesting 6 weeks ahead with lots of coming and goings. If Siegrist is not rated at the club a new goalie is a priority.
      Too many puzzles for me at Celtic just now, not least with the manager thinking Phillips is training better than the two young recruits. That is a real worry as we need a solid centre half next to CCV, Scales is nowhere near the quality we need. Taylor not a strong defender. Where is our captains best position. Is Iwata good enough. Seems lot of our Sumner signings aren’t good enough. Puzzling for sure where we currently find ourselves. We should be out of sight of that mob across the city.

  • Johnno says:

    Agreed that the keeper position hopefully will get resolved in January?
    Thought it would during the summer, like many, yet understand that a big decision had to be made regarding the keeper position?
    Somehow, I just don’t think Hart would have or wanted to play in the backup keeper position, especially when Rodgers was potentially looking at taking the risk of only going with 2 keepers within the CL squad, which makes Bain having to fill the role, and allowing for the extra outfield player within the squad?
    Same situation could well be applied towards Taylor and the LB position also imo?
    With the CL and European football ended now, these no longer are factors regarding the rest of the season, especially within the league and Scottish Cup campaigns now.
    Do believe if we are serious about getting prepared for next season CL campaign, then both positions can be addressed during January?
    Better to have that bedding in period this season than the start of next imo.
    Plus if Rodgers is looking for that more experienced player with better quality, then wouldn’t it make sense to hopefully get them players in earlier, and see how they deal with the more intense pressurised games the second half of our season can bring, when the demands and expectations are higher for ourselves?
    Hart has been a great signing for ourselves and a model professional for ourselves, but also his time is up also imo?
    Allows for a new keeper to be bedded in, and believe Hart can still help with contributing towards that also for the remainder of this season?
    As for any game without Hart currently, I wouldn’t feel overly confident with either of our backup options, especially when CCV is possibly unavailable or won’t be risked upon that shite surface?
    Still believe that the partnerships between the CB and keeper has to be the most solid within the team in any game imo?
    So the thought of having to replace 2 out of the 3, with 2 with very little game time behind them, doesn’t sit comfortable with myself anyway, especially within a must win game upon such a shite surface and against a bunch of cloggers also?

  • Mr magoo says:

    Hart out, mibbees but needs dropping anyway. He’s at the age where he might break a hip if he has to dives for a ball. ?????

  • Michael Collins says:

    If you are just going by age was Ronnie Simpson not 37 when he played in the European cup final? Joe Hart is 36.

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