Some Celtic Fans Need To Get Real. Rodgers Is The Manager And He Needs Our Support.

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Over in the US, there is a debate going on which makes no sense to me at all.

Democrats and liberals are pulling their hair out over Joe Biden. His age. His stand on Israel. His age. His Vice President. His age. You notice I keep mentioning his age? So do they, and every time they do it shakes up the electoral map. If they had any sense they’d shut up.

I don’t know what the left of the Democratic Party wants right now. Another candidate maybe, but they aren’t going to get one. It’ll be Biden, and as the sitting President it ought to be. He was elected as a moderate with few expectations. But he’s actually become a consequential figure, passing major legislation and putting the country on a positive track.

He deserves to be re-elected, and for the sake of his country and the planet he pretty much needs to be since it’s almost certain that the candidate he’ll be facing is Donald Trump.

Him in the White House again, that cannot be allowed to happen. That has to be prevented at all costs. The world knows this. Only the American left seems not to comprehend it.

I feel the same anger and disbelief at the people in our support who refuse to let go of the Brendan Rodgers grudge. They appear not to recollect that this is our manager, and that he is like Biden; the last line of defence. The last man standing between us and a disaster.

If they get what they want what exactly is Plan B? This board’s Plan B?

I get frustration at the results, but it’s time to get real here. This goes way beyond bad results and bad performances; there have been people just waiting for that so they can stick the boot in. The guy deserves our support. Let’s be blunt; what choice do we have but to give it to him?

The fans are the best thing at the club right now. We can’t be part of the problem and if we’re giving the manager and the players both barrels, we become exactly that.

Rodgers has the experience. Rodgers has the trophies to prove what he is. He won an FA Cup with Leicester in England after leaving us.

Yeah, they got relegated. But Leicester was not an established Premiership team; their actual win in that competition isn’t described as one of the greatest shocks in modern football history for nothing. They almost got relegated the following year and had to sack Ranieri to avoid that fate.

With Rodgers they punched above their weight.

He had offers before Celtic. Good offers. He would have gotten good offers had he not come to us. He would walk into another Premiership job tomorrow if he decided to go. Last night I wrote about how this is not his team; he has acknowledged that, and what he needs to do.

He has a very specific idea about what he wants and needs … and until he’s got it, judging him is ridiculous. He is not Ange. Like it or not, the Ange Postecoglou era is over and the Ange Postecoglou team will be dismantled to build the next one, that’s the reality … and right now Rodgers is the representation of that new reality and he is going to be for the foreseeable future.

This is a massive title. Massive. Automatic Champions League Group stages for the winner, and the greatest cash reward in the history of the Scottish game.

That money needs to go to Celtic. We need to be the team that secures that bounty. And Rodgers is what stands in the way of Phillipe Clement and his club. We can lose sight of the goal if we’re focussed on the man and anyway, the man is one of the best in the business.

And I still think if he is given the chance, he will prove that. Those Celtic fans who are indulging their “Rodgers must go” fantasies need to calm down and think.

They need to do better than those crazy Democratic voters who can’t stop talking down their candidate, and the only guy standing between their country and the abyss.

We need to sort ourselves out. We have a good leader, a proven winner. We need to have a little more faith and allow that man to do the job.

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  • Kevan McKeown says:

    If it’s his tactics, ye have tae hope he can turn it around. If its the dressin room, that’s a lot more serious and both together we’re in big trouble. Hopefully its no the case and today, we can start gettin it right. Tho tbh, hearin that we’re supposedly goin for this striker Silva on ‘loan’, instead of the other imo, far better options out there, ahm again fearin the worst for January wi this board.

  • Leon says:

    I wanted Brendan back but he’s actually got quite a poor record since we lost 4-0 to Hearts,that ended our record 69 domestic games unbeaten run.

    In Brendan’s last 102 games for Celtic,we have failed to score 25 times ( 24.5% ) and that inconsistency won’t win us the league.

    Sevco have failed to score 25 times in their last 250 games.
    That 10% record was similar to Ange’s record whilst he was at Celtic.

    Brendan needs a new approach or we need a new manager.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Today is critical indeed…

    C’mon all us Hoops, let’s have unity and do this together today –

    Any win would suffice I guess, however a good 7-0 win would send out a ‘turned the corner’ signal so to speak…

    We need it as the Cheats with whistles flags and monitors will sure as hell see to it that Sevco get the points in a potentially difficult away fixture !

  • Bradzo says:

    In fact, I relate the current Celtic and their strategies to Fantacy Island of the old, when the plane comes, and the wee guy shouts “Here comes the plane boss, here comes the plane”, alas this time the plane does not come, it’s simply fly’s by, just like our season hopes.

  • Hans says:

    Good piece. Biden is indeed the only show in town. Another Trump presidency would be a disaster for the US and the free world. Even without considering the fact Trump personally is a man with few morals, and for whom lies and disinformation are no different from the truth.
    I still believe Celtic will win this title comfortably and that will be evident sooner rather than later. The manager deserves full commitment right across the spectrum of the Celtic support. I was more than surprised by Sutton’s comments earlier this week. He was unfair and I wonder if there’s something personal there?

  • Eldraco says:

    There is one thing fans need to understand about Lawell. The man is a money man a bean counter of the highest order, do they really think for one minute he is going to sit by and allow the club/ board to Squander access to those millions by coming second?.

    Awwaaaayyyyyy. !!!!

    • Michael says:

      I have to disagree your giving him excuses same as you dud in your last article. He has better playets available to him he just doesnt use them.
      It will be interesting to see if he gets what he wants in Jan. Its not going to be easy getting players to come to the Spl, If he stops putting kyogo in to defend corners, if he brings thru any b team players.

  • Brian says:

    Yeah!! Well maybe someone should get through to the players that they must put a shift in for the fans, who will in turn get off the managers back. It’s not the fans that are the problem here.

  • John S says:

    Personally, I was keen on the Rodgers appointment. Recent performances have rightly caused doubt. Serious doubt when a better squad than all the others in Scotland are plodding to nowhere.

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