Tam McManus Has Had Opportunities To Criticise The “Atmosphere” In Stadiums. He Picked Celtic’s.

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I see Tam McManus is at it again, having a go at Celtic, bumping his gums about the atmosphere in Celtic Park. He thinks it’s like a library. Of all the things to take from our performance the other night, this is the one he’s picked. Clown.

McManus is at it. This is the latest passing bandwagon and he’s leaping aboard. The atmosphere at Celtic Park is a little flat at the moment and that’s a fact, but there isn’t a lot that can be done about that short of us simply allowing The Green Brigade back without a proper period away so that the punishment seems real enough to clarify minds … that would be dreadful for the club and we would pay a high price for it, in real terms and in terms of PR.

I can only imagine what this clown would say if the club was seen to fail this test. This test it has set itself. What should be obvious is that the club has to see it through. If The Green Brigade returns to Celtic Park it will be on the club’s terms. It’s that simple.

What our club has decided is that the atmosphere isn’t worth the problems these guys have caused the club. That trouble has been the subject of much media commentary over the years, including by McManus himself. Yet he is oddly silent on events elsewhere.

What of the atmosphere across the city? Is Celtic Park sounding “like a library” – it doesn’t, as anyone who had ever been in a library would know; McManus clearly doesn’t qualify and you only have to read his columns to recognise it – really more worthy of commentary than a certain other ground sounding, at times, like a Nuremberg Rally?

Ibrox is going to have its own problems with its fan groups before long, and its board will have to man up when that happens and make their own decision. Ibrox’s atmosphere, when the whole ground is not up to its knees in fenian blood is spitting poison at its own players and directors and before long the manager. We’ll see what McManus says when that day comes.

Celtic is an easy target in this regard though, because we’ve taken a stand and tried to eliminate an element which has caused us problems and was intent on spreading those problems at every away ground we visited. Other clubs might get credit for that, instead we get a parade of shitty advice about backing down … they don’t have to live with the responsibilities those involved in making this decision do, because it was a tough, tough one to make.

There are a lot of Celtic fans who are unhappy with the atmosphere at Celtic Park right now, but the obvious question is why they don’t help create the atmosphere they crave? If the Celtic board decides to open that section up for fans who want to move, will those people volunteer to go to the standing section and devote themselves to that job?

That’s what it might come down to. Eventually, that section needs to be filled, whether with The Green Brigade or some other fan group and in the meantime there will be sneering, there will critics and there will be people like McManus throwing their ignorant opinions in where they are definitely not welcome or wanted.

If he was so concerned about the atmosphere in Scottish grounds he’s had ample opportunity to comment on it before. There are bigger issues in our stands than the perceived silence at Celtic Park.

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  • Tom says:

    This was the running agenda this week with the media
    He is a nobody that repeats these. The PLZ akways have an anti-Celtic agenda..

  • Terry Daly says:

    Mcmanus is a nomark, like Kenny Millar, Hutton etc. I had the misfortune to listen to him a as after dinner speaker. Gormless idiot who could not speak without uttering foul mouthed expletives…. Worst I have ever heard.

  • J celt says:

    You keep referencing “the club” as if the people that run the club are in fact “the club”…..they won’t and never will be the club….we are the club….The green brigade will be back because the club needs them, proven with the last home games where the atmosphere has been poor at best but they need to behave themselves because like the board they are not the club…we are the club….I like the blog….hope you’ve not got too close to “the club” cause it comes across like that

  • Bernie says:

    McManus – still taking the soup !!!

  • Scouse bhoy says:

    Noticed that the sevco rags gave another imposter a platform. A 4-1 victory and the headline is the crowd ?

  • Alexander Steele says:

    I think it is time for Celtic to come to some kind of agreement with green brigade . But must agree with you about rangers and the venom and sectarian chants that happen every week and nothing gets done about it I don’t go to my home team games when rangers come to play

  • John A says:

    Were you at the game? A little flat? The 4 tyres are all flat, the wheels have came off in the stand. Do you expect people to ignore this? Your hatred for the GB clouds your ability to tell the truth. You also censor people critical of you, you have become a joke.

    • James Forrest says:

      I didn’t censor you, although if you level another personal insult at me I AM going to ban you.

      Watch your step.

  • Wee Derry says:

    Take it McManus missed the Ibrox fans sing billy boys after they scored

  • Bob (original) says:

    Someone on the Board should have walked for this GB shambles.

    A public slanging match – followed by the banning of hundreds of paying cutomers –

    clearly indicates that the Board was not managing our club properly.

    This has all had a negative impact on our club – and the brand itself.

    The Board has to accept some responsibility for losing control.

    But, nobody fell on their sword for the disastrous ‘showers’ appointment of

    Lennon, without bothering to consider any other candidates.

    Nobody fell on their sword for the prolonged, incredibly embarrassing and

    amateurish handling of the Howe ‘appointment’.

    If the Board believes that a section of its customer base deserves to be punished,

    then someone on the Board has failed spectacularly – and should walk, IMO

    • Eldraco says:

      I stongly agree usually if the brand of a company is adversly affected by board action heads roll, with this lot they rolled out laural and hardy and treated SH with contempt at the AGM.

      They really are not fit for purpose i would have resolved these issue in a week without the media no joke.

      Call me and ask

  • Alex says:

    I’m sorry but he is right the atmosphere against Hibs was garbage I’m sitting at the very back of Jock Stein stand and you can hear Brendan shouting when you try and sing fellow fans just sit and look at you

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