The Daily Record’s Latest Anti-Celtic Headline Is Terrible And Stupid.

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With the title race further tightening, it is obvious that some people are going to lose their minds and jump right into the deep end. You could set your clock to that.

It’s also obvious that some people are going to look for every single thing that makes this seem worse than it is, and that our media will do its bit as always. Especially at our tabloids.

“Rangers ignited by title race inspiration from CELTIC as Ibrox believers lean on five years of evidence” screams the headline from The Daily Record. You would be forgiven for wondering what evidence that is, and you’d be right to wonder.

Because those five years … they include three Celtic trebles and a double. So it’s difficult to work out exactly what inspiration they can take from that spell. And it even less obvious when you look at the premise of the piece, which is that the team at the top of the league after 17 games has won the title four times out of the last five (and probably a lot further back than that.)

Which part are they taking comfort from? The one time out of five that this trend was bucked? But that was us, in Ange’s first season; this is a pitiful attempt at Ibrox feel-good even by The Record’s standards. Take comfort from a one in five success rate, and that success was from the team you’re trying to catch? What positives can be drawn from that?

You just know this is only the start of the nonsense.

It is going to be a mind-numbing month of this, and the volume will only go up if they win the League Cup at the weekend. They believe they can see parallels with Ange’s first campaign, but there are crucial difference as well and the biggest of them is that we had a better team than they do right now.

But we’re going to get a lot of this. The sooner our team is back putting together the results on a regular basis the sooner this all comes to a halt.

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  • Darragh ó Conchobhair says:

    Can we still finish second though?

  • John Copeland says:

    There are 2 important games for the tribute act to desperately win this week and the daily Record in particular shall be doing it’s utmost to make sure the feats are as easy as possible . No negative distractions down Ibrox way whatsoever with Celtic being in ‘crisis’ stories on a daily basis to help achieve the objectives . Oh , and look out for Aberdeen tales of woe with Barry Robson’ s job on the line to help the feel good factor cause too . It’ll be tales of ‘Aberdeen won’t win under any circumstances ‘ all week long ! All done in complete neutrality you understand ….

  • Charlie Green says:

    Makes you wonder what Strachan was doing on his laptop during matches. Checking his emails? I used to hope he was checking sites like this as people have been warning them about how the system wasn’t working. for ages.
    The sad thing is that Sevco would not have won many of their matches had it not been for the refs.
    Possibley cheated out of 40 million European money and still the board will do nothing.
    That is large scale corruption and without doubt ,criminal.

  • Johnno says:

    Always tried to keep the focus upon ourselves only, on the footballing front.
    Detest everything that the scum stand for along with there scum cheerleaders within the media also.
    The agenda is nothing more than trying to bring ourselves down to there level, as we remain way ahead of the scum in all footballing aspects, simple as that.
    Was to expect a certain amount of transition when a new manager takes over a successful team, and that transition period has been far more inconsistent that many including myself expected?
    We still haven’t been able to field our strongest 11 along with available subs all season, as of yet, has hardly helped matters either?
    Rodgers could be accused of trying to give opportunities to players, but is there also a case for a bit to much tinkering going on currently?
    These are the fine margins that exist within the game.
    Yet what does remain crystal clear, is that we still have way to much quality over the scum.
    Could say that the crystal isn’t shining as brightly as it should be presently, yet still remains an easier job to undertake than the turd polishing the scum are trying to currently do.
    The cream will always rise to the top, which should remain the case come May when another double should be rejoiced imo.

  • Sophie Johnstone says:

    Seem worse than it is!!! it’s garbage already no clear game strategy,poor or unmotivated players and a manager on an Ego trip it couldn’t get much worse


    Ah but Sevco can field the MIBs and VARMEN at every game they play
    and the same number of Officials can come the aid of every other Club that we play.
    It will be ramped up big style now that the gap has been narrowed.
    Only in Scotland. The best wee bigoted Kuntry inra Wurld.

  • Dando says:

    The SMSM has us believing that the Belgian genius is molding the world’s greatest team ever in the history of the game into an unbeatable machine……

    Sadly, he’s about to find out that his new world tactics (two sitting midfielders covering for his attacking fullbacks) is about to be brutally exposed against both Real Betis & Glasgow Celtic…..”PLAYER IN THE HOLE”


  • Devine says:

    The Scottish media are so transparent: EVERY day its headlines about another CELTIC player linked with a move AWAY from the club; and when these players are linked to a move away it’s always an unusually UNDERVALUED fee.
    But when its The RANKERS, well its who are they going to SIGN ( sometimes, its even claimed they are on the verge of signing one of Celtic’s targets or they somehow have the UPPERHAND over us), or what Euro big guns are targeting their fringe players for unrealistically INFLATED transfer values…or its a case of an EXCLUSIVE with an ex-Celtic ‘legend’ who WARNS our manager ( whoever it is at the time) that he must drop a number (usually 3 or 4) FLOPS or face certain disaster, particularly if we are just about to face the mighty Glasgow Rankers…at the same time we have ex-Rankers legends crowing how NO CELTIC players would make it into the Rankers team/ and or how some expert believes Abdallah Sima is a better player than Ferenc Puskas or how various Pundits are dissecting the Crisis at a ‘foundout’ Celtic…with a few SNUBS for Celtic mixed into the media cooked CRISIS recipe…its the same tired old Scottish media gruel we’re served up everyday as Celtic fans

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