The Media’s Ibrox Love-In Plumbs New Depths With Its “Santa Trolling Celtic” Guff.

Image for The Media’s Ibrox Love-In Plumbs New Depths With Its “Santa Trolling Celtic” Guff.

Last night, Santa took the field at Ibrox at half time. He gets around, that guy. Cause he took the field at quite a few grounds these past couple of days. Those reindeer put in a power of work getting him around on that sled. In short, it was a fairly routine event.

There’s literally nothing there. Santa comes onto team pitch during festive period. Big deal. Postman delivers Christmas cards is about on the same level. This is not normally the sort of thing you see making headlines. Except it did last night all over the mainstream press.

And the story was virtually identical in all of them;

“(Sevco) troll Celtic Santa boos as Father Christmas parades Viaplay Cup at Ibrox” was the headline in Football Scotland.

The Evening Times went with this; “Celtic Santa booing trolled by (Ibrox club) in half-time League Cup party.”

And this is the Daily Record version, which I absolutely love more than the others put together. “(Sevco) troll Celtic as ‘happier’ Santa arrives for victory parade in brutal response to Parkhead boo boys”.

Happier Santa? They do know that wasn’t the same guy, right?

They do realise we’re talking about a fictional character here, yeah? Mind you, fictional club greets fictional character … I suppose if you can believe in one of them you can believe in the other.

But I’ll tell you what I find hard to believe; that these allegedly separate outlets, and these different writers, put precisely the same spin on what a complete non-story.

It’s because the Ibrox announcer decided to greet his arrival on the pitch with the words “You’re welcome here”, and because the Ibrox media department made sure the hard-of-thinking hacks got the point.

Take a minute and think about the mentality that betrays.

On a night when they can close the gap to two points, and still have a game in hand, and when they have a domestic trophy to parade on the pitch – a rarity for them, and a big deal you might think as a result – this is the kind of puerile stuff they are indulging in. Not so much bringing Santa onto the pitch, but spinning it to their press pals that this mundane act is a dig at us.

And The Record thinks this is “brutal”. Which it is, just not in the way that its desperados on the sports desk seem to think. The Ibrox club really is small-minded and petty and our hacks are no better that they think this is some blow struck against us.

It makes all involved wretched. It finds new levels of dumbing down. Simple pleasures for simple minds is what came to mind reading that last night.

Honest to God, and people wonder why I hate the media with a passion.

I’ll respect these people when they are worthy of it. This is just contemptible. When they start taking the job seriously, I might start treating them the same way.

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  • Alexander Munn says:

    There is a lot of anger at Ibrox over the lagerbeilke foul to this day and the referees are angry as well and remember peps maxim ” referees don’t count” and one other thing the refereeing is much better than the 60s 70s 80s 90s so are we getting cheated yes but not as much as it was good luck James have a good Christmas

  • Bob (original) says:

    Well, hope that Santa himself places the ibrox club on the naughty step!

    No more silverware for them this season. 🙂

    And whoever scribbled that copied / pasted nonsense must have been full of the

    Christmas spirit(s)…?

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Let them enjoy their wee bit of success, after all, it’s no that often they get tae know what liftin a trophy feels like, so the hysteria’s understandable Tho hope the Celtic team (and board) are watchin all this shit, as its us theyre gettin at. Some reaction tae winnin, whit is the equivalent of the English carabao cup and now theyre almost ready tae pump Clemmont up tae Guadiola – Klopp status. Hopefully if we can find a bit of form on the 30th and get a result, be interestin tae see what their reaction is then.

  • Roonsa says:

    It must be akin to the hospital ward DJ who is happy in his own wee sad World talking to people who are lonely.

    “I’ll be your friend, sick person, what football team do you follow? Whit’s that? Aw aye, ah hate them too. Aye mate, Fenian bastards the lot of them …. shit ma mic’s still on. Sorry about that, Ward 19. Here’s a wee song for you all. Penny Arcade. Get those twiriling batons out, YAAAAASSSS!”

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    I don’t think you’ll get the chance to ever get the worthy respect for them James…

    As they’re just gonna get worse and worse and worse in pandering to their predominantly childish Sevco readership –

    And the few ‘toddler’ age mentality Celtic supporters that still read them as well…

    However with their sales circling the cesspit in Scotland (long may that last) they themselves might just get a Christmas Present that they don’t want –

    Like a P45 and a letter to attend a work coach at their nearest job centre…

    That day is coming and it cannot come a day too soon for me anyway –

    And I’ll be the first in queue to troll and celebrate them being on the dole queue…

    The thought and the build up to it happening is a truly beautiful emotion indeed !

  • Dan Dwan says:

    How pathetic are that mob with their supporters masquerading as journalists in practically every Scottish media outlet, spouting a never ending catalogue of positive tripe about this excuse for a football club.
    It really is the land of make believe over there — a support that believes it’s following something that’s dead,, a Santa that’s extremely happy and bigots with typewriters who believe their sports journalists!!
    Can’t wait to give them a dose of reality on the 30th. Cmon the bhoys !!

  • lynda currie says:

    Three trophies in eleven years – where has Santa been . . .oh wait.! . . .

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      Santa’s been very busy in that time Lynda…

      With his sack –

      Sacking plenty Sevco managers !!!

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    @ GGH. Ooof, bet yer glad ye got that aff yer chest. Feel better ? Good.

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