Those “Celtic Fans” Calling For Rodgers’ Head, Be Careful What You Wish For.

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The outpouring of anger at the defeat at the weekend is extraordinary. Absolutely extraordinary. Worse, by far, are those who see in it an excuse to indulge their dislike of the manager.

The “I told you he was a rat” brigade are acting almost as if this is what they’ve been waiting for. But of course, no Celtic fan genuinely wants to see us fail, right?

The question I’d put to them is simply this; if not him, who?

Rodgers left this club before and that’s been hard for a lot of people to take.

But Rodgers put up with a lot of interference the last time he was here, and I have never blamed him for leaving, just for the timing of his departure.

If you were in a toxic work environment, what would you do?

The more you look at the events of that summer and compare them with this summer the clearer it becomes who was right and who was wrong. What you have to remember though is what they then did to him in the January window, just a month before he left.

Rodgers was scunnered on the day we announced the signing of Maryan Shved. Scunnered. That wasn’t one of the players on his list, that was some boardroom bean-counter telling him they’d signed the guy and he was to get on with it. Rodgers didn’t get on with it.

He made it clear he had no intention of just getting on with it. To add insult to injury, the club had already agreed to loan him back to his previous club for the rest of that campaign.

Shved was a complete waste of £2 million. That decision was nothing to do with Rodgers. People who still don’t understand why he walked are missing the big picture.

The same people who forced players on him last time are doing it now. If you’re calling out the manager for his behaviour the last time he was here you are allowing others a free pass.

But there’s a much darker scenario of course; if Rodgers goes, either willingly or otherwise and some people get to celebrate the bloodletting, what happens to our club?

Do these people think that ousting Rodgers or calling for Rodgers to go offers some kind of solution? What do they think will happen on the following day?

That our board will call them up to Celtic Park for a conclave?

That they’ll get to vote and the rest of us will have to wait for the white smoke? And who do they think will be sitting in that chair when the sede vacante comes to an end?

Believe me, I’d consider us lucky to wind up with Neil Lennon back for a third time.

There are worse options, by far.

Fancy Harry Kewell as interim manager?

Or Scott Brown?

We’ve had Lennon twice, and Rodgers twice. Is a return for Ronny Deila or the elevation of John Kennedy really out of the question? Is Gordon Strachan?

Remember who we’re dealing with here.

If they don’t have the guy’s name in the Rolodex already, we could be months waiting on an appointment. And God help us, and this club, if they get to appoint some favourite son.

There are people in that boardroom – I’d say virtually all of them – who ought to have appointed their last Celtic boss.

Those who want shot of Rodgers, even this early, might be willing to dip their hands in the blood, but do not, do not, do not advocate for the slaying of the emperor until you know what happens next … and they don’t have a clue.

The most famous political assassination in history happened on 15 March 44 BC, and those who carried it out had no larger plan than wanting to topple Caeser.

But you know what happened?

That action cost the lives of every single person who participated in it, started two civil wars and ushered in the era of the emperors. If it had an objective beyond one guy’s death it certainly didn’t achieve it.

You want rid of Rodgers? And then what?

Cause this board will pick his successor, and it will not be some big continental name who will make everything alright in an instant.

No, it might be even more divisive, an act of self-destruction, made in a panic.

It was Oscar Wilde who said “When the God’s wish to punish us, they answer our prayers.”

Be careful. Be very careful what you wish for.

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  • Bob (original) says:

    Not really expecting much in January, to be honest.

    But BR has to win the league with this squad of players.

    This is where he starts earning that £3M, or whatever he’s paid.

    He looked like a very ordinary manager yesterday, and short on ideas.

    But he does have a decent pedigree.

    Hopefully, BR himself got a fright yesterday?

    He’s got to react, and get the squad to react as well.

    He can cock up the SC – but he has to deliver the league title.

  • Brian says:

    Why is the first question asked to those who don’t like a manager , well who should it be? That is not for a fan to answer , that is what guys at our club are paid handsomely to do, and in fact always be ahead of the game buy knowing who is available and up and coming with new ideas. Not simply giving the job to ex managers and yes men. I’m not saying Roger’s must go, but make no mistake the Kilmarnock game was coming because we have not been great this season. Just aswell the other mob have been slightly worse. No more room for slip ups.

    • Woodyiom says:

      Spot on Brian. What concerns me is that the other mob are no longer slightly worse!! Since they fired Beale they have been better than us – not particularly silky or attractive to watch BUT simply efficient. They’re not conceding many goals – they’ve only conceded three in nine games since Beale departed – and they find ways to score a goal or two (obviously helped by pens!!) which is all they need to win SPL games and they are gaining momentum and more belief!! We on the other hand concede almost every game (only 3 clean sheets in eleven games) and are very inconsistent up front. If we get an early goal we go on to score a few (e.g. Aberdeen, Hibs, Hearts) but if we don’t get the early goal we really struggle to break teams down – our plan B seems to be keep going with Plan A even when Plan A is clearly not working.

      Brendan needs to adapt his formation, tactics and personnel to suit the squad’s strengths/weaknesses until such time as can acquire better players and/or players that suit his preferred style of play. Clement has shown what simple effective management can do no matter how average the players are. We have better players and a better squad than our noisy neighbours but Brendan’s intransigence regarding formation and style of play is undoing us (even with the mitigation re injuries to Hatate, Maeda and Abada) as the majority of the players at his disposal do not suit his preferred style. Top managers find a system that suits the players they inherit and then over time acquire players to suit the system they ideally want to play. He can’t use the “the team needs more quality” excuse for SPL matches – that doesn’t wash – our players cost 15-20 times what Killie, Motherwell, St Johnstone etc can pay so there’s no excuses for a lot of the dross that’s been on show ALL season long.

      Having said that, removing him is not the answer at this stage, he has more than enough credit in the bank from last time and record in England but as you say there’s no more room for further slip-ups…

  • Allan says:


  • Roonsa says:

    Come on. Why are we talking about this? Brendan needs to show that he can take us through the transfer window and make us a stronger team.

    Some Celtic fans are way too entitled. We’ve dealt with adversity before. We can do it again.

    We play the huns, at home, a fortnight on Saturday. We play the Jambos this weekend. These provide great opportunities to bounce back. We also have an opportunity to restore a little pride in the CL against Feyenoord on Wednesday.

    This is not a time to be talking down Brendan Rodgers. This is a time of great opportunity. Let’s see how we handle that first and assess how we are shaping up for the transfer window.

  • Johnno says:

    Sorry James but to much of this nonsense about board v Rodgers currently, and the only losers in such a situation will be ourselves as supporters?
    Looking to play the blame game is nothing more than fear of the scum?
    Not even half way through this season and a fair bit of bed wetting taking place currently imo?
    So far, neither the board or Rodgers have crowned themselves in glory about how they have went about doing there jobs, for which they all get paid handsomely to do so.
    Yet there is a window of opportunity for both to redeem themselves also?
    I know you want to defend Rodgers at every opportunity available, but surely even yourself can’t claim he’s currently doing a fantastic job either to date?
    Personally was expecting far better from himself, which has been very patchy to date so far imo?
    The decline in established players is a major concern lately, but carry on with making the newer players the scapegoats for it?
    Has kyogo turned into a shite player now?
    Or is Rodgers changing of methods not getting the best from him?
    The same question is being applied to way to many within this squad lately, and can’t continue to be ignored either?
    Would be ridiculous to be calling for his head now, but time to start producing better also within his own job imo?
    If Rodgers hasn’t the appetite for the job, including everything that comes with it, then he can walk away for all I’m concerned about it?
    Haven’t been to impressed with his bitching and moaning and the calling out of players either, especially when hardly in a position to do so himself, with the amount of mistakes he has made and Haven’t worked either?
    Still remain unconvinced that the player’s aren’t totally on board with the methods of Rodgers either, hoping I’m wrong, but only an improvement upon consistency within performances and results will convince myself anyway?
    Going through a slight blip during the course of an SPFL season is nothing new, yet a response is what’s required as not much available margins for errors within an SPFL campaign nowadays.
    How it will all unfold remains way to early to say, but plenty of room for the improvements to be made, which will happen in the 2nd half of the season imo?

  • Sheila Millar says:

    Spot on as usual This is just a hiccup and couple good signings in Jan will change things

  • Bradzo says:

    Hi James,

    I get what you are saying, alas, in the instance of the defeat to Kilmarnock, the Celtic fans are now expressing what they have held back for a while. Celtic have went back a few steps since BR’s appointment, the players are at odds with their roles, this is quite evident, if a team presses them they have no answer, and neither does BR. His substitutions are also bewildering. The board wanted a yes man. Maybe BR should have taken more time off after being sacked by Leicester. I like BR, but it is now waning. The board went for the easy option, this is certain, it stinks of no vision for the future. It was a shock when BR came back, this must have been difficult for him, and it showed in his initial videos, repeating the same buzz words, aggressive, winning, eeurope, etc etc. He sounded so different from his previous tenure. It’s all about the easy option for the board, with no reason, or imagination, they do not seem to have a network of candidates which is bewildering. We all know what is happening, Celtic are a business, and a good machine for making money.
    Maybe we just have to accept that we are priced out of the market and accept a board with no future aspirations, I, myself cannot.

  • Jim Duffy says:

    Tried to post this last blog ,you done ,I just don’t understand why Brendan came back if he knew his hands were going to be tied again regards transfer targets,that’s why he left the last time,what did the board promise him this time round.

  • Iljas Baker says:

    I think it’s clear there’s too much imbalance in the team. Currently we are mainly projects and declining players – only CCV and MOR are at the level we need. Liam Scales has been okay but should really just be a reliable squad player.
    BR has his hands tied in terms of who he has available but he took the job knowing this. He was offered a lot of money and probably thought he would get all the success he wished for in SPFL. Unfortunately there are some teams who are spoiling that complacency. We are now in a title race and can’t win a treble, even a double is uncertain. I hope the Board are sufficiently scared that the title might go across the city and will release decent funds in January. But it will still be hard. Players coming in whether on loan or otherwise will not have played much so will take time ( which we don’t have) to get up to scratch without incurring an injury as is often the case. I’d go for the Macedonian striker at Aberdeen. BR has to learn to use Kyogo and Hatati and Maeda more in the Ange did.

  • Nathaniel says:

    One league defeat and the famous Celtic support has jobies in their pant and knickers
    Remember “we don’t care if we win lose or draw”
    We’re still top of the league and to be honest not played a decent 90 minutes

    • Woodyiom says:

      “We’re still top of the league and to be honest not played a decent 90 minutes” – undoubtedly true but in reality we’re top of the league by virtue of the fact our rivals were so bad under their previous motormouth manager that they could hardly get any worse. That’s no longer the case – they now have someone in charge who knows what he’s doing and in some ways reminds me of Ange when he started with us – not interested in talking about his rivals, concentrating on his own players and the things he can control and improve. He’s not as charismatic as Ange (obviously English is not his first language so its harder for him to come across charismatically in English) but he clearly knows what he’s doing, doesn’t underestimate opponents and is very big on work ethic, teamwork, commitment etc etc. There’s no reason to panic but we’re in a title race and we need to recognise that and react accordingly before its too late !!

  • marvin says:

    calm down guys

  • Moisey17 says:

    This Rodgers has ruined Kyogo is absolute BS. Kyogo has virtually no space to work in and get his yard – the low block, 10 men behind the ball squeezed into 20 yards kills the space to play the through ball he is looking for. He tries to make the space and the moves but the passes don’t come as often as they should because mostly there is a forrest of players to play it through so unlikely to get there, turnover possession, or the players ain’t smart enough to see the pass – it was the same last season with Ange, Kyogo was making those moves but the ball invariably didn’t arrive for the same reasons, either way Rodgers ain’t ruined him the opposition see the threat and have reacted to it.
    What is Rodgers job is to find another way through that block and sorry but it’s not easy. It’s far easier to hold positions, kill the space and spoil than it is to play through.
    My main grip and it started last season was that we are slow to look for a longer pass when we have the chance to break quickly which incidentally isn’t very often as we are up against this low block. Also think think our wingers and strikers are too ridged in holding their positions – because of the low block you have to move defenders around – if you stand still and hold positions you are easy to close down. Our front guys should be moving and swapping across the front line all the time, getting the step on defenders, moving them around, causing confusion about who is picking up who and looking that pass down the side when you are already on the move. We are too static up front, the movement needs to be constant.

    BTW I think we missed the fact that in Sunday Kilmarnock performance in the 2nd half was very good. We are quick to criticise our team but sometimes there are mitigating factors and I thought they were excellent in work rate, press and they played some decent stuff too. They had a plan and executed perfectly and credit where it’s due they did not just sit in.

  • Northamptontim says:

    First lost in the league clowns have the gun loaded, beware theirs not a lot of replacements out there

  • Big Gerry says:

    How many beers did these messages buy you?

    Asking for a friend, joker.


  • Paddybhoy67 says:

    The quote marks around Celtic fans in the headline is not a good look, James. Plenty of folk were disgusted to see Rodger$ back and have been consistent in their opposition to his appointment. And a board which bans the team’s most fervent supporters, censors access to press events for bloggers it doesn’t like, and has ignored ( if not encouraged) industrial scale cheating to preserve the OF brand, which gave him the job, is worthy of opposition too. We appear to only be a club for all, if you follow follow the party line.

  • Peter Cassidy says:

    All these projects are fine but you also need a balance of good players helping the projects I would think 2//3 new players coming in end of the season is what required plus if any good our own young players get a chance in the first team the amount buying projects is such a waste of money some we might get a good one but past buying projects have cost Celtic many millions and we still not learned by this way doing business .Regarding Rodgers he took over a decent team and has changed the way he wants them playing it seems players not yet convinced this is they way they want to play it’s a problem that needs fixing if not he will lose the the dressing room as they say it happened with Lennon but that was more to go with his drinking and not that good as a coach but 1 defeat we don’t need to panic but still a worrying time.

  • Michael McCartney says:

    This Celtic group of players are struggling , Kyogo looks lost, Taylor was was never the best of defenders but under Anges’ system contributed big time going forward, Even AJ is not managing to get forward the way he did last season. Then we have the bizarre decisions with ours centre backs when CCV is not available, A young Swedish International a young Polish CB and Stephen Welsh all available and on our books, but we play a guy who’s on loan until January and has had very little game time at his parent club over the past year.
    Our game management in the 2nd half at Rugby Park was hopeless, at one point when we were under the cosh but still 1-0 up, McGregor took a sore looking knock, he lay down for around 30 seconds got up and was in obvious pain, no sign of our Physio. Most players with top teams in World football know to stay down get the Physio on and take the sting out of the game but no not Celtic. Ditto our lack of moaning at refs for some ridiculous decisions, such as the assault on Yang and not even a foul awarded, practically a carbon copy of the assault on Kyogo against Aberdeen a few weeks ago.
    Our niaevity as a team is so obvious compared with the within the rules cheating by top teams throughout Europe.
    BR who I had my doubts about but wished all the best, as I always do regarding Celtic managers must be given at least until the end of the season.
    The next 5 league games are no doubt the most important of this season, BR has got to show his managerial credentials over the next 3 weeks, failure at this time and it’s going to take a super human effort in the 2nd half of the season to retain the League title.

  • Celticfcman says:

    Anyone who believes Rodgers should be fired is not thinking clearly. We are in 1st place. He is one of the better managers on the planet, and we’re beyond lucky to have him again. Cool your jets, people. Even if we lose the title, he should stay. Believe it or not, Celtic does not own the silverware. Everyone wants to win, we don’t get to automatically win everything. Way too extreme of a reaction going on here. Not even halfway through the season yet.

  • Pat says:

    I agree with this. While there is an argument whether Rodgers should have been reappointed, there is no doubt about his credentials. The problems we have now started before his appointment. The last 3 months of Anger tenure were poor and we stumbled to the end of the season. The board has gotten high, along with many fans, on the Asian signings, but other than Hatate, Maeda and Kyogo none of them have shone. The summer signings, when we were crying out for experience, brought us gems. And there was always going to be an issue when Kyogos form dipped as we don’t have a suitable replacement. Which made the selling of Giakoumakis even more bizarre. If Rodgers goes, the board will be even more entrenched in their policy or doing just enough and hiding when we get spanked in Europe each year. And also… The other lot are catching up.

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