Counting the Victories: How Many Times Celtic Has Claimed the Scottish Premiership?

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Under Parkhead’s emerald glow, Celtic has woven a magnificent tale of victory. The cheers of the Bhoys have filled Glasgow’s East End for more than a century, each bearing witness to a rich legacy etched on cutlery and in the hearts of fans.


But how many times has the fabled clover accepted the grand prize of the Scottish Premiership?

We take a spectacular trip through time to measure the extent of the Celtics’ dominance in the Scottish Premiership games. A wave of green and white will carry you away as we reveal the full breadth of Celtic’s championship victories.

Celtic’s Early Successes In The Scottish Premiership

With Celtic’s 1998 admittance to the just-formed Scottish Premiership, a new age of supremacy began. The Hoops were now ready to splash the top division green and white, having moved past their opponents from Glasgow.

Celtic got off to a great start under manager Wim Jansen, a Dutch mastermind renowned for his offensive tactics. They played thrilling football and had a formidable strike force in Henrik Larsson and John Hartson, which helped them win the 1998–1999 season. After a decisive 3-0 victory over Kilmarnock, this first Premiership triumph felt like only the starting point.

There were many odds on Celtic winning the league that season, but their following performance stunned even the most confident experts. In short succession, five more titles with spellbinding circumstances and exhilarating comebacks came along.

With his goal-scoring prowess and name etched in Premiership history, Larsson became a legend within the club. Paul Lambert’s captaincy personified the team’s fighting spirit, and Aiden McGeady’s amazing footwork captivated everyone.

Celtic’s Domination in the Early Years

Celtic domination is woven throughout the early Scottish Premiership with emerald strands. Since the league’s founding in 1998, the Bhoys have solidified their reputation as an unwavering force, crafting a winning symphony that fills stadiums and calms opponents.

Even though they won many trophies—nine in the first 12 seasons—which is evidence of their unwavering hunger—Celtic’s enchantment was not limited to that. Legends like Lennon and Hartson guided the Hoops, who used Old Masters-style flair to their skill and turned every match into a canvas.

Although the Scottish Premiership results would create a clear picture, this era of domination was more about the swagger, the belief, and the simple thrill of witnessing a team demolish opponents with such style. Back in those crazy early years of Scottish football, a Celtic team captivated the hearts and minds of a nation, leaving their mark on mythology.

How many Premiership Titles Have Celtic Won?

Draped in brilliant green and forged in fiery Glaswegian spirit, Celtic have an incredible trophy cabinet filled with cutlery. Despite all of their victories, the Scottish Premiership is the one that stands out the most, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to quality.

A loud “yes” reverberates through Celtic Park’s stands in response to the inquiry, “Have Celtic won the Scottish Premiership?” They have raised the trophy 53 times in all, making their name unforgettable in the football realm of the country.

Every title has its narrative, a tapestry woven with flashes of brilliant skill, unshakable resolve, and the thunderous roars of an ardent green-and-white army.

From the early victories of the fabled reign of Willie Maley to the contemporary exploits of managers such as Billy McNeill and Ange Postecoglou, Celtic’s history is a mesmerizing mosaic of brilliant dribbles and instances of pure athletic enchantment.

Challenging Times and Resurgences

Throughout their illustrious history, the green-clad Bhoys have seen their fair share of storms. Celtic has repeatedly come out of financial chaos in the early 21st century and returned with a fresh sparkle in their emerald eyes from the painful exile of Parkhead in the 1980s. Every obstacle served as a furnace that strengthened their will to succeed and restore their position as the premier Scottish football team.

Rumours of unhappiness lingered around Parkhead’s sacred grounds this season. A long shadow was threatened by a slow start to the campaign, whispers of tactical debate, and the pain of European failure. However, the Bhoys discovered their spark just as the sceptics sharpened their blades. A thrilling, aggressive football string, led by McGregor’s unwavering determination and Jota’s mercurial talent, hushed the doubters and rekindled Celtic’s undying fire.

So, the next Celtic game is more than just a three-point contest. It’s evidence of the persistent attitude that every Celtics fan possesses, a real-life manifestation of the team’s fierce motto, “Never Say Die.” Celtic people have always risen above hardship, recreated themselves, and stormed back into the light.

Current State of Celtic FC in the Scottish Premiership

The Bhoys start the new year riding high in the Premiership standings, their title defence moving along with unwavering assurance. Ange Postecoglou’s explosive attacking style is still thrilling, as seen by their recent 3-0 demolition of Dundee.

With a hat-trick of his own, Kyogo Furuhashi left home supporters beaming more than mince pies. Domestic supremacy is back on the menu as Celtic, with a six-point advantage, looks to win the Premiership for a historic sixth time while disappointment in Europe fades. The Celtic score today—another decisive victory—underlines their goal.


So, the question remains, ‘Can anyone really stop the green, white, and gold giants?’



53 is a simple yet profound number that takes centre stage in the hearts of Celtic fans as the curtain drops on every winning season.

This is more than just a list of awards; it’s evidence of an emerald-green footballing legacy. Every victory, from the Bhoys’ early dominance to their most recent championship conquest, tells a story of unflinching tenacity, tactical skill, and an unbreakable spirit.

These triumphs are more than just the cold gleam of cutlery; they are knitted into the very foundation of Celtic identity, a tapestry full of memories of raucous cheers, heart-stopping finishes and an audience unwavering in their passion.

And one thing is certain as the race for Premiership triumph continues: the Celtic tale is far from done. Also, their steadfast belief that 53 is only one more chapter in a legend constantly being written will make any faithful Celtic fan experience an ever-burning desire to achieve grandeur.

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