Our Dire Media Is Now Linking The Celtic Boss With Jobs That Aren’t Even Open.

Image for Our Dire Media Is Now Linking The Celtic Boss With Jobs That Aren’t Even Open.

Just when you thought they couldn’t get any worse, our media outdoes itself with a story about Celtic which doesn’t even strain credibility because it never comes remotely close enough to it.

The story has nothing to stand it up at all.

The story links Rodgers to a “top job in the EPL” and it started life at The Sun, written by one of those desperados who when he has no actual news to write scours the gossip sites and when that doesn’t work, he goes even lower and scours or the online bookies.

And the online bookies are where this latest story emerged from.

Rodgers is one of the “favourites” for a job that isn’t even available, the one at Newcastle. This is the level these goons work at, this is how low their standards are.

To give you a bit of context, when Ange left Steven Gerrard was on the bookies list for the Celtic job and there was as much prospect of that as there was of him being elected Pope.

The bookies will put anyone’s name on that list if they think there’s a chance of attracting bets. Rodgers is rated but the Saudis have all the money in the world and if Howe goes, they can go after whoever the Hell they want and stand a chance of getting their man.

The same Scottish media who are dropping suggestions that Rodger is past it now think he’s going to get one of the most high-profile gigs in the management business?

Please. Even if the job was available, it’s a joke and they know it’s a joke and they are promoting this crap anyway. I guess the moment the O’Riley stories ended we knew we’d have to put up with something like this, something out of left field, something ridiculous.

But linking Rodgers with a job that’s not even available? That’s pathetic.

That’s scraping the bottom of the barrel even by the standards of the hacks in this country. Of course it originated in The Sun, and the story reeks so much that only one “mainstream outlet” touched it, and they only did so in passing because they know the story stinks.

It’s not the only dreadful story doing the rounds tonight; the one about Fabio Silva rejecting Celtic to move to Ibrox is also a barefaced lie, but it’s a particular sort of barefaced lie, the sort that is designed to make it look like they’ve got one over on us; a striker that age, with so many games under his belt, and that lousy scoring record? I would have been shocked, I would have been appalled, had we signed him when we need a proven scorer.

So that one doesn’t bother me half as much as the Rodgers story does.

That’s clearly designed to get Celtic fans questioning the man’s loyalty and that makes it a low act with malicious intent. What else do we expect from that rag though?

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  • Captain Swing says:

    Hah hah hah…. the redtops trying to stoke unrest in the run up to a derby game? Whatever could they be up to?!

  • Bob (original) says:

    I don’t think anybody expects loyalty from Rodgers,

    but we do expect the SPL title, as a minimum.

    Whoever we do get in January isn’t going to transform the squad:

    the squad will have to be sorted out in the summer.

    We need an impact player in January, who can hit the ground running,

    and get the team and support buzzing.

    Miovski and/or Shankland could possibly do that?

    A ‘local’ proven scorer,

    who might also force Kyogo and Oh to up their game?

  • Roonsa says:

    There’s about as much chance of Brendan getting offered the Newcastle job as there is of me ever buying a copy of The Sun.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Yet incredibly Celtic ‘supporters’ ??? still buy them – (Probably the type that would welcome a Sevco fan back into his fold after slandering, slagging and lying about his daughter and treat him to a beer and a dram just for good measure)…

    I seen one today in a nice Celtic polo shirt, pick one up in Tesco, pay for it and head to the cafe to read all this lies about Brendan and Celtic – He actually paid for that ‘privilege’

    Now here’s confession time – I’m currently visiting ma old maw who is 81 and can’t do online and likes a read of the paper (old style) so today’s she asked me to get her one which I did along with Chicken Gourmet Cubes and Felix 7+ cat food for Seamus the family house cat…

    So I told her the goodies for Seamus are on me but that I wanted repaid the sum of £1 for The Scottish Sun as they are not getting one penny far less one pound from me come hell or high water –

    I’ve just had a massive verbal row with ma sister who ‘caught’ me charging our maw for The Scottish Sun and labelled me a miserable tight fisted bastard but I blasted her back about their pish with Hillsborough and anti Celtic jargon as well which she stated she didn’t give a fcuk about…

    I told her that if I was a miserable tight fisted bastard then at least I was a PRINCIPLED miserable tight fisted bastard which she isn’t –

    So The Scottish Sun causing trouble even though our verbals had nothing to do with Celtic…

    How many other families in Scotland will be having the same arguments as I’ve just had – Probably Hundreds More…

    PS – Ma wee maw said that I was quite right to stick to ma principals and she was happy to repay me her ‘paper’ (Rag) debt any time especially as she got the far better ‘freebie’ outta the situation –

    But there you go – The Scottish Football Media causing trouble even without trying to on this occasion !

    • Roonsa says:

      Ma da is the same same age as your maw, mate. He’s been telt. No Daily Mail. No Sun. In fact, no newspapers coz the ones you read are pish.

      So don’t feel bad. Get yer sister telt. I would have went further. I would have said (to ma da) get yer ain paper ya old goat.

    • Walter chinstrap says:

      I’ve got to get the fekin Daily Mail for my auld man but just pap it I’m ma pocket and pay for a pint of milk only.
      I take great pleasure in using his old ones to get the logburner going.
      Never ever pay for garbage printed by British media

  • SSMPM says:

    Celtic’s “biscuit tin” mentality board, sorry to quote your nemesis Spugh K, have placed us in the Weakest Link category. All we seem to do is “Bank”, all the winnings.
    They’ve enabled the huns and their fanbase, radio, social/media and press to laugh at us, literally highlighting the piss-take we fans are having ripped right out of us.
    Their board is buying 1st team ready players and rightfully directing the title of ‘gullibles’ onto us. We fans and you in the blogger-sphere with influence need to change your record. The lump in my throat is choking me with the words of board support since the summer for what a financially healthy and well looked after club they’ve produced with financial results to glory at. While the team deteriorates week in week out.
    If Lawwell, Nicholson et al, fall backwards there’ll be a lot broken noses amongst you and no cup or title to glory at.
    Wouldn’t surprise me if this club continues to follow their model and we kissed goodbye to some 1st team players. O ‘Riley? Is the point of extending player contracts to really only increase their value? This board are letting us all down for corporate greed. We need to unite and now. The fans, you bloggers, outspoken Celtic minded commentaries such as Sutton and Hartson need to turn the screw and now. HH

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