Let’s Be Clear: Celtic Fans Aren’t “Panicked” Over Ibrox’s Form. We’re Worried About Ours.

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I knew this week would be unbearable.

I knew there would be utter rot written in the media. I don’t care about the criticism we’re getting; we deserve it, we earned every bit of it and even when it comes from complete headbangers there’s no appetite amongst any of the bloggers for defending the club from it.

Those in charge are reaping what they’ve sowed.

You know where the line is though? When what they write is such rubbish that it’s impossible to ignore and one of the narratives being pushed today has about as much truth in it as a Donald Trump speech and as many facts as a Keith Jackson column.

It’s the idea that Celtic fans are “panicking” over Ibrox’s form. It’s not true. We’re panicked for one reason only; the collapse in our own.

Let me offer a little context here. Since Clement took over, they’ve dropped points against Aberdeen. They needed a helping hand from the officials just to get a draw out of that.

They got some very fortuitous decisions yesterday. They were 1-0 down with a minute go against Hearts at home, and they needed VAR to bail them out of that.

Even with a little help from their friends, we’d have been further clear in the league race had our own form not self-destructed. The mess we’re in was born in our own house. Our problems start and finish at Celtic Park and if we can turn things around in terms of our own form, I have no doubt that we will win this title. The only question is, can we do that?

But the idea that we are somehow concerned by the “form” at Ibrox is laughable. Even when The Mooch was in charge over there, most of us accepted that our defeat against Kilmarnock had virtually handed them the League Cup, so it’s not some measure of progress over there that they won that.

Their club would have had its own hard questions to answer if they’d failed to, and although the media wants to airbrush that reality out of this it’s a fact nonetheless.

Anyone who has watched them knows they are terrible. Marginally better than us right now, but that’s no great compliment. Whatever “improvement” there’s been over there has been marginal at best, but marginal improvement is enough when we’ve gone backwards.

The person pushing this line most aggressively is Kenny Miller, and this is further evidence that his most potent impact on punditry has been to open a contest up with the Village Idiot as to who is the least intelligent person commenting on Scottish football.

That shouldn’t even be a contest, because the Village Idiot is so thick and so dreadful at the job that he should be out of sight … but Miller is giving him a run for his money, and that Sky is paying both of these yahoos shows you how thoroughly its Scottish Sports department stinks. It is in the hands of people who don’t value insight or even professionalism.

What a badge of honour. To have found two of the most biased, stupidest, least qualified ex-players in the whole country and given them gigs on your network.

Honestly, most of us realise we’re going to have eat dirt for a while, at least until we’ve arrested this situation and put ourselves in the drivers seat again, but this stuff is just rank rotten, and there’s no way we should have to swallow this.

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  • Finbar muldoon says:

    James, the problem is the Celts board. Keeping genuine fans out. WTF??? HH

  • Bob L says:

    Agree, James, it is our form that is the major concern, and our lack of appetite to get results. Looks like Rodgers is part of the problem at present. More of a worry, will we bring in the quality needed to cover for the Asian cup, and some of our 2nd rate players. A big month ahead

  • Johnno says:

    The scum have 1 league title to there name in their miserable existence, and we handed that to the scum, just to keep them in survival?
    Could history be about to repeat itself?
    That is certainly my main concern at the moment, as that crap we were served up in the 10iar season, still remains unforgotten from myself anyway, and wouldn’t tolerate the likes again either?
    Yes admittedly, there is a similar feeling about it currently?
    Still believe it remains our title to lose still, but could require some big decisions to be made in January?
    The board are already upon pressure in that regards, and for there sakes they better find the right decisions needed to rectify this current shit show.
    But will they?

  • harold shand says:

    Remember during pre season when Kenny Miller was doing everything bar walk about wearing a baseball cap and t shirt with Beale’s face on it

    Resorted to being a shameless cheerleader because that’s all he has left after his attempt at coaching went down the sh*tter

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Fcukin Kenny Miller – yeah him that celebrated so very wildly when he scored for us v Rangers (as they were then) at Parkhead…

    For fcuks sake McCann sounds like Einstein compared to him –

    Glad I don’t have Sky – Certainly according to this very fine blog it’s the correct decision for sure…

    But thanks for flagging it up about his lunacy –

    And I agree James – Few detest the Scottish Media more than me – but Celtic do deserve a hammering from them (yes even these imbeciles) for the whole shit show of the last few weeks !

  • Darragh ó Conchobhair says:

    I think we can win the game.

  • Sophie Johnstone says:

    Time to get real our club is in disarray yes sevco’s team aren’t great but they have one trophy in the bag,which can galvanise a team,we saw it with us plenty of times.If we don’t get the finger out on and off the park we’re winning eff all and a club who should be miles in our rear view will be laughing all the way to Champions League millions

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