The Celtic Way: Unraveling the Ethical Foundations of the Club

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The Celtic Football Club, more commonly referred to as Celtic, is a professional Scottish football team with roots in Glasgow. Also nicknamed “the Bhoys,” the “h” being a phonetic representation of their Irish pronunciation, the team is at the top of Scottish domestic game.

Celtic is so popular that plenty of platforms even feature slots inspired by the Scottish team.

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Their values are exactly what makes fans trust them in comparison to others. Where the Celtics are seen as the Catholic team, their rivals are described as the Protestants. Each has its own code of ethics, no matter what the members’ role may be. Read on and we will learn more about what drives the club and their core values for success.

Info on Celtic’s History

Celtic FC was founded in 1887, and their initial meeting was held at St. Mary’s Church in Calton. The club aimed to raise enough money to aid the East End side of Glasgow, struggling to make ends meet. The following year, Celtic played for the first time against the Rangers, winning 5-2. Since then, the popularity and success of the group have grown and various charity-aimed branches have emerged in other areas of Glasgow.

The team’s colors were chosen to represent the Scottish background, changing based on the location. Green was a predominant shade throughout the years, and the current setup is presented below:

Types of Game Colors Representative Colors
Home White and green stripes
Away Black and golden stripes
Third Regular green featuring light and dark green stripes

Over time, plenty of football matches had a charitable purpose. The winning of each game is donated to a cause, helping different areas in Glasgow and more to cope with financial struggles. Eventually, in 2013, the Celtic FC Foundation was also formed, acting as a charitable extension to the club. The motto of the organization is “Football for Good.”

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Celtic’s Ethics for Players

No matter where the team may be, Celtic needs to follow a certain code of conduct and ethics. This is not only for their fans but also for themselves. Celtic transcends traditional football clubs, combining sportsmanship and cultural pride as well as a desire to make an impact beyond the football team. Their games are a medium, and the earnings that come help the group’s culture strive.

For success to be achieved, the football club has a set of principles. Some are required, whereas others are recommended. Below is the player’s code for Celtic:

  • Play for your enjoyment, not to make the coach or parents happy.
  • Accept the referee’s decision at every moment.
  • Follow the game laws each time you enter the field.
  • Practice being a “good sport.” Give applause to a beautiful match, no matter if it was you or the opposite team that won.
  • Play both for yourself and the club. This way, the team’s performance and your own improve.
  • Respect the opponents and treat them in the same way you would want to be treated. Take advantage of and bully no one.
  • Remember your duty to the opponents. Play hard, but be fair, as the intention should not be to hurt.
  • When winning, be humble. At a loss, keep your head high and show dignity.
  • At the game’s end, thank the opposing team for the match, regardless of the outcome.
  • Remember that aside from doing good, the game aims to have fun and improve your football

The ethics code was created to set the grounds for a professional game and for the players to remember why they are on the field. By putting the focus on their passion, members show Celtic fans that a game can bring good to the world.

The Bottom Line

The Celtic Football Club takes its actions beyond the field. Every time they finish a game, players give back to the community and are proud to support their culture. At the same time, they did not change, following the gameplay style of the founding fathers. The Celtics connected and enjoyed the game, preferring the passion of a good play rather than the bitterness of a lost one. The positive energy from a match would be used to help those in need.

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