Celtic’s Hammer-Blow Victory Over Ibrox Must Not Allow Complacency In Our Boardroom.

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In the elation we all feel over our team’s striking return to form, there is one nagging doubt at the back of all of our minds; that those in charge at Celtic might have convinced themselves that we are back in business and that the manager has things in hand. Kyogo not being selected for Japan in the Asian Cup might be another factor in their thinking.

But by God, this attitude must not control how we act in the next few weeks. This team has gotten its nose in front again and we’ve done so in a way that has rocked Ibrox to its foundations.

Their explosion of irrationality is the proof of that. They are the ones who are rattled and panicked. If we get our act together here, we’ve got this in our hands.

For once, this club has to act aggressively instead of proceeding with caution.

It’s not cautious anyway, it’s a high-risk strategy which could easily have blown up in our faces. Our board has no idea how much they are teetering on the brink of a full fan uproar. They would be crazy to think that the results of the past handful of games have changed that.

We know this club is run on the basis of cronyism and nepotism.

Our transfer policy is in the hands of someone grossly unqualified to hold the post, and he wouldn’t have the job if he wasn’t the chairman’s son.

Brendan Rodgers will tolerate only so much, and he has proved to be one of the best assets the club has. He didn’t come here for this.

That man has proved his quality again.

He’s earned the right to run this as he sees fit, and the money is there to let him build the version of this team that he wants. What we have proved recently is that we are actually not far short; the same three or four signings that would have transformed the summer are all we actually need right now.

If we get those guys in place and he can convince this squad to stay together into the next campaign and mount that assault on the new Champions League, what an opportunity we’re going to have in front of us and whatever business we do will pay for itself.

A signing in the front line is essential, although Kyogo is still here.

The boy from Rapid Vienna appears to have the right pedigree because he can play as a striker as well as wide … he would compliment the talent we already have and would make sure we didn’t have to rely on the likes of Mikey Johnston or James Forrest going forward.

I still hope for an out and out goal scorer.

We need one, because even with Kyogo still here we’ve lost both Maeda and Oh and they are our other recognised strikers. It’s all well and good saying Abada and Palma could fill in as strikers, but you’re then weakening two areas of the team instead of one because neither of them is a natural. We cannot mess about here.

Even Brendan’s biggest critics must now recognise the manager’s great strengths and the possibilities which are in front of us if we give him the full support he’s earned. This club succeeds in spite of our board, not because of them.

If they want to change that perception, if they want to claim their role in the success story, they have to start justifying it.

Lawwell Jnr in particular has got to start earning his keep.

This window is a chance to convince some of his doubters. Or he can pose ever more questions about what in God’s name his function is at Celtic Park.

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  • Roonsa says:

    I am 100% with you on this, James. However, I fear it’s all just a fart in the wind. Celtic operates to serve an elite. We had a moment of clarity when Ange turned the ship around and everything was looking good. Lawwell was out the picture and Nicholson was credited for doing his job and staying out of the limelight, something that Lawwell could never allow himself to do.

    Even when Lawwell was brought back, we kidded ourselves on that the Chairman role was one he could do most damage for Celtic in as it is a non executive role. He has a lot of useful contacts that he could utilise to maximise commercial opportunities.

    But as we all know, Lawwell only cares about two things. Himself and the family name. And why Mark Lawwell was recruited into the position he currently holds is a question that needs to be answered but never will be. It is a conflict of interests. Any self respecting plc would never have allowed this to happen.

    If course we all know why it was allowed to happen. It serves the interests of the Desmond family to have someone to hide behind. And Peter Lawwell is more than happy (and able) to act as that shield.

    Celtic has become the very entity that Fergus McCann did not want it to become after he saved it from the clutches of the Grant / White / Kelly dynasty. And that was inevitable. As long as Celtic remains as part of the Scottish footballing backwater, it will be of no interest to organisations who could easily afford to take over and turn it into another Newcastle or Man City. And that’s something we all want even less than the situation we have to tolerate now.

    Let’s face it. We never had a voice and never will have. The only way we can act is by stop funding them. And there are too many people who will never stop doing that.

    To summarise: lilke it or lump it.

  • Bob (original) says:

    Would love to be a fly on the wall whenever BR speaks with the boy Lawwell.

    BR is a professional winner, with the trophies to prove it.

    It seems that Junior is there only because of Daddy.

    You’d think that BR – with his experience – would have Lawwell sussed out,

    in about 5 minutes?

    Could BR even work with such a ligtweight, when he’s expecting to be working

    with someone with significantly more – relevant – skills and experience to be

    Head of Recruitment?

    That is a crucial relationship within the club, and just can’t imagine it could

    work between 2 individuals who are polar opposites in achievement and


    Someone who is even perceived to have been given a job because of their Dad,

    has to earn respect, in any workplace.

    However, if that person is also unqualified for the job they’ve been given,

    then he’s highly unlikely to endear himself to colleagues…at all ? 🙁

  • Pat says:

    We 100% need another striker. Kyogo has been off the boil for much of the season and Oh never looks like pushing him. Great that Hatate is back but we still require someone with the hit the ground running experience that Mooy gave us when he came in. I’m a massive Taylor fan but there is noone to cover for him so an LB required also.

    Too many times the board have done just enough to stay ahead rather than invest with purpose to take us to a next level.

  • Dando says:

    This board’s (especially the Lawell’s) legacy is here and now, I do hope DD is paying attention.

    If they don’t invest (our money) in this transfer window it will NEVER be forgotten by the fans.


  • Davie says:

    Being complacent and showing contempt to others (especiallyThe Rangers) is a Lawell trademark.
    It’s only a short time since sack the board, with Lawell get to f, eh somewhere else was going round celtic Park.
    That can’t be forgotten, as the failed 10iar should never be forgotten, that was Lawell & Lennon who ruined that, both should never have stepped inside celtic Park again.

  • Johnny Green says:

    I’m convinced the fans will get what they want this time around. The new format Champions League and the riches that go with it makes it essential for us to win the League this season, and the board certainly know that and are drooling over the potential returns.

    Furthermore we need to strengthen and bed players in in preparation for out European exploits next season, so anything spent just now will, be money very well spent provided we get the quality that we require on board. We do need to speculate this time to accumulate, surely the board know this and are in a position to let go of the purse strings to achieve that aim.

    I for one am hopeful that they will push the boat out.

  • JimBhoy says:

    Looking forward to who we bring in, this will show who is running the show.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Lawwell (sonny) seems to love lightweight wingers from far away lands that need time to ‘settle in’ to this rancid football country…

    For fcuks sake – Get some battlers in to fight Brick for Brick and Bottle for Bottle –

    And get Shankland to keep him off The Sevco Huns and score for fun for Celtic !

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