One Celtic Win Is All It Took To Drive Our Rivals Mad. Imagine What The Title Will Do.

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For the last year or so, all we have heard out of Ibrox is how settled the club is. How it is now in the hands of the sane people after a period where the lunatics held sway. It is settled. It is calm. They have a stable system, a good management team and are now ready to advance forward. There is a new board. There is a new boss. They have a new squad.

The narrative is not dissimilar to ones that we’ve heard before, but it has a new timbre this time because they can see the club income going up. But they spend more than they earn anyway, always, and because they do their club is constantly in firefighting mode. This is largely kept out of the media who report Ibrox’s “positive” numbers even when they are barefaced lies.

Their board is painted as a model of probity and calm. But these were the same people who talked about “settling debts on and off the pitch.” There are other stories, going back a while, about a journalist overhearing a sectarian sing-a-thon from one of them. This isn’t the adults taking over the room, this is the lunatics running the asylum.

Their team has been swaggering around bragging on their unbeaten record under this new boss of theirs. But they had the same swagger and were doing the exact same boasting about The Mooch and about the run they were on under Van Bronckhorst before him. There have been obvious, glaring issues with some of their performances but until someone beat them, they could do their boasting. The squad was largely avoiding the scrutiny ours has had.

Then we won. And it’s as if we slammed a wrecking ball into their stonewall. The point of impact has shattered, completely. And the cracks are right across the whole of the superstructure. Like a fighter with a glass jaw, they can duck and weave and even swing good punches … but they have to protect the chin, always, because one good hit and down they go.

I have never seen a more hysterical reaction to a single defeat. Never. Not in my life. Demands that a guy never referee their games again? For not giving a penalty they’d never have got? Allies in the media stamping their feet when they’ve spent the season telling us all to chill and that VAR and officials are wholly trustworthy?

Their board has reverted to type, whipping up the mob, trying to put the pressure on. Their releases have been unhinged. Their demand to pick and choose their referees is without precedent and if it was any other club the media would be branding it deranged. They are trying to prise open doors that it’s not even in their interests to have open.

Their manager, who was being portrayed as a classy, calm individual has been exposed as a ranting, foaming nutcase who cannot take reversals of any sort. He looks pathetic. He sounds crazed. Bear in mind that it’s not a week ago that people were talking about him setting club records as an unbeaten boss … one defeat and this guy has completely unspooled.

From the boardroom on down, that entire club has gone tonto. Let’s not forget what seems to be lost amidst all this moon howling; this wasn’t a penalty kick. Imagine what seeing us win this title is going to do to them. Imagine the pressure it will put on every one of them.

Manneken Piss had one alibi when he arrived there; that they were well behind us in the title race. We allowed them back into it, and whilst I’m sure he’s glad we did, it has a negative consequence. Even a draw at Celtic Park would have given them a chance to go top … so when the next slip comes their fans are going to conclude that he’s the one who blew it.

And they would be right. His pre-match arrogance about having already seen off a bigger challenge than us was ludicrous. No wonder Rodgers and McGregor were so contemptuous in the aftermath. Have these Peepul never heard that “those who want respect give respect?” We’ve beat them and we’re not even getting any.

Manneken Piss couldn’t even praise the best players in the country; he claimed that his right back was the best midfielder on the pitch when everyone in Scotland was agreeing that McGregor and O’Riley had been dominant.

He can’t escape the verdict if we win this title.

He’ll certainly not be fired any time soon, unless he enters a death spiral which I see as unlikely whilst other clubs are still being blinded by the pinstripes. But once they drop a few more points and the heat starts to go up we’ll see what happens. He’s already shown signs of being the sort of guy who will turn on the players just as he’s turned on the officials who he was very recently pledging his support for.

It’s incredible to witness such a turnaround in their public persona in less than a week. Far from looking like a modern, forward-looking organisation run by the right people, they look backward, sectarian, bitter, petty, arrogant and vengeful.

And this is one result. Which is why I’m looking forward to us all getting back to it. We are going to drive that wrecking ball through every one of those walls by the time this season is over, and we’re going to leave that structure teetering on the brink.

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  • Johnno says:

    Nothing more than desperation from the scum, and never seen a carry on about a penalty that wasn’t even a penalty?
    Pepe le poo is showing his yellow streak of piss now and another gobshite that will be added to the ever growing list of failures before santa revists that shithole this year, yet again imo?
    The panicking has already really set in now, with overturning the combined total from the 2 scummy Hun teams.
    Like you say James if this is a sample of a scummy Hun meltdowns already, then we have seen nothing yet, especially when the survival lie is put to bed and both clubs will remain in our shadow?
    Glasgow will remain green and white and be far easier for the zombie Hun to accept it, as will be confirmed quickly enough now

  • Johnny Green says:

    I said all along that we should just let the little piggies squeal and that is exactly what they are doing, I expected no less and their cries of pain are orgasmic to me.

  • Chris says:

    Hail hail

  • Mick says:

    Yes, remember that lot pressed for SPFL insolvency rule changes to be made, those changes were made and as a result; even when they do go tits-up; they’ll remain in the SPFL Premier League. So, don’t get carried away on this one….

    Their demise might come about but those rules were altered to KEEP THEM ALIVE because they knew that their demise was almost inevitable. That explains their constant money-burn, WHY NOT.

    I don’t like to remind supporters of that fact, it’s really unfortunate as we all enjoy their petted lip tantrums with popcorn in hand, that this will be just another example of a rigged game. Continue ad nauseam.

    • James Forrest says:

      Absolutely right.

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      Yep – Bang on Mick and the very reason why I chucked paying for to watch ma beloved Celtic live…

      I mean – Doncaster came out and said that ‘Rangers’ are the same club – Absolutely (Rangers are his words and not mine it must be noted)…

      And as sure as night follows day – He will do the same the next time for certain –

      And the silence from Celtic was utterly cowardly and downright SHAMEFUL…

      Regan was slightly better saying that the fans would argue about the new club / same club until the cows come home…

      But that wasn’t enough for me I’m afraid –

      I’m incredibly frustrated about the situation that I’ve found myself in regarding this…

      But I have my principles and unfortunately I’m beautifully content with depriving Celtic of my cash at the turnstiles to watch a bent and utterly corrupt sport !

  • Tam says:

    Have I read the SFA/SPFL statement correctly….the SFA/SPFL “protocol” for a VAR decision is to include the (audio) to all clubs. ….. This brings up 2 questions for me 1 “the rangers” lied to their own support with the help of the SMSM “no surprise there” and 2 Celtic must have known also

  • green manalishi says:

    Spot on James. It really is eye popping to see, even by Sevco’s Dementia 13 standards, the slow motion implosion unfolding before us. Within a week the tables have completely turned. According to the Ibrox fan club (aka the Scottish Media) we were effectively in a state of crisis, Rodgers was a dud and Todd Cantwell was Mario Kempes on steroids and would destroy the Celtic midfield at Paradise. Now the Zombie fan sites are in a doom spiral, and the likes of Cantwell and Captain Tav are useless and must be sold immediately. Shankland is better than Kyogo and must be signed even it bankrupts the new entity. The Peepul are revolting and on a war footing. High on the ionized octane of their own ill defined battle fever. It is a beautiful thing to behold. It truly is the daddy of meltdowns. That is saying something from a club who have made a virtuosity out of existential meltdowns. This is the moment the club must stand up and fight the fight- ‘Aye Ready!’ as the Peepul say…and if it means fighting the whole world so be it! The world will regret stoking the wrath of the Peepul! The sites are all afire with the penalty they never got and how Johnston and Bernardo should have had red cards well before poor wee Leon got his. Nothing on Balogun spitting. Nothing on Turnbulls penalty/or him being onside when Tav shoved him and coincidentally no mention ( even in the media) of Goldsons studs down Bernardo’s shin during that tackle he feigned injury in or of the punch to the face O’Reilly got to the nose from Sterling. No. That would upset their world view and shatter their delusions of persecution. But then we never heard much of a peep from the media when batteries and golf balls were thrown or glass was on the pitch at ibrox or when chivs and baseball bats were found by the cops among those good gentle Peepul the last time we played at Ibrox… but is any of this a surprise to us when such a media pampered and privileged group like der Zombie believe the media in Scotland is it to get them? The lack of self awareness is like a force of nature. These Peepul are so stupid and warped with hate for Celtic and our European Cup success that they thought counting their titles would be a good idea- ie 55 etc and now are in utter meltdown that we will most probably be at 54 by the end of the season…and if we do we will have access to 60 0r 70 million from the revamped Champions league…what will they have to comfort themselves with then? A RECORD NUMBER OF LEAGUE CUP WINS! WOW! WHOOP! WHOOP! Stop the fecking train Sevco are coming through…they’ll be running out of Union Jack shammies and tea-towels at the Ibrox Bear shop for them to greet their wee baw faces into…

  • JimBhoy says:

    As Phil and others have alluded to many times they let their best manager go in their short history in GVB. Couple of bad results and not keeping to the boardroom narrative was enough to see him off. All for telling it like it is.

    Clemente’s comments after the Celtic game showed him for what he is. He has drank the Klan Kool-aid and is now a full indoctrinated member of the self serving, selfish, entitled brigade.

    Clemente will ultimately go as the others have.

    I hope Celtic bring in 3 or 4 first team ready players and let’s see what action happens across the city.

    James, feel free to re-use the ‘Klan Kool-aid’ it feels appropriate for new managers and players into rangers 🙂 HH

    • Captain Swing says:

      Inclined to agree with you on GVB – getting to the Europa League Final, winning the Scottish Cup and qualifying for the Champions League group stage will retrospectively be seen as towering achievements! But he didn’t satisfy the bloodlust and he was far too honest in his analysis of why they weren’t top of the heap, so he made way (with his pockets well filled!) for the idiotic spoofer Billy Bealeshitter and now they have Poirot…. in my woeful ignorance I knew nothing about the geezer and initial impressions were of a calm, measured individual… at least as presented by the Scottish media. In the aftermath of defeat though he transformed into a Caixinha like figure, ranting and raving and not even being able to answer straightforward, everyday questions from hacks without snarling away. If this goes the way I think it will, it’s going to be the most enjoyable disintegration of them all!

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