Today The Hacks Are Pushing The Most Idiotic Celtic Transfer Story Of This Window.

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What did I say earlier about our media? A joke, right?

You have to take your hat off to them at times. They go above and beyond when it comes to writing absolute guff. Today at least three outlets have gone for broke, with a story which started with The Daily Mail’s resident halfwit Stephen McGowan, who wrote an appalling piece on Liel Abada just the other week which we covered on here.

The gist of today’s nonsense is that Abada has “loan options” from England. It is, in some ways, a continuation of the piece I just mentioned, and goes over the same ground; Abada is under pressure to quit this club and three teams down south might offer him a solution, which is to leave on loan until the end of the season.

Read that again. Liel Abada could leave Celtic on loan.

I mean, what? Like we’re going to allow that to happen, this coming week? Even a permanent transfer would be an impossible sell to fans, and to the manager, but on loan? You have to keep repeating it to make sure you’re fully comprehending what you are being asked to believe here; Liel Abada. Going out on loan. It’s absurd.

There is as much chance of that happening as there is of The Mooch being unveiled as the next Celtic boss. Which is to say zero, nada, nil, zilch. And whilst I appreciate our hacks have jobs to do, I cannot believe that so many of them are content to copy and paste and run with this piece of clickbait junk, which is a complete non-story.

But that’s Scottish sports journalism for you, and it’s as I said this morning; can you even imagine what the state of debate and discussion would be in our game right now if it were not for fan media? The Evening Times, one of the papers running this stuff, has a story about Luis Palma being spotted on a Glasgow city bus.

That’s what we’re dealing with.

Christ almighty, are there any serious people left in this business north of the border?

These people do not have to write this kind of nonsensical fluff.

But it’s easy to do and they are fundamentally lazy.

Even if the basic premise of the story is accurate, it’s going nowhere and everyone involved has to know that it is going nowhere. Celtic would never permit such a deal. It would be madness. There is literally no way to justify it to the fans and Rodgers would rightfully lose his mind over it.

It’s also a fundamental insult to Abada himself because these stories portray him as some sort of weakling who will bend to appease people he should not be concerning himself about.

The stories about O’Riley were tiresome. These are now actually becoming offensive. As far as I’m concerned, the people responsible for them are now weaponizing our support for Palestine against us in an effort to unsettle one of our players, and it’s shameful and it’s inexcusable and McGowan should be persona non grata at Celtic Park for it.

Let me repeat what we all already know; there have been Palestinian flags at Celtic games for decades now. Abada signed for our club and played in front of them this whole time without any issues at all.

The 7 October attacks were loathsome and the vast, vast majority of the Celtic support recognises that and fully sympathises with Abada’s position. The club itself has bent over backwards to make him feel supported and valued. And he was excellent at the weekend, and got a rousing reception from the fans.

So, all of this, it’s just a pile of steaming bullshit. It’s a blatant attempt to cause trouble where there is none, and if our club wants to do something that will have the overwhelming support of the people in the stands they should ban McGowan and his rag from our press box and anyone else who thinks that this is a worthy story.

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    Banning them is counterproductive.
    Outside looking in they’ll just make up more lazy, infantile and offensive shoite.

    No let’s copy a leaf out of the Tribute Act’s ABC of Public Relations for Dummies.

    Charge all the Media outlets £40 000 for access ( we’re worth more than Der Hunn) and
    then donate it all to the victim relief funds for both sides in the conflict. That should play with their heads and rip their knitting big style.

  • Shuggie Whyte says:

    Bang on the nail James
    As a good friend used to say ,There is more chance of having a crap in the Queens handbag.Just more anti Celtic twaddle designed seed unrest in our club and fans

  • harold shand says:

    A story about a Celtic player leaving at right about the same time it broke that mobs top scorer will be out long term

    • Roonsa says:

      That mob’s top scorer? I thought to myself, “Tavpen got crocked?” I didn’t know about Sima. I wouldn’t be surprised if that story was embellished to put more pressure on the hacks to push the Wankland to the Huns story (and Hearts, you’ll be better off selling him because you won’t get a better offer even though we’ll all say he’s worth £50m as soon as he joins the huns). Sickening.

  • Roonsa says:

    Sending Liel Abada out on loan defies logic. There is 0% chance of this happening. Any “journalist” who runs with this story needs putting down (a well and left to rot).

  • Captain Swing says:

    Makes me yearn for the days of serious journalism like “Freddie Starr Ate My Hamster”, “Gotcha!” and “Up Yours, Delors!”……

  • Charles Donaghy says:

    I wouldn’t call them journalists. They’re all fans with typewriters.

  • JimBhoy says:

    The Diomande move to rangers is a strange one. His last transfer value only a couple of years ago was €25k euros. Even mad Transfermerkt has him topping at €3m which is usually on the high side so why is the number of €5.3m on the table other than BS. Supposedly agreed.

    This is either going to die in paper talk as we have seen so many times so the klan think there is money to spend or it might go ahead with a €1m up front and add-ons when the player wins Ballon D’or. or drives to the moon and back. Padded out to jillions like the Patterson to Everton.

    Apparently the guy hasn’t transferred because of bad weather, this is drawing out like a fairy tale. Maybe they have a done deal on Yilmaz just about over the line BUT they aint paying €5m + on a player… Trying to keep up with the champions.

    If the Celts get Kelleher for £10m there is room there to make a sell-on profit with his EPL experience at a top club.

  • JimBhoyJones says:

    The news is coming from South of the Border, there is NOT really any news in the North most stories from Daily Mail or The Sun ad copied by SMSM and the rest well thats just hearsay from Social Media

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