The Celtic Golden Era: The 66-67 Champions League

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Celtic have been giants of the Scottish Premiership and have dominated domestic football for decades. Since 1893, Celtic have lifted the Scottish League Championship trophy 53 times and emerged victorious in the Scottish Cup 41 times. They also take the top spot for the most Scottish Cup wins. While it’s true that they’ve fared less well abroad, one spectacular year stands out. We’re talking of course about the 1966-1967 season.

The Year That Celtic Dominated European Football

The 1966-67 season was a great year for Celtic. At home, they competed for all four major trophies, winning every single one of them. However, it was Celtic’s performance further afield that made this playing season the stuff of legend.

Celtic were in an undeniably strong position heading into the 1966-67 Champions League, with many pundits expecting a solid campaign from the squad. However, it’s worth remembering that this was the first time that Celtic had ever participated in a European tournament. Nonetheless, the first matches of their campaign established them as real contenders, seeing off rival clubs like Nantes and Zurich.

Come the semi-final, things looked a lot less certain for Celtic. While the team managed to land a 3-1 victory against Dukla Prague in the first leg, manager Jock Stein could see that Celtic’s semi-final rivals might not prove such a pushover the next time the two teams met. By the time of the second level, Stein had made some strategic changes. Rather than push forward with aggressive attacks, Celtic were instead instructed to fall back and shore up the defence of the penalty area. While Celtic would fail to score any goals in this match, they did hold off Dukla Prague for a 0-0 draw that would secure them a spot in the final.

The Lisbon Lions Face Off Against Inter Milan

By May 1967, Celtic were ready to make history. Their opponents in the Champions League final would be Inter Milan, already an established team in the world of European football. Despite Inter taking the lead with a goal in the first few minutes of play, Celtic weren’t ready to take things lying down. Doing away with the defensive tactics that had allowed them to keep Dukla Prague at bay, the Celtic boys resumed the aggressive style of play that had served them so well in earlier matches. Celtic would eventually equalise with Inter, but it wouldn’t be until the last few minutes of play that midfielder Bobby Murdoch scored the second goal that would give Celtic the match, as well as their first European Cup trophy.

Quickly dubbed the ‘Lisbon Lions’ after the city in which they made history, Celtic had rounded out a near-perfect season of football. Now boasting an incredible five competition trophies in a single campaign, the squad had also broken a few records. During the 1966-67 campaign, Celtic scored a staggering 196 goals across all competitions.

The Thrill of Victory

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Celtic’s remarkable achievements during that season mirror the exhilarating experience of slots, where each game brings a new opportunity for victory. For fans who cherish football history, particularly Celtic’s storied past, the echoes of the legendary matches of Celtic’s 1966-67 team are still in their minds, as the golden era of the Scottish team.

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