Sutton Is Completely Wrong. Celtic Fans Aren’t Panicked Over Ibrox But Over Lawwell.

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Let me tell you something about basic psychology. We are all narcissists to one degree or another; that comes from seeing life entirely from our own point of view. You have to be educated or trained out of narcissistic thinking. Some people never learn how. That’s not a slight on them. It’s human nature that makes us the way we are.

That streak of narcissism pops up again and again and again in all our lives.

Here’s one of the places where it crops up most in our lives; we tend to judge other people by what we think we would do or how we act in their position, and we do that without understanding their circumstances at all. There are many reasons why we do the things we do … and you only know those reasons from the inside of your own life. So trying to judge other people’s actions based on that unique understanding of you is never going to be successful except by luck.

I bring this up because Chris Sutton has been talking about the “panic” amongst the Celtic support. I think he’s got the right word but the wrong explanation. There is a bit of panic, but its born out of frustration and a dawning understanding that this season could collapse. Where Sutton is being a narcissist is in believing that because he’s worried about the Ibrox club’s form and style of football the rest of us must automatically be worried about the same thing.

But that’s so far from the truth that it’s almost veering into fiction. Sutton is wrong. We’re more worried about what our own club might do, or might fail to do, than we are about them. If we get our business done right in the next couple of days we’ll be just fine. We’ll go on and win this league, even with the poor form on days like today.

If we’ve got the fear, we only need to look to the directors box to see the reason for it. Our problems are sitting right there. As it stands, the Ibrox team doesn’t look a whole lot better than it did under The Mooch. They also 1-0 yesterday and they were dire, they were worse than we were, and like ourselves were very lucky not to concede late in the game.

They aren’t worth worrying about, although they will win more games and win games more comfortably if they get their man from Hearts.

You would never think it’s only a matter of weeks ago that they came to Celtic Park, on a better run than they are on right now, and were slapped back out the door. That was Hibs they beat – a rank rotten Hibs – the other night, not AC Milan.

But, and I cannot stress this enough, if we also sign a striker, if we get our ducks in a row, if this squad is bolstered and the manager feels more confident we’ve got the guys we need, then I have no fears at all about seeing this one out and being champions again.

The Ibrox club, even with Shankland, is still going to have to get past us and they haven’t looked up to it yet and once all our players are back and if the boss has his in the building, we’ll see who is scared of who.

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  • John L says:

    We are not worried about what’s going on over there, we are worried about the lack of action ,
    and what’s not going on, on our own doorstep .

    Yesterday was woeful , bordering on the Kilmarnock game, were if they scored we may have folded , and the only guy who is decent from 12 yards is not over 90 minutes.
    I look forward to reading your take on Keevins latest venom. Talking about income support, wow! That waste of space hits an all time low today.

  • Roonsa says:

    I don’t entirely agree with that, James. We are panicked because we now see the reality of being overtaken this season by the huns. We only have to beat them and I use the word only because I do regard them with such contempt. That said, they have improved since Beale was sacked and they will become a genuine threat should Shankland sign for them. That is a major concern for me. Only beating them has now become we need to do something to make sure we don’t throw this one away.

    So whilst I agree that should we sign Son of Van Hoiijdonk the panic recedes. But let’s not kid ourselves. Right now the panic is there and that lot are a major reason for that being the case.

    For the rècord. I would prefer we went for Miovski purely because of his experience in the SPFL.

  • DixieD says:

    I went into this window full of optimism that the recruitment team would have targets just ready to sign. However as the days slip away, the realisation that the recruitments team would appear to be not fit for purpose, and that the board is completely out of step with the manager and support grows greater and greater. It’s totally depressing.

    • Roonsa says:

      There is nothing to suggest that Celtic don’t have targets. I don’t know why it works this way but it seems that deals are mostly done on the last day of the transfer window.

      I known there are exceptions to that (when Ange was in charge) but mostly we are waiting till the death throes till deals get done.

      Let’s see what happens on Thursday before we get too pissed off. We’re not done yet.

  • Gerry says:

    There is currently, a lot of unease/nervousness amongst our fans, which was fairly evident in the stadium yesterday, watching the Ross County game unfold.
    We were pretty dreadful, and we have watched several of those at our home games this season. The final few days of this uninspiring transfer window are now crucial. I do agree that Sevco are largely woeful, but also continue to churn out wins. By Thursday morning, we should be able to judge, how well we are placed.

    • Roonsa says:

      Friday morning, mate. The transfer Window closes on Thursday night (11pm in England and, I beleive, an hour later in Scotland).

  • Frank Connelly says:

    They aren’t worth worrying about, although they will win more games and win games more comfortably if they get their man from Hearts.

    James your words above. You don’t rate him for the euro challenge but he couldnt be any worse than Kyogo currently.
    If we get him and he helps us clinch the league then that will do me and hopefully we can eventually get our act together in the summer. Lets forget his wages given what we are paying James McCarthy and a few others

  • Pat says:

    We need another goalscorer in quick. For whatever reason Kyogo has stopped performing. Other than the Derby and the odd game his performances have fallen off a cliff. There is an argument to say a new manager, different style of play etc, but we are still creating chances. And he has missed a fair number. Also not getting into the positions to score them and his application is off. Touch, control and effort was all off yesterday. Perhaps the Japan manager saw something we didn’t when he was left out of the national team.

    Regardless, the wee man has been brilliant for us but we need another option when his form is off. Oh isn’t it and isn’t here anyway.

    Another goalscorer that will hit the ground running will go a long way to settling any rising panic, and also take the pressure off Kyogo.

    • Dando says:

      Perspective ??????

      Two club’s sitting (almost) level in a league with a £60m golden ticket.

      One has no debt and a net bank balance of over £70m.

      One has an annual loss of £10m (1 season aside) since it’s conception and an upcoming record loss of over £22m in the coming financial year.

      Yet it is the LATTER club who is out spending the other in the most important transfer window in recent history…..

      I usually don’t jump on the “panic” bandwagon, but this board will not survive come the end of the season if it doesn’t act NOW…..


    • Charlie Green says:

      This is not my theory but I think it is valid. Kyogo hasn’t been the same player since he was “headbutted” by Slobodan Rubezic.

  • scousebhoy says:

    the top tiers were not all shut. just keeping you right ted

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    The ibrox team are nothin special, tho their success for this season could still be determined by what we dae in this transfer window, that’s the worry and its down tae our board.

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