Aberdeen Is In Crisis. Celtic Has A Great Chance Tomorrow To Secure A Statement Win.

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Aberdeen is a club in freefall. Their decision to sack Barry Robson was one of the least surprising of the whole season. That they did it before they embark on a tough run of games might seem like madness but it’s actual a message about the standards they want to set for themselves. Things could not have gone on much longer like they had.

Celtic goes there tomorrow and that’s going to be one heck of a game. Suddenly it’s not the manager fighting for his future but every player at the club. A new boss will come in. This is their chance to put down a marker. It will be a tougher game than Robson’s side would have given us as a consequence of that. At the same time, we go there with our own point to prove.

As I said earlier, Rodgers and this team now know what they have to work with and what they have to do. The players and the manager are the people who matter, and this is their own chance to put down a marker for the second half of the campaign. We’re now heading into a massive three away matches and if we win them, we will have shown the rest of this league why we are champions and how difficult it is going to be to take this title from our hands.

Teams don’t look as if they fear us this season. And we’ve played a lot like a team waiting for something; reinforcements maybe? Some spark of life from outside the coaching staff. Some sign that they’re at a club which knows where it is heading. None of those things are coming to pass now. None of that is going to happen. But knowing that confers a certain freedom. The doubts are erased. All questions are put aside for another day.

This team, and the manager, can now focus on the job at hand, knowing what they have to work with and with every player in the team knowing what their immediate future is. The time for making teams fear us again has arrived and tomorrow we can get underway.

I would like to see both of the new players on the pitch. We know Idah won’t begin the game but I cannot see circumstances where he doesn’t at least come on. I don’t like us taking any player on loan without a right to buy him, but he has the pace and power the manager prioritised and I think he could be a very interesting signing in that regard.

Kuhn does excite me, and I’m looking forward to seeing him. I hope he starts tomorrow. Put Abada out wide left for a game; Palma needs to sit one out and this would be a good one. The decision about who to play at left back will depend on whether Taylor is fit; I am horrified that we might have to rely on Bernabei for a period … I’d rather not.

Still, tomorrow is an opportunity. A win would send that clear message that we’re intent on hanging onto the title. A big win would be a statement the rest of the league couldn’t ignore. This is going to be the hardest bit of the season, by far. We can get off to an excellent start.

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  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Sometimes teams who’ve just sacked a manager can be more dangerous in the followin game. Players with somethin tae prove. Need tae be right up for it, like every game from here on.

  • Bob (original) says:

    Yes, anything less than a win is unthinkable.

    But, the risk is that BR won’t know what team / tactics he is

    facing tomorrow, with Robson gone?

    Which could make for an exciting / scary game…? 🙂

    Would be good if BR can get the team playing with more tempo and directness,

    …and he makes changes sooner in the game – if it’s just not happening?

  • Tony B says:

    I wish the team and the new guys well.

    What I wish for Lawwell and the rest of the board is best left unsaid.

    They do not represent us or speak for us, and let’s face it they don’t care about us.

    I hope they get what they deserve.

  • Roonsa says:

    Nice one, James. Back to positivity. That’s the spirit. I am actually looking forward to it. That transfer window was a complete ballache.

    ‘Mon the Hoops.

    • Jim Duffy says:

      Yes roonsa as long as we beat Aberdeen tomorrow,that’s a big if ,what if we drop points what happens to your big positivity then, regardless what happens tomorrow do not let up our board

  • Captain Swing says:

    You’re aware of the concept of “tempting fate”, right? Given we are hardly sweeping all before us at present, I’d be perfectly content with a stress-free 2-0…. 14th minute and 74th minute will do me just fine. In the unlikely event we get a penalty away from home, FFS don’t let Palma anywhere near it! I’d feel more confident if Joe Hart was our penalty taker!

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      A stress free win would be bloody amazing for all us Hoops fans and hopefully continue our run…

      A convincing win would be just the tonic and awesome for confidence –

      A 90+7 winner that was mis hit by Cal Mac and richoted off firstly Miovski’s toe then Shinnie’s arse and went through Roos’s legs would be brutal for the ticker but would do if it meant three points…

      Whatever… C’mon The Hoops !

      And Fcuk The Law smells (This could be referring to what I perceive as a harsh at London Road many moons ago… or it could be a hint at those that so truly fcuked up the January 2024 Celtic transfer window) !!!

  • SSMPM says:

    The fans need to stand together and behind the players, the team and the manager. The Bhoys need to turn and defend our title starting tomorrow.
    Feck the board that are letting us down right to the end of the season, until they stand down. HH

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