Celtic Fans And The Manager Have Had A Simple Failure To Communicate Over Iwata.

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Sometimes, when you see people argue over the stupid stuff, you just want to take their heads and bang them together.

Rodgers made one mistake at the presser today; he gave the media a whole new set of headlines when he talked about the booing that greeted the Iwata substitution.

Rodgers has always backed the fans right to voice their displeasure over things. Which doesn’t mean he’s not entitled to respond when he thinks they’ve been unfair.

I’ll be perfectly honest, I thought booing the change was pretty stupid. Yeah, Iwata was having a good game. But Iwata has been out injured for months and is only just back. The guy wasn’t nearly match-fit, and the boss took him off because he was starting to look leggy. What’s he supposed to do? Leave on a player who is fading out right in front of him?

That, by the way, is how injuries recur. He was quite right to do it.

But I also get the frustration in the stands. We were still chasing the game at that point, and whilst I was personally confident that we’d get the three points, I can completely get that inside the ground it must have been tense, especially after what we’ve been watching these past few months.

People are going to have to learn to trust the boss and his decision making again, after weeks of bad performances and bad results.

Patience and tolerance are in short supply, both in the stands and in the dugout. You can see that Rodgers is increasingly frustrated by the constant swirl of criticism around himself and the team, and this was a particularly odd episode since, you could well argue, his substitutions on the day paid off and we got the result that we wanted.

For all that, I reckon that what we have here is the classic failure to communicate. The fans expressed their displeasure, Rodgers has had his say and we should shrug this one off and move on.

Iwata wasn’t 100% fit but he was having a good game and fans would like to see more of him. There’s right on both sides, which means there’s wrong on both sides too.

This is just one of those things.

The important thing is that we got the result, the manager was vindicated and we move on to the next match and the next challenge.

If we’re going to win this title we all – fans, players and manager – need to be on the same page, and we still are in spite of this little disagreement. In the end, it’s one of the minor matters.

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  • Fun time frankie says:

    And what about his decision to constantly play o,rielley who’s been utter pish for months.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Well we got the win by the skin of our teeth but a win nonetheless and a bloody critical one at that so I guess Brendan can call it out (the booing) on this occasion…

    But had it ended out a draw at Motherwell on Sunday –

    I don’t think he would have mentioned it today !

  • Jack says:

    Yes booing cause he was having a good game he’d done his job motherwell we’re flagging no need for defencive midfielder bernardo is good player like most players going to a new club his form levels drop you could see iwata is top player in the back of diamond but motherwell still got chances all set pieces I’d say they practised all week on and off course defence they tired badly by the work celtic passing in first half chasing the ball that’s what passing ball from side to side does to teams later on when they pass it about then they’re bench are not at the level of Celtic bench then the gaps appear Celtic should have score at least 3 more if taken chances plus a penalty not talk about by sportscene if it was other way around it would be the focal point

  • Roonsa says:

    Jesus mate, we’re all big lads and lassies. Do we really need tp have this spelled out? To be honest, these things happen during games. We dust ourselves down and we move on. I had no problem with what the Celtic fans at the game on Sunday did. It’s up to Brendan to say “it was nothing, no harm done” when asked about it by the atrocious media.

    Unless Brendan is calling the fans out it’s his job to deal with it. The Celtic fans don’t need to explain themselves in these situations.

  • Mick says:

    Despite the best efforts of the lowdown scum that passes as media in scunnert Scotia, as that lot well; they’ve been at it for decades.
    That should be added to what you said, although you have mentioned it previously.

  • SSMPM says:

    I like Iwata as it seems so many Celtic fans do and it was a fair shout to bring him off when BR did. Trouble is we have too many managers in the stands that always seem to think they know better while they passively sit by and watch this board screw our club up.
    I’m so hopeful tomorrow’s gonna turn the league back in our favour though we need to start banging the goals in. Just in case. I doubt we’ll need them by the season’s end but just in case.
    There’s a lot of mush coming out of the midden about the guy that can’twell tackle and can’twell stop exhibiting his baby pram throwing tantrums. In his case don’t give it, a shit tackle, if you can’twell take a tackle back without getting what he tries to do to others namely getting them injured. C’mon a Hoops

  • Joe McQuaid says:

    Iwata was never going to play 90 minutes due to lack of game time and heightened risk of a soft tissue injury because of fatigue. I really struggle with any football fan not understanding that in this day and age. And that’s before considering a match tomorrow night.
    How many of our fans expect CCV to play 90 minutes tomorrow?

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