Celtic Fans Don’t Need A BBC Survey To Tell Us We Follow The Biggest Club In Scotland.

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It was nice last night, as the full-time whistle went at Ibrox, to learn that we are the biggest team in Scotland. And it was not the fact we were still sitting top of the league which told us that.

A new report had just dropped, part of a BBC survey of thousands of Scottish football fans, which asked, amongst other things, which club was the metaphorical fairest in the land.

But you know, we didn’t need the league table or the new poll to tell us that we are the biggest club in this country, which of course is how thousands voted.

We’ve won five trebles and a double in the last six seasons.

That should give you some hint as to who the biggest club in the country is. We may not yet have caught up with The Survival Lie, but we will overtake eventually … but in many ways, of course, we already did since at least ten of the trophies they lay claim to are tainted by the EBT’s.

Yesterday was the 12th anniversary of Administration Day. I always think it’s worth using this time of the year to remind the Peepul of a few things they claim to have forgotten.

We are Scotland’s richest club. We are the club with Scotland’s biggest stadium. We have the best footballers here. What’s more, we have an unbroken history. That turns out to be more important than the media or some others give us credit for.

The clickbait rubbish site which calls itself Glasgow Live – simply a series of stories from Daily Record linked writers not good enough to be writing at The Record itself (try and imagine that if you will) – tried to spin out the drama by publishing the top ten clubs, as voted for by the fans, in a three page piece. What a cheap trick that one is.

But let’s be honest, even Ibrox fans knew what was this was going to come out. They may kid themselves on that their club is some sort of superpower but we know there’s really only one of those in the game here, and deep down they know it too.

Celtic fans are often accused of arrogance about our status. But what can we do? The facts are what they are, and this is the simple truth of it. Even if Ibrox pips us to the title this year, we’re capable of pulling clear of them any time they want.

These Peepul and their media pals consistently fail to recognise that we’re held in check by a board which lacks a grasp of basic strategy, or perhaps worse; one that is compromised by this nagging feeling they have that the game “needs” a strong Ibrox side … but those are issues of leadership, not reflections of power. We have all the power we need.

The issue is that we sometimes seem to lack the willingness to use it to its fullest … but even a modest change in our approach would open up a gap they couldn’t possibly hope to bridge.

We all recognise this to be true. The question isn’t whether we could, it’s why we don’t. But the greater issue is settled; we’re Scotland’s biggest club and if we decide to act like it one day there’s really nothing they can do to stop us.

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  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Infuriatin thing is that as lawwell & co are in charge, they’re bein ‘allowed’ tae cling on tae the survival lie. Have tae laugh tho, if that had been Celtic last night, the media would be gloatin about our ‘failed opportunity’, instead of the ‘success’ front they’re bummin that result up tae be. Takin intae consideration, it was a home game against a bottom of spl and rudderless Ross County, the reality is they FAILED tae overtake us. Fact and simple as that. And naebody knows it more than them. Underneath their smokescreen they’re ragin. Nae doubt about it.

  • Roonsa says:

    I’ve worked with a few companies who stall when they get to a certain level. When they get to 250-500 enployees, the “visionaries” who plan strategy at Senior Manager level run out of ideas. What, inevitably, happens next is the company is swallowed up by a bigger fish and the process begins again until they run out of ideas and one of the big boys step in to clear up the mess.

    I am not sure what level our “visionaries” are at. But they ran out of ideas years ago and only the paucity of quality opposition in Scotland has keep them gainfully employed.

    They’ve had their day. It’s time to fuck off (and soon). The sooner the better.

  • Peterbrady says:

    Al the zombies are in meltdown on this over 2000 comments sent to the bigot broadcast corporation also tik tok Barbie doll and Belgium waffeler losing the plot at the end of county game with there failures you could not make it up hilarious

  • goodghuy says:

    They could have went top last night, and they had it there for them to give themselves the psychological edge, which they couldn’t do, this tells me that maybe they don’t have the bottle when it matters. I have always felt, that all we have to do is get that bit of form, and we will win the title, and I still believe that to be the case. Come on Celtic, win our game well this Saturday, and put the pressure on them.

  • Effarr says:

    You wonder, even with all his limitations, what OF Sevco would do without Tavernier. Every goal last night he assisted. As for Celtic being the richest club: let`s hope that remains the case as a league loss this year could change all that for generations.

  • Walter Harvey says:

    Not like you James but you are mistaken….it was 7 seasons not 6

  • John Copeland says:

    If an independent survey was carried out as to which Scottish broadcaster employed the most ex the Rangers EBT recipient mouthpieces , the publicly funded BBC would win the title every season by 8 i reckon ! And going by Willie Miller’s quote last night …by 9 this season alone !

  • Jimmy quit says:

    Back in The 1950’s when this vile institution introduced Scottish football to Our wee Square.
    Telly box’s…

    That’s When the pensions started for The Huns
    70 years later nothing has changed.

    Every week 3 Huns sit there talking shite..

    Only in Scotland..

  • Mark b says:

    How can we be capable of “pulling clear anytime we want”. Ridiculous statement and sentiment. If they win the title they are the best team full stop. The statement implies we didn’t want to win it this year. Nonsense. We are so arrogant on this. We need to stop the arrogance and recognise we are in a fight and spend to brings more quality. They brought more in January window than we did FFS. There wage bill was higher last year. There Board quite simply invests more in squad as a % of income. We should have dominated but are blowing it massively through very very poor management of the club.

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