Celtic’s New Winger Is Just In The Door And A Radio Clyde Idiot Is Demanding More From Him..

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Mark Wilson wants to see more from Nicholas Kuhn. Yes, the same Nicholas Kuhn who has been at Celtic for only a handful of games.

It usually takes these guys (by that, I mean ex-pros who make their living slapping Celtic, and there are plenty of our ex-players amongst that number) at least five matches before they feel emboldened to do this stuff but when the whole of the media ecosystem thinks we’re fair game people like this were never going to want to be left behind.

Kuhn has appeared in four games. Four.

He has scored a goal in one of them.

So maybe it’s a little early in the day for anyone in the media to be taking shots. In fact, to me it seems absolutely absurd. Still, that isn’t stopping some of them from wanting to have the discussion, and really what can we expect from Wilson and that phone in show he’s on?

Because they were the ones who brought on an “expert” to trash this guy before he had even kicked a ball. To me, that reeks of taint. That renders their opinions on him absolutely worthless. When you the hatchet job in advance it scorches your credibility on that subject.

No criticism they make about him at this point can be taken even remotely seriously because all of it will stink of an outlet which made a bad decision and is desperately trying to stand it up.

It is dismaying but not surprising to see Wilson in this position.

We have written about him before on this site, and his tendency to be hypercritical of Celtic, which he has spoken of in interviews as part of his job.

We know what that means, we’re well aware of what the criteria for advancing in some parts of the Scottish media landscape is … if you are an ex-Celt it’s easy to get headlines for hitting our club because that’s a bigger story than if the criticism came from someone like The Village Idiot.

Nicholas Kuhn may take time to settle. Some players do. Some can hit the ground at full speed and some need a while to get up to snuff.

For anyone in the media to be saying that they aren’t seeing anything from him yet is beyond ridiculous. It is hitting us for the sake of it, and those doing it are publicity whores seeking a little of the spotlight.

This is why so many of us can’t stand the MSM.

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  • harold shand says:

    I listened to that show earlier this evening

    They were ramping the negative Celtic , everything wonderful at Rangers narrative x 100

    A hun phoned in to say he was worried about not having a decent striker and the presenter instantly tried to turn what the guy said into a positive call with feel good stats

    Any Celtic fan who phoned in their point was dragged out with doom and gloom

    It was so obvious what he was up to

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Mark Bloody Wilson…

    One of the biggest wage thieves to have ever passed through The Parkhead Gates yapping about Khan –

    He certainly doesn’t do irony but certainly does do hypocrisy by the barrow load…

    If and when Khan gets to half the games Wilson missed then we can start taking a look at things –

    Until then Mr Wilson play yourself a wee Joe Dolce song – And Shaddap Your Face !

  • SARAH says:

    For once I disagree James. Kuhns performance against Hibs was shocking, passing the ball back every time. If he is playing on the wrong wing then he needs to tell Rodgers this. Any pace he might have is negated by being on the wrong wing. He looks far too slight for me. 50% chance already he is a dud

  • SSMPM says:

    I remember Mark Wilson allegedly as a player for us and I’m still waiting for him to put in a good performance. The things some of our not very good poorer paid ex players will do for money is shockingly desperate.

  • Patrick mcdaid says:

    Mark wilson who is he.gobshite comes to mind he should be ashamed of himself for mingling with the anti celtic antic irish antisocial media outlet that is radio clyde.its bad enough having the totaly negative depressing hugh keevans gobshite it all .id never take a wage from anyone that involves being anti celtic anti irish or anti catholic for that matter.

  • sligo123456 says:

    An ‘EXPERT’??? Clown more like! Ha ha ha. Self serving sycophants to the hun core!

  • Ed says:

    Kuhn stats: 2 goal contributions in 4 matches.
    That is quite good for a player which didn’t start all 4 and still needs to settle.

  • Jay says:

    I agree with your sentiment in that people do need to give him a chance & I was excited to see him come in as I thought he would really bring some impact to the right wing that has been lacking in depth over recent seasons.
    I have to say though watching him against Hibs & I really wasn’t impressed. Idah & Maeda were pressing the defence when they could with Idah calling for Kuhn to push forward also but he never followed them once in the whole game which resulted in Marshal having an easy out pass to the LB every time so our other attackers are just wasting energy.
    I would hope to see more energy from him but he is possibly just lacking match fitness. I’ve by no means written him off but I am more reserved on him now as it has me questioning his attitude when Idah who has come in & shown real passion for the shirt. I will be delighted to be left eating my words when he comes good but currently I’m left underwhelmed.

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